Paris to Amsterdam

The route between Paris and Amsterdam is popular among tourists all year round. This popularity is one of the reasons why the distance of only 430 kilometers is easy to bridge. Many travelers opt for the train when they travel from Paris to Amsterdam. The train rushes through the French and Belgian landscape at high speed before it finally enters the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the plane, car and the bus for this short distance are certainly worth considering. If you’re planning on traveling from Paris to Amsterdam anytime soon, you should check out the information on this page.

Transport  Estimated Travel Time One-way € Sustainability
Train 3h 20min Low €35,- avg €55,- high €122,- High
Flight 1h 20min Low €90,- avg €120,- high €140,- Low
Bus 6h 45min Low €36,- avg €52,- high €74,- High
Car 5h 55min Low €,170,-  high €250,- per car Medium

Disclaimer: always check the latest prices on the websites of our partners. The prices above estimations and were last updated 16th of September 2019

Via this page, we give you a quick overview of different ways of transport from Paris Amsterdam.

  1. Trains from Paris to Amsterdam there are trains from Paris to Amsterdam with the Thalys via Brussels to Amsterdam. The travel time is approx. 3 hours and 19 minutes.
  2. Flights from Paris to Amsterdam lots of flights depart Paris’ airports every day for Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The flight time between Paris and Amsterdam is approximately one hour and ten minutes. Fortunately, there is also a possibility for cheap tickets from Paris to Amsterdam.
  3. By bus from Paris to Amsterdam, there are lots of opportunities for a bus trip from Paris to Amsterdam. The entire journey takes about 6 hours 30 minutes, depending on the number of boarding places en route.
  4. By car from Paris to Amsterdam, it is definitely possible to find your way from Paris to Amsterdam by car. There are different routes and we will be naming all of them here.

Train from Paris to Amsterdam

More and more people are travelling by train from Paris to Amsterdam. Of the 21 trains that leave Paris for Amsterdam every day 9 travel direct so it’s quite easy to avoid journeys where you’ll have to transfer along the way. These direct trains cover the 431 km distance in an average of 4 hours 37 minutes but if you time it right, some trains will get you there in just 3 hours 19 minutes. The slowest trains will take 11 hours 13 minutes and usually involve a transfer or two along the way, but you might be able to save some money if you’re on a budget.

Advantages of Traveling from Paris to Amsterdam by train

The benefits of traveling from Paris to Amsterdam by train are numerous. Traveling by train from Paris to Amsterdam is comfortable, cheap, convenient and fast. The Thalys has a hi-speed train that runs up to kilometers per hour. You will, therefore, be in the Amsterdam City centre within a short period of time.

Traveling by train is cheaper than by plane. The relatively low price is, therefore, a major advantage of traveling by train.

Click on the Blue Bar below to check out the departure times, dates and ticket prices. Book on time for the best prices!

Note: Please bear in mind that the ticket prices mentioned above are not fixed prices. The departure date and time have a huge effect on the price of the train ticket.

train paris amsterdam

Timetable for the train

Direct boarding, no booking fees online, comfortable seats and arriving in the heart of the city. The travel time for the route Paris – Amsterdam is 3.10 hours. Enough time to prepare for your meeting or trip in comfort.

From Paris to Amsterdam a super-fast, hi-speed Thalys runs twice a day from 4 April. On weekdays you can board the train between 6:30 am and 7:30 pm in Paris. The trains run at least every two hours. But in the early mornings, you can even take the train from Paris to Amsterdam every hour. During the weekends, the first train of the day leaves a little later than the week. On Saturday this is 7.30 am and on Sunday you can take the first train at 8.30 am. The trains run via Brussels, Antwerp, Rotterdam, and finally stops at Amsterdam Central Station.

