The best coffeeshops in Amsterdam – coffeeshop guide

Although lots of locals would like to a more sophisticated view on the city, Amsterdam might be best known for its liberal views on drugs and prostitution. Most of the Amsterdam coffeeshops are not known for selling excellent coffee, instead, they are known to sell excellent pot. In Amsterdam, it is legal to buy and smoke marijuana in so-called coffeeshops. However, be aware that the marijuana sold in coffee shops is a lot more potent (at least twice as strong!) than anywhere else in the world! Therefore we recommend to be cautious! If you want to explore marijuana you’d better start off with the lighter versions of weed and hashish. Feel free to ask the people at the counter for advice on which one to buy. Learn more;

Best coffeeshops in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, you’ll find plenty of coffeeshops. However, they’re not all the same. The types, prices and quality of marijuana differ from coffeeshop to coffeeshop. As a rule of thumb, one can say that in general the coffeeshops in the city centre are more expensive and busy than those outside the centre. To help you find the right one, we’ve made a shortlist of some of our favourite coffeeshops.

Coffeeshop Relax

Relax is a small coffeeshop with a homely casual atmosphere in one of the best neighbourhoods of Amsterdam “de Jordaan”. This coffeeshop is popular amongst both locals and tourists, thanks to its high-quality products and excellent information and service. Inside the coffeeshop, there’s the possibility to have a sit and smoke along with a cup of good coffee. At coffeeshop Relax you’ll find an extensive range of weed, hash, pre-rolled joints and freshly baked edibles. The assortment of Coffeeshop Relax is extensive, so you’ll always find a marijuana strain that suits your wishes, whether you’re an experienced smoker or not.

Relax excels in the area of information on their products. All of their hashish and weed species have been tested in a laboratory. In the shop, all types have a QR code which makes it easy for you to view all the ingredients and test results. So you know that you’ll get the best quality in town. And their staff is always willing to give you advice and answer your questions. One of the reasons why Coffeeshop Relax won the HighLifeCup in 2019 and 2020 for the best hash

Binnen Oranjestraat 9, 1013 HZ Amsterdam
Alternatively, there’s also a location in the South; Vechtstraat 9, 1078 RH Amsterdam

For more information, visit:

Boerejongens Coffeeshop

Boerejongens coffeeshop is number one for a reason! Their focus on quality has hugely paid off the past decade. Today, Boerejongens coffeeshops can be found at four different locations in Amsterdam. One can say that Boerejongens has professionalized the coffeeshop experience with its recognizable branding and high standards for service and quality. Boerejongens sells a vast variety of hasj and weed at a fair price/quality ratio, something for everyone. Where coffeeshops used to have a rather dodgy image, Boerejongens has put major effort in making their business legit and safe. The interior of the coffeeshops are clean and remind us of an old pharmacy. The employees are well-dressed and have knowledge of the products they’re selling. Feel free to ask for advice if you’re not sure what type of marijuana to buy. Other than that, Boerejongens also has eye for reducing the nuisance of the coffeeshops in for locals living the neighbourhoods. Hosts are standing outside, welcoming customers, but also preventing customers from making noise and parking illegally. All-in-all, Boerejongens coffeeshops are a great starting point of your next high! Boerejongens locations are;

  • Boerejongens West, Baarsjesweg 239, 1058 AA, Amsterdam
  • Boerejongens Center, Utrechtsestraat 21, 1017VH, Amsterdam
  • Coffeeshop BIJ, Bonairestraat 78, 1058 XL, Amsterdam
  • Coffeeshop Sloterdijk, Humbergweg 2, 1043 AC, Amsterdam

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CoffeeshopAmsterdam is a centrally located coffeeshop, only 5 minutes by foot from Amsterdam Central Station. Formerly known as Dampkring, CoffeeshopAmsterdam is known for it’s high quality, strong marijuana. In the shop there’s plenty of space to sit and have a smoke. Divided over three floors, there’s enough space to fit 90 stoners. Of course, smoking marijuana can cause ‘munchies’ this is all taken care off, you can order various snacks, cakes, smoothies and other drinks. The coffeeshop propagates responsible use of cannabis on their website, please make sure to do so or you might end up on their wall of shame.

