Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience

Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience offers a refreshing 5-dimensional experience, to those interested to learn more about the life of one of the Netherlands’ most iconic artists. The 17th-century painter Rembrandt van Rijn is best known for his masterpiece The Night Watch, one of the Rijksmuseums’ flagship artworks. If you’re looking to learn more about this artist’s life in an exciting, fun way, look no further than the Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience. In only 25 minutes you’ll get some of the most interesting insights into the life of this world-renowned artist.

Discover Rembrandt and Amsterdam in 5D

Rembrandt is perhaps one of the most famous painters in the world. During the 17th century, Rembrandt was able to become quite successful and his studio grew into a true ‘painter’s empire’. He was also a collector, he bought many ‘rarities’ from exotic countries. His expensive hobby of collecting and the loan on his large house became problematic at a certain time in his life. So his wealthy life came to an end when he went bankrupt and had to move to a small studio in the ‘Jordaan’ where he started to paint in a different art style.

Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience

The story of Rembrandts Amsterdam

This is where the story begins that you can experience in Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience. In this 25-minute attraction, you step 350 years back in time and visit a reconstruction of Rembrandt’s last and lost art studio. Rembrandt, his wife Hendrickje, his son Titus and daughter Cornelia take you on a journey through the painters’ life while completely immersed in 17th century Amsterdam with the use of music, video projections, scent, and 5D effects.

The Experience of the attraction

Even if you are not interested in Rembrandt, this experience is captivating for guests of all ages, because it is not only educational but also immerses you in a story about Amsterdam of the 17th century. It is a perfect start to your Amsterdam trip and a great combination with the Rijksmuseum, which is just a few minutes located from the experience.

Rembrandts Amsterdam
Rembrandts Experience Amsterdam

Rembrandts Experience FAQ

Is the museum wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the experience is wheelchair accessible since the entire activity takes place on the same floor.

How much time do people spend there on average?

Approximately 25-30 minutes.

Is the experience suitable for people suffering from epilepsy?

Please seek advice from your doctor. The experience does contain projections, moving elements and light flashes.

What languages are supported by Rembrandts?

Currently, Rembrandts is available in the following languages; Dutch, English, German, and French.

Is there a toilet?

No, unfortunately, there isn’t. There are many facilities in the surrounding area.

Are there storage lockers?

No, but if the situation allows it, personal items can be stored at the entrance supervised by an employee.

Opening hours Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience

The Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience is open 7 days a week 365 days a year, including national holidays like King’s Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.

Daily  11:00 – 19:00

Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience Prices, Tickets, and Discounts

Tickets for the Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience can be acquired at the entrance. Though we advise purchasing your tickets online, as this will save you loads of time. In addition, you can ensure yourself a time slot for the day. Via the blue button below you can order your e-ticket in advance. You will receive your e-ticket on your mobile phone and will be able to walk right in.

Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience ticket prices

Standard ticket (12 years or over) € 12,50
Ticket children (aged 4 to 11) € 8,50

Address, contact information and route to the museum

The Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience is situated near Leidse square area. The easiest way to get to the attraction is by public transport.

 Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience
Weteringschans 2
1017 SG Amsterdam
020 226 9094
[email protected]

Public Transport

From lots of areas in Amsterdam, there are trams available to take you to the Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience. Depending on where you hop on the tram or bus, you should get out at Leidseplein or Stadshouderskade.

Are you not sure where you are located at this point or which tram or bus to take? Please use the button below to get accurate, real-time travel advice based on your current location.

9292 knop Nederlands

Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience Review

We are always interested to find out about our visitors experiences. Please leave your Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience review below and help fellow travelers! What did you think of the Rembrandts Amsterdam Experience? Would you recommend it to friends? Did you have to wait long at the entrance? Include all you want in your review. Please be patient as we check all reviews by hand, it will be posted soon!


Great to do while in Amsterdam

The animations were really cool! It’s an awesome and new way to learn about painter Rembrandt.


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