Weesp is a small, old Dutch town in the shadow of Amsterdam. Its history dates all the way back to the middle ages, to the year 1355, when it was granted city rights. From the 12th till the late 15th century Weesp was an important trade town thanks to the river ‘De Vecht’. The river was a popular trade route for ships going land inwards. Due to a civil war in the late 15th century, the period of prosperity comes to an end. After a period of economic decline, the rest of the town’s history is characterized by breweries in the 17th century, porcelain in the 18th century and a chocolate factory in the 19th century.
Compared to the centre of Amsterdam, what you’ll find in Weesp can be described as an oasis of serenity. In Weesp you’ll find monumental buildings, canals and small shops like Amsterdam, but its undiscovered by the big crowd. That’s why we think Weesp is an excellent break from the chaotic city. Although it is just 15 km away it will give you a different view on The Netherlands as a country. The sleepy town connected to Amsterdam by the Amsterdam-Rijn canal and the river De Vecht. Between Amsterdam and Weesp you’ll find typical Dutch rural areas. 
Classical boats moored in “De Kom van Weesp” the center of this historical town

Weesp - Ossenmarktbridge and fortress
The Ossenmarkt bridge in Weesp is just one of the pretty bridges to be found – connecting the Ossenmarkt to the Hoogstraat

What to do in Weesp?

Besides sightseeing there don’t miss out on the following activities:

1. Try a ‘Weespermop’ at one of the bakeries

People from Weesp are often nicknamed ‘Weespermop’ after the famous cookie they claimed for themselves. Whether the almond paste cookie really originated from Weesp is unsure, the fact is that the official name is Weesper Mop nowadays. In 1988 all the bakers from Weesp joined forces in an effort to bake the largest Weesper Mop for an official world record. The cookie ended up weighing 115 kilograms. This event is memorized with a little statue in the town centre.

Bakeries where you can buy a Weespermoppen:

  • Bakery Wesselman; Breedstraat 23
  • Bakery Muhl; Nieuwstad 64
  • Bakery Abbekerk; Slijkstraat 45

Vuurlinie weesp

2. Take a unique scenic boat tour on De Vuurlinie

Just like Amsterdam, Weesp is rich in waterways with its canals and river ‘De Vecht’. Therefore an awesome way of sightseeing is by boat. On a very unique boat called “The Vuurlinie” you can now take a boat tour to explore Weesp and its magnificent surrounding area’s. This boat is built and run by volunteers. It was made out of love for the city of Weesp with the help of many locals and businesses. The boat tour will take you along the beautiful Vecht river. During the cruise, you’ll be able to enjoy some magnificent views on the historic bridges, fortresses and traditional Dutch Windmills.

3. Try one of the locally brewed specialities; Wispe beer or Anker Jenever

Weesp’s economy once heavily depended on the local breweries. Today, you can try the local beers and jenever at most cafés and restaurants in town. Since 2020, you can visit the brewery which is situated in an old church in the historic centre of Weesp. The actual recipe for the Anker Jenever came from municipality archive and dates back all the way to 1630!

Adress; Herengracht 16. More info: https://wispe.nl/

4. Get award-winning ice cream at ‘Nelis Ice Saloon’

Nelis Ice Saloon is the best ice saloon in The Netherlands.  They serve ice cream, which is made fresh every day with only the very best ingredients without any conservatives. Nelis and its employees have won multiple awards with their ice cream and are often named in the media. There are around 50 different flavours to pick from and you can pick and mix as much as you like! After a day of sightseeing definitely, don’t miss out on a treat from Nelis! Nelis is open 7 days a week till 22:00 in the evening.

You can find the ice saloon in the local shopping street called ‘Slijkstraat’:

Nelis’ IJssalon
Slijkstraat 41
1380 GA, Weesp

5. Visit the City Museum

For those who would like to learn more about the history of Weesp, the city museum is well worth a visit. You will find the museum in the historical town hall. In the museum, you will learn about the porcelain factory and the ‘Van Houten Chocolate factory’. The opening hours are Wednesday till Sunday from 13:30 till 17:00. The entrance fee is only €5,-. For more info check out the (Dutch) website: https://www.museumweesp.nl/.

6. Have something to eat and drink on one of the terraces

If the weather allows it, enjoy one of the terraces in Weesp. Enjoy a drink and maybe an authentic Dutch Croquette or Bitterbal or another snack. Watch the boats and time pass you by while you feel completely at rest.

7. Take a selfie with a traditional Dutch windmill

The Netherlands is famous for tulips, windmills and wooden shoes. The last thing you want to do is leave the country without a picture of a Dutch Windmill. Weesp won’t disappoint as there are three windmills to be found. Two of them are still being used today. Molen De Vriendschap is still being used today to grind grain, it’s run by volunteers. On Saturdays, between 10.00  a.m. and 16.00 p.m., the windmill can be visited and its products can be bought from the shop. A little donation for maintenance is always appreciated.