Haarlemmerstraat 44, 1013 ES, Amsterdam

Unfortunately, their website is only available in Dutch:

Tweede Kamer

This very tiny coffeeshop in the center of Amsterdam is known under local smokers as one of the best in town. At Tweede Kamer some of the strongest types of hashish and weed are being sold for the more experienced smokers, although there are also lighter versions are available as well. Many visitors praise the knowledge and service at this coffeeshop, as well as the high quality of the marijuana and the edibles (spacecake) sold. On the flipside, the coffeeshop can get very crowded when it’s busy due to its small size. Therefore, it might be a good idea to go elsewhere if you’re looking for a high in a quiet environment.

Heisteeg 6, 1012 HC, Amsterdam

Although there’s not much information, this is their website:

The Stud

Among locals, coffeeshop The Stud has been popular for years! This coffeeshop is located in the Eastern part of town, relatively far from the busy city centre. The Stud is known for fast service, consistent quality and excellent price-quality ratio. Therefore, The Stud is a convenient shop for locals passing by. Since the shop is located out of the busy centre, rental prices are lower and The Stud is able to offer competitive prices on their products, without doing concessions in terms of quality. This made them especially popular amongst students and nicknamed them “The Stud”.The downside of the coffeeshop is that there’s little space inside to sit and smoke, therefore most customers go for takeaways. All-in-all The Stud is an excellent choice for when going for value for money, however, do bear in mind that there might not be an option to smoke inside.

Molukkenstraat 581, 1095 BJ Amsterdam

For more information, also check out their website:


Katsu is a coffeeshop and galery with an artistic touch. It’s popular among both locals and tourists for its relaxed vibe. There are plenty places to sit inside, as well as outside, if the weather allows it. Customers praise the friendly service and the menu has something for everyone. Katsu is also known as one of the only coffeeshops to sell vegan edibles among their space cakes. But above all, one of the biggest plusses Katsu has, is it’s location, only three minutes from the famous Albert Cuyp Market. Meaning that you’re only minutes away from delicious treats, such as; fresh fruits, fries, cheese, stroopwafels and much more yummie stuff!

Eerste van der Helststraat 70, 1072 NZ, Amsterdam

For more information, also check out;


Voyagers is a centrally located coffeeshop, especially popular amongst tourists, as it also houses a hotel. Voyagers is located 3 minutes walking distance from Central Station, in the direction of the famous Amsterdam Red Light District. Apart from the convenient location, Voyagers always offers a broad selection of high quality weed and hash. Edibles, bongs and accessories are also available and reasonably priced, given the location. Inside there is limited seating available. Fans of Voyagers can also choose to make it their home in Amsterdam, by renting one of the rooms. During the daily commute between 17:00 – 20:00 it can get quite busy in Voyagers, with people passing by on their way home.

Geldersekade 2HS, 1012 BH, Amsterdam

For more information, also check out their website:

Coffeeshop DNA

Located in the southern part of Amsterdam, in the “Stadionbuurt” you’ll find coffeeshop DNA. They’re especially popular for their edibles. According to many, the best in town. Caution is therefore advised when consuming edibles from DNA, as they might be much more potent than those bought elsewhere. The coffeeshop, is the small buy&go kind of coffeeshop. There’s only a small smoking room available, without seats. Due to the buy&go concept, DNA offers great value for money! They offer a impressive range of weed and hash variants at competitive prices.

Achillesstraat 104, 1076 RH, Amsterdam

Unfortunately, coffeeshop DNA doesn’t have a website.

Het Ballonnetje

In the center of Amsterdam, towards the eastern part of town, you will find coffeeshop “Het Ballonnetje”. This coffeeshop located near Artis Zoo, is a laidback breakaway, hidden away from big crowds since 1978. The friendly staff will make you feel at home, in an interior that reminds of a brown café. There’s more than enough space to make yourself comfortable and enjoy your smoke. You can choose where you like to sit, as there are seats available both inside and outside the coffeeshop on the terrace. The menu offers enough variety for everyone to find something they like, while not being overly complex. In the middle of the menu, there’s some space reserved for special offers, if you’re interested in the best buck for your money.

Roetersstraat 12, 1018 WD, Amsterdam

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In the far Western part of Amsterdam, right on the Sloterplas lake, you can find coffeeshop Sensemillia. Sensemillia is popular among locals for their consistent high-quality buds and reasonable pricing as well as good pre-rolled joints. The good quality pre-rolled joints, make this coffeeshop especially interesting for beginners, that don’t know how to role a joint, but are still looking for a quality smoke.  Although most customers don’t stay around in the coffeeshop, there is a bright, clean space to stand and role a joint. Smoking can be done outside on the terrace, with a wonderful view over the lake. You can also choose to buy, and find a nice spot near, or go for a walk around the Sloterplas lake. Around Sensemillia there are restaurants available to fight the munchies, if needed.

