Best Time to Visit Amsterdam

The wonderful thing about the city of Amsterdam is that fun and entertainment can be found throughout the entire year. In truth, there is no straightforward answer for the actual best time to visit — it really depends on what experience you want to have during your trip. Some people only like to visit a city for 1 day, and others like to stay for 3 days in Amsterdam. Fellow tourists and travelers can be found in the city and surrounding area every season and at any event or museum. We know it’s not the most satisfying answer, so let’s try to be more specific.

The best time to visit Amsterdam for good weather

As The Netherlands is a coastal country, the city of Amsterdam has a fairly cold sea climate. This influence by the ocean makes the weather unpredictable, with a chance of rainfall found all year round. The winters can be wet and windy, with temperatures ranging anywhere from 0°C-5°C (32°F-40°F). It has been known to snow on occasion, which can be joined by the beautiful sight of the canals freezing over. As for the summer months of June, July, and August, temperatures are often around 20°C/71°F. As such, it truly depends on how you want to experience the city. If you’re looking where to stay in Amsterdam when the temperatures are not too low, the best time of year to visit Amsterdam is between May and September. For more information, be sure to check out our page on the weather in Amsterdam.

The best time to beat the crowds

Did you know that over 10 million tourists visit Amsterdam every year? The high season for tourism begins at the end of March and lasts until September, while the weather is still comfortable. The absolute peak time for travelers is July and August, when families are out for summer breaks. Smaller peaks can be seen during Easter Holiday and the Fall, though keep in mind that large events like King’s Day in April or the Amsterdam Dance Event in October attract many visitors. The low season for tourists can be found in winter, aside from the breaks between Christmas and the new year.
keukenhof tulips 2018

The best time to see the famous flowers

Holland’s most known and prized flower is the tulip. The best place to travel to see them is just outside of the city at the Keukenhof, one of the world’s largest flower gardens. But as the flowers only flourish for two months out of the year, your trip needs some careful planning as to not miss the gorgeous sight! The Keukenhof is only open from the end of March to mid-May. The exact dates differ from year to year but in 2018, the Keukenhof is open from March 22nd – May 13th.

The best time to celebrate in Amsterdam

Holland as a whole, but especially Amsterdam, is known for its many festivals held throughout the spring and summer. During this popular season, there are dance and culinary festivals practically every weekend, with entertainment for the whole family. Dutch national holidays like King’s Day invite thousands of people to celebrate throughout Holland, with Amsterdam as the epic center. Around these holidays, prices for hotels skyrocket — but to us, it’s worth it! Many of these festivals and events are held at our public parks here in the city. Be sure to visit our parks page for a glimpse at these beautiful areas of land.

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Van Gogh Museum

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Heineken Experience

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