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When you think of Amsterdam, you might think of the canals and of course a beautiful canal cruise. Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam has been around since 1950 and has gained an increasing reputation in recent years. Lovers Amsterdam now has different types of canal cruises offering something to everyone. If you visit Amsterdam, we highly recommend putting Lovers Canal Cruises on your to-do list. In addition to the Hop on Hop off sightseeing boats that can be recognised by their red colour, most of the boats from Lovers Amsterdam have a recognisable orange-grey colour and the logo of Lovers Canal Cruises. At Lovers Amsterdam there is something for everyone and the cruises not only show you the best places in Amsterdam, but there are also cruises where you can dine and wine on board. Go for a romantic Candlelight cruise where you can enjoy the Amsterdam canals with a loved one. If you’re really looking to take your cruise to the next level, you can also consider the option of a private boat ride.

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Lovers Canal Cruise Amsterdam

The Netherlands is the land of water, with her dams and dikes. The canals have always played an important role in the history of Amsterdam. A Lovers canal cruise is the perfect way to experience the Amsterdam canal system. It’s definitely a wonderful way of seeing the sights in Amsterdam! You can visit Lovers Amsterdam anytime of the year. Enjoy a Lovers boat in summer and enjoy the sun or go in wintertime when the lights of Amsterdam are beautiful and warm.

Lovers Amsterdam

A canal cruise with Lovers Amsterdam makes your day trip to the city complete. It is an easy way for sightseeing in Amsterdam. Explore this bustling capital from the water and relax as you sail through the beautiful canals and past iconic sights. Think of the Anne Frank museum, the Red Light District or the Heineken Experience, all must-sees! Travel back in time through a voyage of discovery through the ancient canals of Amsterdam. During the Lovers canal cruise, you get to see the well-known Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht and also learn all about the history of the canals. With Lovers Canal Cruises’ experience in the field of boat cruises, you are guaranteed to get the best information and the best cruises. The audio guide is available in up to 19 languages and for young and old. You can also put this on your list for things to do in Amsterdam with kids. This tour is a must for everyone visiting Amsterdam.

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As we said before, you can visit Lovers Amsterdam anytime of the year. At Lovers Amsterdam you will find plenty of different boats for your Lovers canal cruise. In summer and spring you can cruise in an open boat, like a real local. In winter or autumn your Lovers boat will be closed and warm enough. Are you still cold? No worries, you will find a bar that serves warm drinks in your Lovers boat.

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Amsterdam Light Festival

Lovers Canal Cruises is an official partner of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Every year, Amsterdam becomes beautifully illuminated during this festival. It is possible to admire these light arts from the water and Lovers Canal Cruises offers different types of cruises aimed at showing visitors the best of the Amsterdam Light Festival. Each year, the festival has a theme and provides an avenue for 30 artists from different parts of the world to showcase their artworks. discount codes

Occasionally Lovers Amsterdam offers a Lovers canal cruise discount code. If so, we will post them right here! It’s worth mentioning boating company Lovers is owned by  Tours-Tickets. Therefore all of the Lovers cruises can also be booked on their website, use the Lovers canal cruise discount code below to get an attractive discount!

Dinner Cruise: Great food and getting to know the city

Combine a delicious dinner with a canal cruise with this Lovers Canal Dinner Cruise in Amsterdam. A boat trip is an ideal way to discover Amsterdam and this Lovers canal cruise is very special. During the Lovers canal cruise you get to enjoy the culinary delights of chef Frans Kelders. A four-course menu is served where you can choose from meat, fish or vegetarian. There is a special children’s menu for the kids and all drinks are included in the price.

During this unique Lovers Amsterdam Dinner Cruise you will get to enjoy sights and sounds of Amsterdam from the canals. Admire the beautiful historic buildings, exceptional churches and picturesque bridges along and over the canals. The Lovers canal cruise lasts for more than 2 hours so that you have all the time to enjoy the delicious dinner and to take in all the sights. The boat departs from the Prins Hendrikkade behind Amsterdam Central Station during the summer season daily at 8 p.m.

Schiphol Experience

The Schiphol Experience is a special tour for everyone who has ever been to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. How are things really going behind the scenes at this gigantic airport? What happens if a fire breaks out at the airport? What happens when it snows? These questions are all answered during the Schiphol Experience. During the tour you will learn everything about the origins of the airport and the very first flight that ever left Schiphol. Lovers Canal Cruises takes you behind the scenes at Schiphol. During this bus tour you get to discover all the secrets of the airport.

The diversity of the tours that Lovers Canal Cruises offers makes it all so special. During the tours, audio guides are available in no fewer than 19 different languages. This allows people who do not speak Dutch to enjoy the beautiful things that the Amsterdam canals have to offer.


Lovers Canal Cruises is located in the center of Amsterdam and is easily accessible by car and public transport. Consult Google Maps for the exact route from your departure point and the current departure and travel times. By car it is possible to park for a fee at Q-park locations in the area. The boat tours are all wheelchair accessible.

Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam FAQ

When do I receive my tickets and how long does it take?

After paying for your tickets, you should receive them within minutes.

How long in advance do I have to be present for my cruise?

You need to be present at your departure point at least 30 minutes before departure.

How do I pay online for my tickets?

Payment can be made through credit or debit cards, and bank cards. All payments are encrypted and secure.

How do I contact Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam customer service?

You can reach the customer service at [email protected].

Does Lovers Canal Cruises offer any discount codes or promos?

Yes, Lovers Canal Cruises offer discounts and you can make use of them when you book your tickets by clicking the blue button on our website.

Where do the boats depart from?

The boats depart from the Prins Hendrikkade docks. This is just a mere 4-minute walk from the Amsterdam Central station.

Lovers Canal Cruises Amsterdam Reviews

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Nice cruise

Cruise was cool, wine and cheese were good, but the seats rather small


Its amazing

The tour is pretty good and you see loads of the Amsterdam canals



When you love waiting, long queues despite your reserved time slot or you love looking at water without boats, buy a ticket for lovers canal cruises. You van look at Amsterdam central station for hours


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