Meer en Vaart 177B, 1068 LA, Amsterdam

Unfortunately, Sensemillia doesn’t have a website.

Coffeeshop Johnny

In the beautiful Amsterdam Canal Belt area, you will find Coffeeshop Johnny. It’s a tiny takeaway coffeeshop, but selling high-quality strains at a good price. It’s a great place to go if you want to buy good quality weed, hash or space cakes for takeaway, as there are no seats available. Edibles are said to be fresh and tasty. The staff is friendly and well-informed, make sure to ask for advice!

Elandsgracht 3, 1016 TM, Amsterdam

For more information, also check out;

Products sold at Amsterdam coffeeshops

As for most shops, coffeeshops in the centre tend to be a bit more expensive in the city centre. Coffee shops in Amsterdam usually sell multiple types of marijuana in different forms. The coffeeshops have an actual menu with the types of marijuana, these types are grown from different plants. One plant can be much more potent than the other and can give you a different type of high. In general the more expensive the marijuana, the more potent it is. Marijuana can be bought in the following forms:

  • Weed
  • Hash
  • Pre-rolled joints
  • Space cake / hash brownies

Weed & Hash

Sold in many variety’s which vary in taste and potency. Usually sold per gram or pre-cut in plastic seal bags for a fixed price. Prices range from €7,- to €15,- per gram. Occasionally prices go up to €50,- per gram for extraordinary quality, though the potency of this pot is so high that it’s only suitable for very experienced smokers. We strongly recommend starting of with lightest versions as the THC levels in this pot are already twice as high as in most countries.

If you know how to roll a joint we recommend buying marijuana in a sealed bag/container. It’s cheaper than a pre-rolled joint, but you’re also able to decide how much pot and tobacco (or not) you like to have in the joint.

Pre-rolled joints

If you don’t know how to roll a joint and don’t have anybody to do it for you there’s always the option to buy a pre-rolled spliff. We do recommend asking the exact contents of the joint; what plant is in there? Is it mixed with tobacco? Make sure to know how strong it is and if it’s suitable for inexperienced smokers. Take your time when smoking, don’t rush it. Feel free to put the joint away for a moment and wait for the effect to kick in. If you feel comfortable after 10 to 15 minutes continue when you feel like it. A pre-rolled joint usually costs between €3,- to €7,-.

Space cake / hash brownies

In contrary to smoking marijuana, eating it can take long before noticing any effects. Therefore it is important to be extremely cautious. It is very hard to find the right dose as the first effects may take up to 90 minutes to kick in. Many people make the mistake of taking more as they have the idea it’s not working. Once the effects do kick in, they can be far more overwhelming.

Is it legal for tourists/foreigners to buy weed in Amsterdam coffeeshops?

If smoking marijuana was on your wishlist of things to in Amsterdam, there is no need to worry. Although on the official Dutch governmental website is stated that only Dutch citizens are allowed into coffeeshops, cities or municipalities are allowed to make there own policy on this issue. The actual law to prohibit foreigners to go in to coffeeshops was designed in an effort to stop drug tourists from Belgium, France and Germany coming to the coffeeshops near the border. This caused a rumour to spread that tourists wouldn’t be allowed in coffeeshops in Amsterdam anymore. Don’t worry, it’s just a hoax!
In Amsterdam, tourists have always been allowed into coffeeshops, and probably always will be. Basically it’s part of the Dutch culture and one of the reasons to visit the city. Besides allowing no more tourists in coffeeshops would force them to go to street dealers, which causes nuisance and brings a lot of risks. So please feel free to enjoy the coffeeshops, but behave while doing so.

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Tour

Would you like to learn more about the coffeeshop culture in Amsterdam? Then a guided ganja walking tour might be for you! A local, knowledgeable guide will take you on a tour along some the city’s oldest and most iconic coffeeshops. You will get to learn about the history of the local drug policies and get a taste from the various samples from the coffeeshops selling marijuana. Beginners can learn how to roll a joint and the guide will watch over you and your belongings while chilling in a coffeeshop.

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