Private canal cruises in Amsterdam

As you might already know, a canal cruise is one of the best ways to explore Amsterdam and admire its magnificent architecture. You will find plenty of operators that offer a wide variety of cruises. However, there might be instances where you don’t want to take a public canal cruise but instead prefer a more intimate setting. A private canal cruise offers you the opportunity to share this amazing experience with your loved ones, friends or colleagues. Whether you have a company event, a business meeting, a birthday or even a wedding proposal, we’ve got you covered! We’ve partnered with boating companies that can accommodate any of these special occasions where you need a suitable rental boat with a skipper, to host your unforgettable moments on the Amsterdam Canals. The private canal cruises are tailor-made to suit any of your wishes. You can sail predefined routes, viewing your most desired highlights and any wishes for drinks & bites can be accounted for as well. For every occasion, there’s a suitable rental boat, from a small and intimate setting to a boat that allows you to host up to 90 guests. Thanks to the impressive fleet, there’s always a boat that suits your needs, regardless of the weather conditions. There are fully open boats for summery weather conditions, as well as, comfortable ships with roofs and heating. Is renting an entire boat too much for you? Maybe this luxury dinner cruise would be a great alternative!

Private Canal Cruise Amsterdam - dinner rear deck 900

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  • Recommended boats for private tours;
    • Delphine; standardized 90-minute private cruise for up to 10 passengers
    • Undine; cute romantic wooden vessel for up to 8 passengers
    • Marie Zurlohe; compact, romantic boat for up to 12 passengers
    • Ondine; elegant saloon boat for up to 30 passengers
    • HRH; comfortable yacht built in 1913 for Prince Hendrik of the Netherlands for up to 36 passengers
    • Anna Maria; large, historic barge with a bar for up to 60 passengers
    • Bota Fogo; spacious, historic ship for up to 85 passengers
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Recommended rental boats for private boat tours


private canal cruise

The Delphine is an adorable small “saloon boat” that can be booked for a standardized 90-minute cruise. The cruise will depart from the Hermitage Museum, near the tram and subway station Waterlooplein. Hop aboard this comfortable private boat and enjoy a complimentary drink, while gazing at the beautiful highlights of Amsterdam. The captain will await you at the dock to take you on a guided boat tour. (available in English and French)

  • Up to 10 passengers
  • Over a century-old historic vessel
  • 90-minute cruise departing from Hermitage Museum
  • Maximum of capacity 10 passengers
  • Drinks (tea, coffee, beer and wine) included
  • Live guide in English and French
  • Extremely lenient cancellation policy; free cancellations until the day of departure


Private cruise on Undine

The boat “Undine” is a historic wooden vessel that is partially covered. Therefore, it offers the best of both worlds: enjoy a breeze outside on the rear deck when the weather allows it or sit warm and comfortably inside if it’s necessary. The boat is usually operated by “Friendly Captain Carl” who’ll go the extra mile to make you feel welcome aboard his ship. Carl is a local and can tell you all about Amsterdam if desired.

  • Up to 8 passengers
  • Completely modernized and electrified historic boat
  • 90-minute cruise departing from Oosterdokskade, near Amsterdam Central Station
  • Drinks (tea, coffee, beer and wine) included
  • Live guide in English, German and Dutch
  • Customizable tour with the possibility for special requests
  • Bachelor parties are not allowed
  • Extremely lenient cancellation policy; cancellations until 7 days before departure (minus service fee)

Marie Zurlohe

Private Canal Cruise Amsterdam - marie 900

This compact, hopelessly romantic canal boat, makes up for a very intimate setting. The tiny, yet comfortable rear deck, makes up for a perfect setting for a romantic dinner. It will offer you an unforgettable experience for an anniversary or even a wedding proposal. Likewise, business acquaintances will be easily impressed with this luxurious, elegant vessel. Marie Zurlohe offers enough room to fit up to 12 passengers. The boat is fitted with an onboard toilet and a tiny bar for chilled drinks.

  • Romantic, electrified boat from 1912
  • Tailor-made cruises (2 hours minimum)
  • Maximum of capacity 12 passengers (8 when combined with food)
  • Captain included
  • Onboard toilet

Free quote, no obligations, no strings attached!


Private Canal Cruise Amsterdam - ondine 900

This elegant saloon ship with teak and red interior, offers a very intimate setting for up to 30 passengers. It’s a great choice for hosting family events such as weddings and anniversaries or business meetings. The boat is fitted with a sound system and has an onboard toilet.  The ship is comfortably heated, but can also open the side windows to let in a summer breeze. Odine also features a fairly spacious, covered balcony on the rear end of the boat.

  • Intimate historic saloon boat from 1909
  • Tailor-made cruises (2 hours minimum)
  • Maximum of capacity 30 passengers (25 when combined with food)
  • Captain and hostess for the onboard bar included
  • Onboard toilet

Free quote, no obligations, no strings attached!


Private Canal Cruise Amsterdam - HRH

This exquisite vessel “HRH” has a royal touch to it, as the yacht was built in 1913 for Prince Hendrik of the Netherlands. The name of the boat “HRH” is an actual abbreviation for “Her Royal Highness”. Now, this boat can be rented for your own private reception on the canals of Amsterdam! This exclusive vessel is as comfortable as it gets, in any weather condition. The boat can be comfortably heated or the roofs and windows can slide open to let the sun in. There’s enough space to host up to 36 guests and also features a spacious rear deck. The boat comes with a host and has an onboard bar and toilet.

