Top tourist attractions in Amsterdam

As tourism in Amsterdam has been growing over the past centuries, so did the number of attractions. You won’t have to be bored for a second as there are loads of museums and attractions! Whether you’re looking for a thrilling ride or an educational break. We’ll keep you up to date with the latest attractions in town on this page. Book your tickets directly with us or one of our partners and get an attractive discount! Scroll down to view all attractions or jump directly to:


Latest top attractions

This is Holland - 5D experience


THIS IS HOLLAND is one of the latest and coolest attractions in Amsterdam! In this thrilling 5-dimensional ride, you’ll explore The Netherlands as if you’re a bird. All your sense will be stimulated during this ride, an absolute must-do!

Ripleys believe it or not - Amsterdam

Ripley’s believe it or not

At Ripley’s believe it or not, you’ll dive into the mysterious world of adventurer Mr. Robert Ripley. Get ready for your fair share of optical illusions, extremely rare objects and 5-d entertainment. Located in the heart of the city guaranteed fun for the whole family!

adam lookout swing

ADAM Lookout

If you’re a thrillseeker who’s not afraid of heights, you must jump on the highest swing in Europe! The A’DAM LOOK OUT offers a magnificent view over the city. Do you dare to step on the over the edge swing?

keukenhof 2019

Keukenhof tulip gardens

If you’re lucky enough to be in the Netherlands during the two month opening of Keukenhof, it’s an absolute must-see! During this short period, Keukenhof draws over 1 million visitors. All to see the 320.0000 square meters of flourishing flowers.

boats on Brouwersgracht canal

Canal cruise

Amsterdam consists of a beautiful network of canals and therefore best seen from the water. Pick a canal cruise of choice and enjoy the ride while you can dream away without worrying about traffic. An absolute must-do!

Muiderslot Amsterdam Castle - thumb

Day trips from Amsterdam

Get off the beaten track! In only one day or half a day, you can see a totally different picture of The Netherlands, in just 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam Central Station there are cool villages and cities to discover.

Johnny Depp Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

Madame Tussauds

Anyone who’s in to showbusiness probably knows the world-famous Madame Tussauds wax museums. In the Amsterdam version, you’ll find both national and international celebrities. Come and take a selfie with the Dutch Royal Family!

Zoo animals Artis Amsterdam

Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo

The Amsterdam Zoo is rather unique in its kind; it’s located near the city and one of the oldest attractions around. Take a break from the busy city centre and relax while watching the animals do their thing!

Amsterdam Dungeon

Amsterdam Dungeon

Visit the scary Amsterdam Dungeon, experience the live shows with 11 differences live performers, that might haunt you for a while. The scenes played are based on real historical events.

Heineken Experience - brewing kettles

Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience is not just your regular museum. It has grown to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. You will find yourself in the former brewery and learn how Heineken became the world famous brand it is today. It’s full of interactive experiences including some beer tasting of course!

van Gogh museum picture-thumb

Van Gogh Museum

Anyone with just a little bit of interest in art must have heard from Vincent van Gogh. The legacy of this famous Dutch artist is still topical, hundreds of years after his death. An absolute must-see as it’s one of the best-rated museums in the world.

rijksmuseum amsterdam


Rijksmuseum will make the hearts of historical art lovers skip a beat. The majestuous building houses pure treasure by Dutch artists. Expect to find works by Johannes Vermeer, Frans Hals, Rembrandt van Rijn and many more. Thousands of artefacts and paintings will keep you fascinated for hours!

Educational attractions

Who says education and entertaining experiences don’t blend in? Well, they’re wrong! Check out the following things to do in Amsterdam that are both fun and educative at the same time. In Amsterdam, you can have fun while learning about microbes taking a science class or getting to know more about human anatomy for instance. Check out the list below of both fun and educative experiences and pick your favourite!

microbes at micropia


In this award-winning museum, you’ll learn about the tiniest living organisms, invisible to the human eye. Although in everyday life you’re not aware of these forms of life, they’re essential to our very existence. Curious? Go see it for yourself!

madurodam miniature village


Madurodam is a miniature version of the Netherlands. Practically every local has visited this theme park at least once. It’s interactive and great fun for both kids and adults. Madurodam is full of interactive elements that will educate on topics as water management and wind energy.

National maritime museum - East Indiaman replica

National Maritime Museum

Who doesn’t like to take a dive back in the time of pirates and long adventurous oversea journeys to new continents? At the National Maritime Museum, you will learn more about the naval history of the Netherlands. A must-see for anyone who likes boats.

Le bâtiment du musée NEMO à Amsterdam

Nemo Science Museum

Science is fun! Don’t believe us? Go check it out for yourself. At NEMO you will experience science in a pragmatic, appealing way. You certainly don’t need to be a Sheldon Cooper to enjoy science in this interactive museum!



Visit the fascinating exhibition ‘The Happiness Project’, which will teach about the anatomical effects of happiness on the human body. These effects are demonstrated with the aid of real plastinated bodies. An educative experience for both kids and adults!

Amsterdam Museum

Amsterdam City Museum

If you’re interested to find out more about the city that you are visiting, the Amsterdam Museum is the place to go! It will take you through its history, from an insignificant fishing village in the 13th century to the most powerful centre of trade in the world in the 17th century.

Attractions for adults

Amsterdam is a great place for families, but of course, the city is known to have naughty to it as well. In comparison to other countries, the laws on drugs and prostitution are rather liberal. The infamous Red Light District in Amsterdam is known all over the world for its brothels, many sex shops, live adult entertainment and of course the coffeeshops where you can legally buy marijuana. In so-called ‘smartshops’ one can legally buy (light) psychedelics and stimulants. Would you like to discover a bit of the naughty part? Don’t miss out on the following attractions.

casa rosso amsterdam

Casa Rosso

You wanted to discover the naughty part of Amsterdam? Well, Casa Rosso will offer you a great start! In this adult erotic theatre, you can enjoy as many live shows as you wish. Meanwhile, you’ll be served some refreshments if desired. If you get lucky, you might even end up on-stage!

House of Bols - perfectly executed cocktail

House of Bols

Genever is Dutch traditional liquor from which gin evolved. At the House of Bols Genever tasting experience, you’ll learn more about the rise and demise of the drink. Watch the flavouring and distilling process and taste a tasty genever based cocktail!

Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket - promo photo

Go clubbing with the Nightlife Ticket

With the Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket, you can go clubbing in one of the many nightclubs in Amsterdam. Put your dancing shoes on and hit the city! This ticket includes free access to special events in the best clubs in town.

Amsterdam Red Light Secrets museum

Red Light Secrets museum

In the Red Light Secrets museum, you’ll learn how the area came to its existence. Furthermore, you’ll get a glimpse from inside a former brothel to get an idea of what it’s like inside. This place might just still your curiosity!

coffee shop amsterdam

Smoke weed in coffeeshops

In Amsterdam, it’s legal to smoke weed and hashish. Feel like relaxing on some world-famous dope? Go to a coffeeshop and roll yourself a joint, or get a pre-rolled one.

Red Light District

Red light District Area

Red Light District or ‘De Wallen’ in Dutch is home to one of the oldest professions in the world. Wander around the area and pay a visit to one of the pubs or coffeeshops. want to go all in? Go and see one of the 18+ shows, striptease bars or brothels!