Amsterdam is home of street markets. Markets that are both old and colorful, where diverse products are on display and more than 10 languages are spoken in one place. One of those markets is the Dappermarkt, located in the multicultural Dapperbuurt on the east side of Amsterdam. This former working-class neighborhood has a rich architectural history dating back to the 19th century and is a lively melting pot named after the 17th-century doctor and writer Olfert Dapper. Although he had never taken a step outside of Europe, he wrote many influential books on history and geography. Artis Amsterdam Zoo, the Tropenmuseum and the Oosterpark are all a stone’s throw away. The Dapperbuurt has been immortalized in various poems, such as those of J.C. Flower and Nescio. Many of the streets in the area are named after historians.


The Dappermarkt officially became a marketplace more than 100 years ago and through the years, has kept its reputation as Amsterdam’s most affordable and multicultural markets. There is an enormous diversity of products and sellers in the market and visitors can taste countless exotic products and admire all kinds of textiles, vegetables, cheese, flowers etc. The Dappermarkt draws around 15,000 people every day. Just like the Albert Cuyp market, the bargains are not only displayed in the stalls, they can also be found at the shops behind the stalls.

The Dappermarkt has more than 250 stalls and attracts visitors from all over the country. The market is open every day except on Sundays, although, a special market is organized four times a year on Sundays. Although the Albert Cuyp market may attract more tourists, the Dappermarkt is still very much popular amongst Amsterdam locals.

A market reorganization which took place in 2006 immediately paid off as the market was named the best market in the Netherlands on several occasions. The range of products being sold at the market is varied and always subject to change. Due to the multicultural composition of the neighborhood, it is really a world market where products from different corners of the world can be found. More than 100 market people have a permanent location there.

History of the Dappermarkt

At the beginning of the 20th century, the bustle on the street of the Dapperbuurt increased. Hawkers, in particular, determined the street scene and overran each other trying to sell their wares. This even led to fights to get the best spots with more customer traffic. The hawkers also hindered traffic with their carts and the municipality didn’t like that. On April 18, 1911, the municipality designates a part of the Dapperstraat where the hawkers can legally stand. It concerns the Dapperplein and the part between the Reinwardtstraat and Commelinstraat. The hawkers can sell their wares there on Saturday evening until midnight. Dappermarkt is a fact.

The Dappermarkt is a well-known Amsterdam market with lots of textiles, but certainly a market At home with a wide selection of many goods. The Dappermarkt is much more; it is the multi-cultural market in Groot Mokum with visitors from all over the world. The Dappermarkt is located in the middle of an urban renewal area; East Watergraafsmeer. A lot has changed here, making this typical Amsterdam neighborhood more accessible and very popular. The market is very spacious and attracts a lot of visitors, especially on Saturdays. The layout of this market street has remained the same for over 75 years. The market owes its name to Olfert Dapper, who was known for his commitment to a multicultural society in the Netherlands.

What’s there to see in the Dappermarkt?

The Dappermarkt is one of the oldest markets in Amsterdam. A market where the scent of fresh cut flowers mixes with that of Vietnamese spring roll, Surinamese Roti, freshly vegetables, fried fish and Belgian fries. Dappermarkt is a market where all beliefs and nationalities coexist side by side. And all in complete harmony. For years, the market has played the role of the glue that holds the neighbourhood together.

The market is by far the most colorful market in Amsterdam, and perhaps in the Netherlands. There so many nationalities in the market; Dutch as well as the Hindustani, Pakistani, Antillean, German, Italian, Arabic and English. Visitors can reach the Dappermarkt via the Muiderpoort station and from there, it’s only a 3-minute walk. It is a relatively inexpensive market, which means there are lots of awesome and unique wares for cheap. The market has a huge selection of wares from all over the world. And the best thing: they are all very affordable. There are also many shops with great stuff and great offers behind the stalls. And they are definitely worth a visit!

Official opening hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Although the market is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, you should not expect all the stalls to have been assembled by 9:00 am. You should also not expect that you will see many stalls open around 5:00 PM either. Some stall owners leave early. We would recommend visiting the market between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM to make sure all the stalls are assembled and the wares are displayed. On rainy and especially stormy days, there are often fewer market stalls than normal.

