socially facebook group for meeting people in Amsterdam

Get Social(ly)! Facebook group for meeting people in Amsterdam

05 November, 2021 in Blog by Dani

Are you new to the city of Amsterdam and looking for people to meet? Or are you a longtime local in search of exciting activities to do? Like many others, we have noticed that people were and still are craving for increased social contact with both new and familiar faces due to the pandemic, which is why we have started the Socially Amsterdam Facebook group.

What is Socially Amsterdam?

To make it easier, we have created a Facebook group wherein members can find and create social activities all around the city and have a great experience by going on walks, meeting up for drinks, or organizing a game night. We believe that especially newcomers to the city can greatly benefit from this group. We are familiar with that overwhelming feeling when arriving in an unknown city and how challenging it can be to make real connections. Therefore, this Facebook group aims to make it easier for you to connect with new people and explore the city in exciting, fun, and different ways!

Interested in joining or finding out more about Socially Amsterdam?

Our network is constantly growing, and we are very happy about every new member who joins our group. So, if you (or somebody you know) are interested in becoming part of our community and finding or creating social and fun activities with other members, please feel free to join or refer our group at any time!

We wish you some amazing, memorable experiences in and around the city, and we hope to meet you soon!

Philip & Julien

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