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Born in October 1988. Like sailing, travelling and soccer. Always in for a beer or two!

Favourite thing in Amsterdam

Definitely the canals! I’ve always been in to boats. Amsterdam is such a pretty city to see when cruising the canals. In the summer I occasionally work as a captain on a small boat and I love to see  how much people enjoy that.

Favourite hidden secret

The tiny cities surrounding Amsterdam. I grew up in Weesp, a tiny city 20 minutes away from Amsterdam that not too many tourists get to see. Such a pity. I think the best travelling tip if you go anywhere is to take scooter or bike and get off the beaten track for a bit!

Favourite dutch food

As a snack I’d go for a dutch herring. My favourite Dutch dish is Andijviestamppot.


Born in April 1990. I love to visit the beach for surfing, travelling and creating graffiti art. Always up to discover new places or a match of table tennis!

Favourite thing in Amsterdam

The city parks! With good weather, getting the best out of the day, with good company. The people in the city are open minded and mostly up for a small talk or real deep conversation (if they have time). Thanks to the fact that I live in the centre of Amsterdam, I just grab my bike and a new story begins!

Favourite hidden secret

Making a combination of a few hidden secrets is my “secret”. Starting the day at one of the local markets, grapping a good lunch, go to the park, taking a boat trip with Dani, eating out or cook for my friends and end the day at brewery ‘T IJ 1 minutes away from my front door. Just make every day count!

Favourite Dutch food

I’ll go for my mum’s dishes. Hutspot, andijviestampot, zuurkool and spinazie (spinach) schotel are definitely my favourite. Simply delicious!

profile picture chucka

Chuka Nwanazia

is a Nigerian-American student who studies and works in Amsterdam. Born January 8th, he is very passionate about tourism, spirituality, philosophy, history, old books and discovering different cultures from all over the world.

Favourite thing about Amsterdam

Chuka’s love for Amsterdam stems from the fact that it is a multicultural city. It is a city that accepts everyone from every corner of the earth. In his own words, “Amsterdam is like a mother. She takes everyone in, does her best to make them feel at home and makes sure that they are presented with all the tools they need to stand on their feet.” The city’s multicultural identity is the one thing that makes Chuka Nwanazia see Amsterdam (and the Netherlands) as nothing but home.

Why did you choose for this website?

As a writer on thingstodoinamsterdam.com, Chuka’s number one focus is sharing all the wonders of Amsterdam with every single tourist who intends to discover the city while vacationing here. Amsterdam has a lot to offer and through his articles, (potential) visitors will have the chance to learn more about this beautiful city. Articles (and blogs) will cover topics that have to do with Dutch culture, events in Amsterdam and environs, latest trends in the city etc. Sometimes, topics will touch politics, religion, sports and architecture.

Chuka Contact information

For questions, feedbacks, suggestions and others, please feel free to tweet at Chuka on Twitter @beejonson. And if you would like him to write an article on topics that have to do with Amsterdam and Dutch culture, you can email him at: chuckyddon(@)yahoo.ca

Emily profile2


“Emily is a 22-year-old residing in Southern California. She recently graduated from California State University San Marcos with a degree in Literature. She hopes to continue traveling the world and exploring new cultures.

Favorite Thing About Amsterdam

The canals and the small streets that run alongside them! The view of the sun against the water and between the buildings is a sight that’s hard to get out of your mind any time soon.

Favorite Dutch Food

Poffertjes, the small fluffy pancakes that make my mouth water just thinking about them! Add powdered sugar and butter, and you have an amazingly delicious breakfast.”

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