Reunion party at Powerzone Amsterdam

11 November, 2017 in Blog by Dani

Maybe you’ve come across the saying “With clothes the new are the best, with friends the old are the best.” Whether this is always the case might be a point of discussion, however, every once in a while we like to catch up with our old friends. This time I was meeting up with three old classmates from university. The weather in Amsterdam in November isn’t always cooperative for this kind of social gatherings. Thus for this meetup, we looked for some indoor activities sheltered from the cold. As we know our way around in Amsterdam, we quickly came up with the idea to start our night at Powerzone Amsterdam. We booked ourselves the “BBQ party Silver” arrangement. This arrangement would keep us 3,5-hours of quality time with some fun activities; mini golf, bowling and some BBQ grilling as the former activities might make us hungry.

Glow in the dark golf - scene
The glow in the dark golf course @ Powerzone looks really cool!

The night started off as always; one of us was late. Usually, that person is me, but this time it was the other guy who’s always late. So when the last one arrived, we had a some catching up to do while enjoying a few drinks. That was just when we realized we’d better start off with the glow in the dark minigolf or we would be late for our bowling lane.

Glow in the dark golf - putting
The guy who has a talent for being late also knows how to put

Halfway through the mini golf course, we had to rush off to the bowling in order not to be late. Ironically enough the cause of this rush even managed to beat us in best of two games of led disco bowling. Luckily there was a lovely BQQ awaiting us to comfort the pain. The BBQ included in our arrangement was a welcome cool down. There was a buffet with vegetables, sauces, and salads ready to be consumed. The BBQ included various types of meat and fish. The waiter checked up regularly, to see if we still had drinks and also took a photo of us.

Powerzone BBQ
The well-deserved BBQ after bowling

After our BBQ pause, we could finish our game of golf, which was won as well by the talented late-comer. After that, the three of us had to drown our sorrows and one of us had something to celebrate. Thus we went off to the Red Light District area to find ourselves a pub to top off a good night out!

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