  • Unique, comfortable vessel with “royal history”
  • Tailor-made cruises (2 hours minimum)
  • Maximum of capacity 36 passengers (16 when combined with dinner)
  • Captain and hostess for the onboard bar included
  • Onboard toilet

Free quote, no obligations, no strings attached!

Anna Maria

Private Canal Cruise Amsterdam - group booking Anna Maria

This spacious, Frisian barge from 1910 is an excellent choice for hosting any celebration or company event. The boat features an onboard bar and toilet and can host up to 60 passengers. The boat offers a lot of indoor space, as well as a spacious rear deck. The roof can be removed completely if the weather allows it but is also fitted with heating, if necessary. Anna Maria offers more than enough space to top up the private boat tour with a barbecue or buffet for up to 45 passengers.

  • 100-year-old electrified Frisian barge
  • Tailor-made cruises (2 hours minimum)
  • Maximum of capacity 60 passengers (45 when combined with food)
  • Captain and hostess for the onboard bar included
  • Onboard toilet
  • Removable roof

Free quote, no obligations, no strings attached!

Bota Fogo

Private cruise with up to 90 passengers on Bota Fogo

Bota Fogo is one of the most spacious rental boats that is able to sail the narrow Amsterdam canals. It allows for hosting large groups of up to 85 passengers. The barge is fitted with an onboard bar as well as a kitchen and toilet. Therefore, the boat is also perfectly suitable to host dinner parties or buffets for large groups of up to 60 passengers. Your private cruise can be topped off with some bites, a simple buffet, a barbecue or even multiple courses of fine dining. The boat features a large, uncovered aft deck. The roof of the boat can be opened or closed if necessary, even during the cruise.

  • Spacious, historic barge from 1890
  • Tailor-made cruises (2 hours minimum)
  • Maximum of capacity 85 passengers (60 when combined with food)
  • Captain and hostess for the onboard bar included
  • Onboard toilet
  • Removable roof

Free quote, no obligations, no strings attached!


Marriage proposals

The ultimate situation for a marriage proposal is most likely a private canal cruise. Imagine the perfect, romantic evening cruising on the picturesque canals of Amsterdam. You and your loved one(s) are enjoying the amazing views of the city as the sun sets and decorative lights illuminate the bridges. As you approach the Skinny Bridge, it’s time for you to shine! Who would turn down a marriage proposal in such a wonderful setting? Exactly, it’s time to bring out the Champagne for a toast!

Private boat party

Sometimes, you have a celebration that requires some intimacy. You only want to celebrate it with your inner circle, a select group of people with whom you can share your joy. A private boat tour is the perfect fit for such a celebration! Regardless of what you want to celebrate, you can share your most intimate emotions without worrying about snoopers or paparazzi.

Business meetings

Are you meeting a business acquaintance in Amsterdam? Do you really need to close that deal? How about having the meeting on the water? You’ll surely make a good impression with some of the abovementioned vessels. Before you get down to business, you’ll have the opportunity to do some small talk. You won’t be shy off topics, as there’s so much to see around you. Once you’ve reached a certain level of trust and understanding, you’re ready to talk business. Of course, you’ll be toasting on your new partnership on the rear deck afterwards!

Family celebrations

Do you want to have an unforgettable birthday, anniversary or family reunion? Nothing will leave deeper memories than an intimate celebration on your own private boat tour! It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to celebrate with a small, close group of family and friends, or want to go all out with a big group. The ships above will make just any birthday or family celebration an unforgettable experience for everyone!

Company events

Are you launching a new product, celebrating an anniversary or hosting a press event? A private canal cruise is an ideal opportunity to create a long-lasting memory with all your invitees! After your business presentation, you can treat your employees or stakeholders to a delightful meal and a festive celebration. The hosts will take care of all your guests, in order to have everybody leaving the boat happy and satisfied.

FAQ’s about private boat tours

How much does a private boat tour cost?

Depending on the boat and company of choice, renting a boat for a private cruise will cost you somewhere between €200 to €350 per hour. Most boating companies accept bookings starting from 1,5 to 2 hours. So a private cruise will cost you somewhere between €300 to €500, this includes a skipper. Additional costs will apply usually for food and beverages.

Can I choose the pick-up/drop-off location myself?

Depending on what boating company you book with, yes.  There are several designated pick-up and drop-off locations in Amsterdam. Depending on the size of the ship, not all of them might be suitable. Upon booking make sure to state where you would like your tour to start or end, and the boating company will let you know whether that’s possible.

How far in advance should I book a private canal tour?

We strongly recommend planning ahead well, when you would like to book a private cruise. Especially if you have a strong preference for a specific (type of) rental boat, it’s best to make to booking as early as possible; there’s only one boat, first come, first served.

What are the cancellation fees for renting a boat?

The cancellation policies can differ from company to company. Make sure to inform yourself about the cancellation policy prior to confirming your booking. Most companies ask for full payment upfront, depending on how far upfront you cancel your booking, a percentage of the booking sum will be withheld as cancellation costs. The closer you are to the booking date, the higher the cancellation costs.