BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project

The BODY WORLDS Amsterdam exhibition takes you on a journey through the human body and is therefore also referred to as Human Body Museum Amsterdam or Anatomy Museum Amsterdam. BODY WORLDS will teach you everything about human anatomy: the strength, defence mechanisms and vulnerabilities of the human body. The theme of the exhibition BODY WORLDS is ‘The Happiness Project’. BODY WORLDS Museum will take you on a quest to the anatomical effects of happiness. Is there a formula for happiness? What are the effects on our well-being? What chemicals are involved? In the Human Body Museum Amsterdam, you’ll find over 200 anatomical models, made out of real plastinated bodies. They will give you a unique insight into the effect of happiness on the human body.

BODY Museum Amsterdam

BODY WORLDS Amsterdam is an educational experience for both young and old, just like the Nemo Science Centre but on a different topic. Your kids will enjoy this Amsterdam museum to the fullest, unaware that they’re attending one of the most interesting biology lessons they’ll ever get. BODY WORLDS Amsterdam is part of the worldwide BODY WORLDS: The Original Exhibition of Real Human Bodies. This project bodyworlds by Gunther Von Hagen, is unique in its kind. With the exhibitions held in Europe and America, already over 40 million people have visited the real-life anatomy lessons of German scientist Von Hagen. The explanation for this success is according to us the educative value of the exhibitions for kids and adults. Fun fact about BODYWORLDS: almost all the exhibited pieces in Bodyworlds were real people who signed up for a donor programm and made sure their bodies were being used for medical science and education after they passed away. They are now referred to as Happy Bodies.

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Our BODY WORLDS Amsterdam review and photo impression

In our experience BODY WORLDS Amsterdam is definitely worth a visit if you want to learn more about human anatomy. We were impressed with the extensive exhibition that will refresh and expand the knowledge that you may have learned in a biology class once. With that said BODY WORLDS is not for everyone. This exhibition is an educative experience, rather than entertaining. If you’re just looking to be entertained and just have a good time we recommend going to another Amsterdam attraction instead, for instance, Ripley’s Amsterdam or The Amsterdam Dungeon.

If you’re going to BODY WORLDS, we strongly recommend planning enough time as human anatomy can be quite a tough cookie to crack for a beginner. So make sure to visit when you feel energized and ready to absorb information if you want to get the most out of it! We recommend a bare minimum of 2 hours for your visit.

BODY WORLDS amsterdam entrance
The entrance of the BODY WORLDS Amsterdam on Damrak which runs from Amsterdam Central station to Dam Square

Body Worlds - lockers at the entrance
At the entrance you can rent a locker to leave your personal items

What we liked about BODY WORLDS

Human Anatomy on its own, is a fairly technical, scientific topic. However, BODY WORLDS does an excellent job of connecting it to our daily lives. For instance, by making the connection with happiness, it becomes something that we can all relate to. Other every day topics that are touched upon are sports, stress, marriage, sex, aging and several others. This way, BODY WORLDS goes beyond the rather abstract topic of anatomy and teaches us helpful insights for our daily lives.

To make the information about health and anatomy even more relatable, BODY WORLDS also allows you to apply it to yourself. In the museum, you can measure your own blood pressure and at the end of the museum, you can even take a full body scan and weight analysis!

Body Worlds - measuring blood pressure
You can apply the information about the vascular system directly by measuring your blood pressure

Is BODY WORLDS something to visit with kids?

Yes, but probably not with all kids. Since the exhibition is quite lengthy and requires a long attention span, we wouldn’t recommend a visit under the age of seven. Kids who are eager to learn and have a natural interest in science, biology or anatomy, will love BODY WORLDS! The museum visualizes the topic of anatomy and therefore makes it quite doable to comprehend, also for the younger ones. There are several interactive elements throughout the museum, but probably not enough to satisfy kids with a short attention span.

Body Worlds - the vascular system
An impressive model of the many blood vessels that supply our legs with oxygen-rich blood

Body Worlds - poker players
Three anatomical plastinated bodies on a poker table

Inge de Bruijn visiting BODY WORLDS Amsterdam
Olympic medal swimmer Inge de Bruijn visiting BODY WORLDS Amsterdam

Body Worlds - body and weigth analysis
You can get a full body & weight analysis at the end of the museum to learn more about your own anatomy

Body Worlds - body analysis report
You’ll get a detailed report on your muscle and fat mass

BODY WORLDS museum opening hours

The BODY WORLDS museum Amsterdam is open 7 days a week 365 days a year, except for Kingsday the 27th of April. Please do keep in mind that the last admission is one hour before closing. Make sure you’ve bought your BODY WORLDS tickets at least one hour before closing.

Sunday till Friday  10:00 – 20:00
Saturday  10:00 – 22:00

BODY WORLDS Amsterdam tickets

BODY WORLDS tickets can be purchased at the entrance of BODY WORLDS Amsterdam. The regular BODY WORLDS Tickets can be bought online and in advance of your visit. Children get a little discount, check out the regular admission prices in the table below. However if you’re not a a kid, you can still get your BODY WORLDS discount tickets online via one of our ticketpartners. Use the discount code below to get your BODY WORLDS tickets with discount. Check out the possibilities below and get your BODY WORLDS Tickets!

Regular entrance prices

Adults € 24,95
Children 6-18 years old € 13,50
Infants 0-6 years old Free

BODY WORLDS discount tickets online

As your trip to Amsterdam might already turn out to be a costly experience, you don’t want to pay more than necessary. Our online ticket partners and Tours & Tickets offer BODY WORLDS tickets for discount prices. Besides the discount, you also get fast track entrance tickets send to you straight away so you save yourself the hassle of standing in line, waiting to get in. The best discounts are often offered on combi tickets, which grant entrance to multiple museums/attractions. However, the tickets for just BODY WORLDS will also save you up to a couple of euro per person! Check out the various offers for BODY WORLD discount we selected for you below.

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Are the body parts of the human body museum Amsterdam real?

Yes, they’ve been preserved with a technique called plastination; body fluids are replaced with a special sort of plastic.

Is BODY WORLDS suitable for children?

Yes, children of all ages are allowed in. However the topic might be a bit too difficult for the youngest to understand.

Is the Anatomy Museum wheelchair accessible?

Certainly, there’s an elevator in the building for wheelchair users. BODY WORLDS even offers discounts for wheelchair users.

Are pets allowed in the Body Museum?

No pets are not allowed in, except for guide dogs.

Address, contact information and route to BODY WORLDS museum

BODY WORLDS Amsterdam is situated in the street connecting Amsterdam Central Station to Dam Square.


BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project
Damrak 66
1012 LM Amsterdam
[email protected]

Public transport to the BODY WORLDS museum

BODY WORLDS is situated on the Damrak, the street which connects Amsterdam Central Station to Dam Square. Your best bet is to go to Amsterdam Central Station which is easily reached from any point in town. From Amsterdam Central Station it’s a 5-10 minute walk to BODY WORLDS. If you take a tram and pass Dam Square you can also get off at Dam Square it’s a little bit shorter.

With the button below you can find accurate advice for the real-time travel times to Bodyworlds based on your current location. This application will help you when you are not sure which bus or tram you can take from your location.

ov button Ice bar

BODY WORLDS Amsterdam reviews

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Long wait for body scan

Good exhibition, learned a lot. Unfortunately had to wait long for the body scan. There were four scales and only two of them were working, should be fixed!


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