Note: The market is usually not open on Sundays but there are certain Sundays when the market is open and the wares on display may be slightly different than on regular market days. There is also free parking, a diverse range of regular market vendors, stand workers and temporary market vendors who only attend on those special market days. There is also music and different catering establishments. Below are the planned dates for this year:

  1. Sunday, 26 May 2019 – Spring market
  2. Monday, 10 June 2019 – Whitsun market
  3. Sunday, 30 June 2019 – Summer market
  4. Sunday, August 25, 2019 – Midsummer market
  5. Sunday, September 29, 2019 – Annual Fair

Fish Stalls

Dappermarkt remains one of those markets where different types of fish are on display. There are fresh fish, stockfish and even smoked fish. The beauty of the Dappermarkt is that different people from different parts of the world come to the market to display products native to their countries so this means that there’s a huge chance of visitors finding whatever fish they want no matter where they may come from.

Cheese Stalls

Cheese is a product you can never get enough of in the Netherlands, so it is no surprise that it isn’t in short supply in the Dappermarkt. Dappermarkt has different types of cheese on display. There is old cheese, new cheese, Beemster cheese etc. Dappermarkt boasts of cheese stalls that sell some of the best cheese in the Netherlands and Europe. Don’t miss out! And don’t forget to ask the cheese seller for a piece to taste.

Fabric Stalls

Dappermarkt fabrics are some of the best and most colourful in the Netherlands and Europe. For those who enjoy making their own clothes and need an endless supply of colourful and quality fabrics at affordable prices, Dappermarkt is where you’ll find them! Fabric stalls in the Dappermarkt sell fabrics for clothes, curtains etc.

Fruits and Vegetables

Dappermarkt fruits and vegetable sellers aren’t shy to announce to the world that their veggies and fruits are the best in the Netherlands and Europe. The beauty of this is that it’s all affordable and free of additives. The wide variety of vegetable and fruits doesn’t just add colour to the market, it’s also one of the reasons why thousands of customers rush to the market every single day!


Dappermarkt is home of assorted flowers for whatever occasion. There are roses, tulips and every other seasonal flower you can think of. While Dappermarkt may not be very popular among tourists the way Albert Cuyp market is, the market still boasts of well-stocked flower stalls that sell flowers tourists would generally love to buy.

Snacks and Other Types of Food

No one visits Dappermarkt without eating something. There are stalls where different types of snacks and dishes are served. There are Surinamese Roti stalls, Turkish pizza and Doner Kebab stalls and also popular snacks like stroopwafels, spring rolls and poffertjes. There is a wide range of food and snacks from all over the world. Take a stroll around the market and see what you can find.

And furthermore …

Just like the Albert Cuyp market, there is so much to see in the Dappermarkt. There is a huge selection of products from all over the world, all at affordable prices. Dappermarkt is where shopping is both cheap and fun. Also behind the stalls are many shops with great stuff and great offers, definitely worth a visit! While a lot of stalls at the Dappermarkt accept credit cards or bank cards, some of them do not. So make sure you have some cash with you.

How to Get to the Dappermarkt by Public Transport

The Dappermarkt is located in the centre of the city. Public transport is the best way to get there. As with everything in the centre of Amsterdam, it is best to avoid going there by car. Amsterdam Muiderpoort train station is approximately a 5-minute walk away.

The Dappermarkt is open from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It attracts thousands of visitors from all over the country every day. It is busiest on Saturdays.

1093 BS
The Netherlands

From Amsterdam Central Station

Trams 3, 7, 9, 10 and 14: They all go past the market.

Bus 22, 37 and 41: They all go past the market.

Bus lines 15 and 40 stop at Muiderpoort station, and from there, it’s a mere 5-minute walk to the market.

From Leidseplein

Tram 1: Tram stops directly in the Dapperstraat.

From Museumplein

Tram 3: Tram stops directly in the Dapperstraat.

For real-time travel information from wherever you are to the Vondelpark, please check out this link;



Parking Around The Dappermarkt

There is paid parking in the Dappermarkt area (€3 per hour). Those who don’t mind walking a short distance can also use the Amsterdam – Cruquiuskade parking garage (Johannis de Rijkestraat 1, 1018RM). Visitors can also park in front of the Vomar Supermarket but that’s only for their customers: free parking for the first 2 hours when you spend € 10.00 or more in those shops.

Parking on the street near the Muiderpoort station is also possible. You can park on the streets around the market and also on the other side of the Muiderpoort station where parking is cheaper!

Parking Garage The Student Hotel
Parking garage student hotel Oosterpark Amsterdam Located near the Oosterpark. You only € 2 euros per hour and a maximum of 12.50 per 24 hours. This parking garage only works with the Parkmobile App.


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