8. Take a step back and relax at SpaWeesp

Travelling is fun, sightseeing is great, but let’s be honest; it can be a bit tiring. If you’re looking for a little relaxation, you should know that in Weesp you will find a laid-back, small scale spa. It features several different saunas, baths and steam baths, whirlpools and a restaurant. Probably all you need to feel refreshed and revived for the rest of your trip. So if you’re up for a break make sure to make your reservation here. (sorry, Dutch only)

9. Visit the local food market (Tuesdays only)

If you’re visiting Weesp on a Tuesday, a visit to the local market is a must-do! Every week, in the centre of this small town, you will find a market in the “Nieuwstraat” street. This street is found in the street right in front of the city hall.

What to see in Weesp?

We strongly advise you to take a rental bike when going to Weesp as it makes it easier to get to all interesting spots to see. Cycling in the rural areas around Weesp will be a relaxing experience as traffic is not as busy as it is in Amsterdam. Simply enjoy the Dutch landscape and stop where ever you like. If you don’t feel like cycling to Weesp you could also rent a bicycle from the train station in Weesp. If cycling is just not for you, keep in mind that getting around will take longer.

Town hall

In the center of the town you’ll find the monumental townhall. It was build between 1772-1776 and designed by Jacob Otten Husly. Nowadays you’ll find a museum on the city’s history in the town hall. If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Weesp or would like to see the 18th century porcelain, you’re welcome Wednesday till Sunday in the afternoon between 13:30 p.m. till 17:00 p.m.

Ossenmarkt fortress

This fortress from 1861 was once part of the first line of defense of Amsterdam, called Hollandic Water Line. It was used to defend the shores of the river De Vecht. It was only used twice as it was intended; during the French-German war in 1870-1871 and during the First World War 1914-1918. It can be reached from the town center by the Ossenmarkt bridge. An ancient canon is all that reminds of the military function of the building.

Villa Casparus

Villa Casparus is one of the pretiest buildings in Weesp. It was build in 1901 as a residence for the owner of the Van Houten Chocolate company. Originally the building had 99 rooms. In 2002 it was rebuilt with appartments surrounding the building, but keeping in tact the beautiful building itself.

Weesp - traditional Dutch windmill
Traditional Dutch windmill in Weesp – located on the street ‘Korte Stammerdijk’

Two Dutch windmills in Weesp located on the "Utrechtseweg"
Two Dutch windmills in Weesp located on the “Utrechtseweg”

Traditional Dutch Windmills

Would you like to see some monumental Dutch windmills? You’ll find multiple in and around Weesp, some of which are still being used today. On the Utrechtseweg, you’ll find two windmills besides each other. They windmills on shores of De Vecht are called ‘Molen De Vriendschap’ (friendship) and ‘Molen De Eendracht’ (unity). The history of the windmills dates back to the late 17th century, but Molen De Vriendschap was rebuild in 1900 after it burned down through lightning.

The other wind mill is on the picture is ‘Molen De Haan’ (rooster). It can be found on the ‘Korte Stammerdijk’. This wind mill is not being used anymore.

Hotel and accommodations in Weesp

The small town Weesp is home to only one hotel; Hotel Het Hart van Weesp, which is located on a canal in the city center. On booking.com there are a few bed and breakfasts and small scale accommodations including free parking availability available.


How to get there

Weesp is situated to the South East of Amsterdam. From the last subway stop ‘Gaasperplas’ in Amsterdam South East, the centre of Weesp is just 5 kilometers away. Weesp can either be reached by bike or by train. We would advice you to take the bike as it’s a convenient way to move around in Weesp and surrounding area’s. From the centre of Amsterdam, Weesp is within 15km reach which will take you about 45 minutes. Cycling in the rural area’s around Weesp is a real treat. It will give you a nice view on the typical Dutch landscape. If you don’t want to cover too much distance by bike, you can also choose to go there by train and still have an option to rent a bike at the trainstation of Weesp.

Train to Weesp

From Amsterdam Central Station, there’s a regular connection with Weesp. The train departs 4 times per hour. Look for the train in the direction of either Weesp or Amersfoort Vathorst. Make sure to buy a ticket before getting on the train. A two way ticket will cost you approximately €7,-. For children under 12 there’s a discount ticket available, called railrunner. For more information also see our public transport page

Cycling route from Amsterdam to Muiden and Weesp

In the map below we plotted a route from Amsterdam to both Muiden and Weesp. The route takes you along small roads through the rural area’s around Amsterdam. As there is little traffic the route is perfectly suited for kids as well. If you will cycle the route according to the map, you will cover 42 kilometres which comes down approximately two and a half hours of cycling. However along the route there are plenty of sights and stops to take a rest. Depending on your stops of choice you will be able to spend anywhere from 4 to 8 hours on this day trip from Amsterdam.


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