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Exclusive 2024 Tiqets Discount Code

24 May, 2024 in Blog by Dani

This year Tiqets.com is celebrating its 10th birthday. We, ThingstodoinAmsterdam.com, have worked with Tiqets.com as a trusted ticket partner for over 7 years.  To celebrate this 10th anniversary with Tiqets with our visitors, we’ve been issued an exclusive discount code for Tiqets with limited availability. Our exclusive discount code will grant you a 10% discount on nearly all attractions, museums and experiences offered on Tiqets! To redeem our discount code;

  1. Use one of the blue buttons to navigate to Tiqets.com on this page. You will recognize our tiny logo displayed in the top left corner.
  2. Find your product of choice and select your desired date & time
  3. In the checkout, you will see your 10% discount on the price being deducted
  4. Enjoy your activity with a discount!

Currently, our code is limited to the first 5000 clients, first come, first served, so make sure to use it before it expires!

Tiqets logo discount code

How it works

The discount code “THINGSTODO” can only be redeemed when using our unique partner links. Please note; if you’re not using these links but try to use the code in another window, you will get an error message stating “Sorry, the code you entered was not found.” If this happens, make sure to open Tiqets again using one of the links on this page, find your desired experience and book again.

What experiences can this discount code be applied to?

The voucher code can be used for almost all experiences offered on Tiqets. The code is not limited to attractions in Amsterdam or even the Netherlands. However, there can be experiences exempted from this action.

Limited availability

For now, the first 5000 users are eligible to use this exclusive discount code. Tiqets reserves the right to stop this temporary order earlier, without disclosing the reasoning. No rights can be derived.

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