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Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of the most charming cities in the world. From its picturesque canal to its quintessential Dutch architecture, there is so much to enjoy and discover. Wouldn’t it be great if you could immortalise your memories of Amsterdam with your own professional photoshoot?

Well, now you can! Thanks to Smiler Photography, you can easily get professional photos of your Amsterdam trip directly to your phone in 48 hours, all at an affordable price. Here’s how it works;

  1. Pick your favourite spot for the photoshoot
  2. Select your time (at least 24 hours upfront)
  3. Choose the number of photos and duration of your shoot
  4. Meet the photographer and smile away
  5. Receive your photos within 48 hours
Rijksmuseum couples photoshoot Amsterdam

Booking a photoshoot with

Of course, nowadays everybody travels well-equipped with a decent camera or high-end smartphone that allows you to take high-resolution pictures. However, if you really want a perfect picture that you can print or share with friends and family, nothing beats the quality of a professional single-lense reflex camera. As well as, of course, a professional photographer to operate it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re travelling solo, exploring the city with a loved one, or creating memories with your friends or family. Finally, you can make your time in the Dutch capital unforgettable thanks to Smiler photographers. Whichever photoshoot you choose, you can also enjoy a discount at any of Smiler’s available Amsterdam locations.

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Popular photoshoot locations in Amsterdam

Below are some of the most popular locations for Smiler photoshoots in Amsterdam.

Rijksmuseum photoshoot Amsterdam
Rijksmuseum photoshoot in Amsterdam
Amsterdam friends photoshoot
Friends photoshoot in Amsterdam

De Jordaan canals

The historic Jordaan District is located in the western part of Amsterdam’s city centre, in the romantic canal belt. Today, this charming district is celebrated for its scenic waterways, quaint streets, fashionable boutiques, and traditional Dutch architecture. It has also benefited from a bit of a facelift in recent years and so happens to be one of the best photoshoot spots in Amsterdam!


The famous Rijksmuseum stands proud in the centre of Amsterdam. It also showcases 800 years of Dutch history through the works of artists like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Van Gogh.

From its romantic architecture to the verdant gardens that surround it, Amsterdam’s Rijksmuseum is perfectly placed for an incredible photoshoot. On top of that, with Smiler Photography, you can be sure to capture the museum’s splendour in all its glory!


NDSM used to be a humble shipyard, however it has now become a hub of creativity and innovation. Located in the northern part of Amsterdam, its rusty ship hulls and colourful street murals have become home to art galleries, studios, and performance spaces.

To top it off, with Smiler Photography, you can capture your visit with edgy and artistic photos that you can cherish for life with your own professional photoshoot at NDSM.

Amsterdam bridge friends photoshoot
Photoshoot of friends on bridge in Amsterdam.

Magere Brug

Overlooking the Amstel River, the Magere Brug, otherwise known as the Skinny Bridge, is an emblem of Amsterdam’s beauty as well as a stunning spot for a charming photoshoot. Luckily, Smiler’s photographers are on hand to help you capture your moment at this iconic landmark in Amsterdam for years to come.

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