Train type International train
Estimated Travel Time 3 hours 20 minutes
Train Tickets NS International
Stations Paris Gare du Nord to Amsterdam Central Station

Flights from Paris to Amsterdam

Flying is often the fastest way to get to Amsterdam from Paris. There are lots of flights every day from the airports in Paris into Dutch airports such as Amsterdam Schiphol airport, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, and Groningen. If you’re interested in going by plane from Paris to Amsterdam, then there’s a big chance your journey will start at Orly Airport or Charles de Gaulle Airport. These airports are respectively 16 and 26 kilometers away from the center of Paris. A direct flight between Paris and Amsterdam takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Paris to Amsterdam by bus

Paris to Amsterdam is also a popular route for bus companies. Traveling from Paris to Amsterdam by bus is quite popular especially among young people. Depending on the bus company, travelers arrive in Amsterdam in just 7 to 8.5 hours. Companies such as FlixBus, Eurolines, and OUIBUS all offer direct bus journeys from Paris. The buses run at least every two hours between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. There are a number of extra journeys in the evening around midnight so that people arrive at their destination early in the morning. These direct bus services do an average of 10 hours 4 minutes over a distance of 431 km.


Traveling from Paris to Amsterdam by car

Traveling from Paris to Amsterdam by car is quite popular and offers a certain amount of freedom to the traveler. Paris is relatively close to the Netherlands, making it quite easy to drive from Paris to Amsterdam by car. The distance between Paris and Amsterdam is about 540 kilometers. If there are no traffic jams, you will be in the heart of the Amsterdam city center in about 6 hours.

Carpooling from Paris to Amsterdam

One of the newest trends in Europe is to carpool from one city to another. Thanks to the internet, travelers can find someone who is also traveling to the same city on the same day and then share the cost of the journey with them. This is also becoming a very popular concept in France and it wouldn’t be very difficult to find fellow travellers from Paris to Amsterdam on the same day you intend to travel. From Paris to Amsterdam you can expect to pay about € 35,- to € 50,- per person.

Public transportation in Amsterdam

It is very easy to travel by public transport within Amsterdam. The network is very extensive and connects almost all parts of the city via train, metro, tram, bus or even ferry. Public transport is also often used by people in Amsterdam as it is a cheap and easy way to move around.

Public transport company: GVB provides transport services all around the city, including bus, metro, tram, and ferry.

Types of tickets: Locals in the Netherlands travel with a public transport chip card, an electronic card with which one must check-in and out when using public transport. This card can be purchased for € 7.50,- in a GVB shop at the Schiphol airport or Amsterdam central station. However, this is only useful if you’re staying in Amsterdam for a very long time. If not, it would be better to buy a day ticket for € 7.40,-. This day ticket is valid on all trams, buses, and metros.

I Amsterdam Tourist Pass: The I Amsterdam Tourist Pass can also be bought at the airport and is valid on all means of transport in Amsterdam. The I Amsterdam card is valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours, depending on the duration you buy. The card also comes with a detailed map, unlimited public transport and free (or discount) access to some attractions in the city.
Discount: A ticket for children costs € 2.5,-

Looking for public transport near you?

Via the Dutch public transport system, it’s very easy to get instant real-time travel information to the airport or the closest train station. Most of the people in the Netherlands use the site or app from

  1. Fill in your departure location
  2. Fill in the time and date of departure
  3. Fill in your destination, and you’re good to go.

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cycling in Amsterdam

Cycling in Amsterdam

When people think of Amsterdam, they think of cycling. In the Netherlands, especially in Amsterdam, cycling is an ideal handle of getting around. Avoid cycling during peak hours (between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. or between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m.) as there are thousands of cyclists on the streets.

Bicycle rental services: There are various bicycle rental services in Amsterdam. Check out our bicycle rental page for rates and also for more information on some of the best cycling tours in Amsterdam.

Walking in Amsterdam

Walking in Amsterdam is an excellent way to get around; the inner city is small enough to see the sights on foot. You can walk from the Amsterdam central station to Dam Square, Madame Tussauds, Amsterdam Dungeon, Red Light Secrets, Nine Streets (Negen Straatjes), Leidseplein, Flower Market and the Kalverstraat shopping street in less than 15 minutes. However, watch out for cyclists, who often seem to come out of nowhere.

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