Best time to visit Amsterdam

If you’re wondering what the best time to pay Amsterdam a visit, there’s no straight forward answer. It really depends on what you plan on doing and what type of person you are. We can tell you we see tourists all year round in the city. We barely see any who don’t seem to be enjoying themselves. So with that knowledge in mind we could answer your question easily by telling you it’s always a good time to visit Amsterdam! Though that might not really be a satisfying answer so let’s try and tell you some more.

Best time to visit Amsterdam for good weather

As The Netherlands are situated near the sea the country has a fairly cold sea climate. The sea influence of the sea makes the weather unpredictable, with chance of rain all year round. The highest average temparatures (around 20°C degrees celsius) are measured in June, July and August. Though spring in April and May can be good as well. The winters don’t get too cold with temperatures just above zero. For more detailed information, also see our page on the weather in Amsterdam. If you’re looking for a visit when the temperatures are not too low, your best bet is from May till September.

High Season and low season in Amsterdam

Did you know that yearly over 10 million tourists come to see Amsterdam? Now you do. High season for tourism starts at the end of March and lasts till September. The absolute peak is July and August when chances of having good weather are, statistically speaking, the highest. (but definitely not guaranteed)Smaller peaks are seen during Easter Holiday and in October when there are a lot of congresses. Also big events like Kingsday or Amsterdam Dance Event attract lots of visitors. From November till the beginning of march is low season for tourism, apart from the time between Christmas and New Year.

Tulip seasonKeukenhof tulip gardens Amsterdam thumb

Holland’s most famous flower by no doubt is the tulip. The best place to go and see them is the Keukenhof. But as the flow only flourishes for two months per year, your trip needs some careful planning not to miss it. The Keukenhof is only open from the end of March till halfway May. The exact dates may differ from year to year but for 2016 the Keukenhof is open between the 24th of March till May the 16th.

Festivals season

Holland on a whole, but especially Amsterdam is known for having many festivals. During the festival season there are dance festivals practically every weekend, if not multiple per weekend. Besides the many dance festivals, the culinary festivals with entertainment for the whole family are upcoming. The festival season starts as early as the beginning of April and last till September. The 27th of April is Kingsday, this day is celebrated throughout the entire country with Amsterdam as the epic centre. During Kingsday prices for hotels skyrocket, but according to us that’s totally worth it.