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Amsterdam is a city with mixed cultural influences from all over the world. Therefore you’ll find restaurants offering dishes from all regions of the world. The locals of Amsterdam have embraced the international cuisines probably even more than their own. This has to do with the lack of creativity of the Dutch in the kitchen. A typical home made Dutch dish would consist of cooked potato’s, cooked vegetables of choice and baked meat. Usually little extra flavours from herbs and spices are added. This explains why we like international cuisines so much. This said, there are a few restaurants that do succeed to serve the Dutch cuisine tastefully, with some French influences.

Price ranges restaurants

First click on the category restaurant of choice. For instance Dutch Restaurants. There you’ll find an overview of restaurants that we hand picked, with the help of reviews. Directly below the name of the restaurant you’ll see one to three € signs. And as the number increases so do the prices. Easy huh? Apart from the Michelin Star restaurants, these are rougly the price ranges:

  • € – main course available for under €15,-
  • €€ – main course available for a little over €20,-
  • €€€ – main courses from €30,- or more

These numbers are of course an estimate and no guarantee. Some dishes are simply more expensive than others but we want to provide you with an idea.

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Indonesian Restaurants

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Dutch Restaurants Amsterdam

Traditional Dutch restaurants

Have a taste of the Dutch quisine

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Michelin Star Restaurants

Try the most exclusive dishes in one of Amsterdam’s Michelin Star rated restaurants

Italian Restaurants

Nothing beats a good pizza or pasta!

Our selection of Amsterdam restaurants

We have selected the very best restaurants in Amsterdam for you on this website. As we try and provide good tips for everybody our selection consists of different cuisines. For every category we have selected a few of the best rated restaurants in it’s kind. We have also taken into account that every traveller has a different budget and thus selected restaurants in different price ranges. In every category you’ll find both the cheapest restaurant and most expensive restaurants.