STRAAT street art museum in Amsterdam was founded to give street art a truly unique stage. Because who doesn’t love this contemporary art form?

Colourful murals on the walls and buildings bring a vibrant energy to any street and you can find them in almost every country. From South America to the Far East, street art is an art form that has captured the hearts of many artists. And it’s not just for artists, any of us can enjoy the dynamism and colour of street art too.

STRAAT street art museum, Amsterdam

At STRAAT (which means ‘street’ in Dutch), you’ll find the most beautiful works of art by graffiti artists and is located in the Lasloods in Amsterdam. Inside, you can admire the work of artists from New York to Sao Paulo with the most beautiful designs, techniques and stories on show.

You’ll also experience different street art and graffiti styles at STRAAT that you may have never seen before. So, if you are a true street art enthusiast, a visit to the STRAAT street art museum in Amsterdam is well worth your time and money.

Straat museum Amsterdam

STRAAT Museum street art museum

Street art at STRAAT

Street art is one of the largest art movements of our time and STRAAT offers both well-known artists and emerging talents the opportunity to bring their work to the attention of the public. You will find works by Keith Harring and Banksy, among others.

Almost all the works of art are as large as the murals you encounter in real life on the street. However, at STRAAT street art museum in Amsterdam you can get to know the stories behind these works of art that usually remain hidden on the street.

About the space

To create a real street atmosphere, the museum is located in a former ship shed at the NDSM shipyard. The warehouse is no less than 8,000m2, or enough space for more than 150 different works of art by more than 130 artists. You can walk around the museum by yourself, but there are also options for a street art tour at STRAAT.

Frequently Asked Questions for STRAAT museum in Amsterdam

What can I expect during a visit to STRAAT museum?

A visit to STRAAT shows you the coolest street art from all over the world. In fact, it features works from famous graffiti artists of no less than 32 different nationalities.

Can I store my backpack?

Free lockers are available, because large objects such as backpacks, umbrellas and suitcases are not allowed in the museum. The same also applies to objects such as markers, spray cans and sharp objects.

Is STRAAT wheelchair friendly?

STRAAT is wheelchair accessible. However, keep in mind that the ground may be uneven as the museum is located in an old welding shed.

Can I bring a stroller?

Yes, you can bring a stroller. However, keep in mind that the floor is uneven.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in STRAAT, with the exception of registered assistance dogs.

Where is STRAAT museum located?

Straat museum is located at NDSM Square 1.

Where can I park near STRAAT?

Parking near the NDSM square is still relatively cheap and accessible. You can park cheaply in the parking garage on the MT Lincolweg. Additionally, you will also find several parking spaces around the NDSM wharf.

Roughly how long does a visit take?

The length of your visit will depend entirely on how long you take the time to stand with the works of art, however you should allow at least 1 1/2 to 2 hours for your visit.

Is STRAAT museum open every day?

Yes, STRAAT is open seven days a week. The museum is open from noon until 5:00 PM on Mondays and 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM every other day.

Do I have to book a ticket in advance, or can I do so at the entrance?

Yes, to enter STRAAT museum you must book a ticket in advance. You must also indicate in advance when you will arrive as the museum will give you a time slot to avoid congestion.

Can I take photos in STRAAT museum?

Yes, you can take photos of the street art in STRAAT as long as your photos are for personal use only. However, tripods, selfie sticks and flash may not be used.

STRAAT museum photos: a sneak preview of STRAAT

Are you curious about what beautiful art can be found in STRAAT museum? Below you’ll find a small selection of STRAAT museum photos to whet your appetite.

WARNING: If you don’t want spoilers, skip this part and order tickets online now!


Eddie Colla klein - Straat museum

Straat museum Amsterdam

Straat museum

STRAAT museum opening hours

STRAAT museum is open seven days a week. The museum is open from noon until 5:00 PM on Mondays and 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM every other day.

STRAAT museum tickets and discounts

You can easily purchase your STRAAT museum tickets online via the blue button below. Before your visit, choose a time slot in which to visit the museum. You can cancel your ticket for free up to one day before. After purchasing, the tickets will be sent directly to your email address. You don’t have to print them out and you can have them scanned from your phone at the entrance.

Students can buy a discounted ticket for €13.50.

Please note: children under the age of 16 are only allowed to enter if accompanied by an adult.

STRAAT museum ticket prices

Adults (18+) € 18,50
Children (13 to 18 years) € 9,50
Children (0 to 12 years)  Free
Students € 13,50

STRAAT museum guided tours

Would you like to hear more about all the works of art in the museum? Then you can also opt for a STRAAT museum ticket with a guided tour. Tours are given to groups up to a maximum size of 10 people.

STRAAT is located at NDSM-Plein 1 on the NDSM wharf. You can reach the museum by public transport or by car.

NDSM Square 1
1033 WC

Contact information:
[email protected]

Straat museum in Amsterdam

From Amsterdam you can get to the NDSM square in different ways. Depending on whether you prefer to travel by bus or by bus and ferry, you can plan your route accordingly.

From Amsterdam Central Station

– Leave the Central Station at the back and walk to the Veer Central Station. Get on the ferry F4 and get off at Ferry NDSM Werf. From there it is about a seven-minute walk to NDSM Square.

– At Amsterdam Central Station, take bus 391 or 394 towards Zaandam Zaanse Schans. Get off at the Klaprozenweg stop. From here it is about a four-minute walk to STRAAT street art museum.

– From Amsterdam Central, get on Metro 52 towards Noord. Get off at the Noorderpark stop. At Noorderpark take bus 35 towards Molenwijk and get off at the Atatürk stop. From this bus stop it is about a nine-minute walk.

Plan your route

With the 9292 ov app you can plan your route and see what the fastest way is to get to STRAAT museum in Amsterdam.

9292 OV public transport button

Experiences – STRAAT museum in Amsterdam

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