Amsterdam weather & climate

The weather in Amsterdam and the rest of The Netherlands is quite unpredictable. Unfortunately during the year there is no guaranteed period of good weather. This is why umbrellas are useful tools throughout the entire year.

In the widget below you’ll find the current weather and the forecast for your moment of staying in Amsterdam or another place in the country. Furthermore you can find more detailed information about average Amsterdam temperatures per each month of the year. Lastly, we provide you an extensive piece of information about the weather per month, the climate of Amsterdam and checklist for required clothing.

Average temperatures (°C  &° F ) ranges in Amsterdam are showed in the schedule below. Furthermore, the schedule provides you an general impression of rainfall and sun hours over an entire year.

Month temp. (°C)  temp.  (°F) days with rainfall sunshine hours 
January 0-5 32-41 21 2
February 0-5 32-41 15 3
March 2-8 35-46 21 4
April 4-12 39-53 19 5
May 8-16 46-60 19 7
June 10-19 50-66 19 7
July 12-21 53-70 19 6
August 12-21 53-70 19 6
September 10-18 50-64 19 4
 October 7-14 44-57 20 3
November 3-9 37-48 22 2
December 1-6 33-42 23 1

Amsterdam weather per month

JanuaryWeather per month in Amsterdam

This is the winter period with average temperatures of 0-5°C/ 32 – 41 °F. In this month it will rain quite often, and sometimes you will have some snow. In addition, you will have some nice days with a blue sky and sun.


The weather is pretty much the same as in January. In general the weather is chilly. Sometimes it will be below zero degrees, or with some luck it will be already around 10°C/ 50°F.


In the first weeks of March it is the end of the winter season. Spring starts at the 21st. Temperatures will lay on average between 0-8°C/ 35 – 46 °F.


It is getting warmer. And sometimes temperatures can already rise over the 18°C/ 64°F. In this month you can witness the colorful flowers bulbs bursting open out the ground. Unfortunately the weather can be still unpredictable with low temperatures.


In general May is a great month to plan your visit. Compared with the whole year it doesn’t rain that often. Another great advantage of May is that the nature is very beautiful. We recommend you to visit one of the marvelous parks in the city. Some tourists say that the Keukenhof belongs on the list of the seven world wonders. If you like rainbow fields of flowers, May is the best month to visit the Keukenhof.


Summer starts on the 21st of June. In June the days are the longest. The sunrise is between 04.00/ 05.00 o’clock in the morning, and the sunset starts around 22.00 an 23.15 in the evening.


The temperatures in Amsterdam are on average the highest of year. In the June the temperatures in Amsterdam are between 12-21°C/ 53 – 70 °F. Some of the days in June will have temperatures above 30°C/86°F.


August is with July the month with the highest temperatures in Amsterdam. Also the temperature will be the highest during this month of the year.


September is still a month with a lot of sun hours. The days are already getting a bit shorter and Spring starts on the 21st of September.


In October the average temperature in Amsterdam is dropped rapidly to an average of 7-14°C/44 – 57 °F. Note: all the leaves of tree will have beautiful orange, yellow, and red colors.


In November it will start raining more often. Also the days are getting short, and the temperatures in Amsterdam will be around 3-9°C/37 – 48  °F. Average prices in the city are decreasing a bit.


Winter starts on the 21st of December. After this date the days are getting longer again.
In this month the entire city is decorate with Christmas lights, and there will be added some ice skating places all over the city. Amsterdam temperatures in December are more chilly.

Amsterdam weather and climate

In Amsterdam and the rest of Holland has a maritime climate. This means moderate winters, and cool summers. From April until September you will have the most pleasant weather conditions in the city. In this period the average temperature is 19 °C/ 66 °F. From October until March there is a bit more rain, and it’s colder. But, one benefit of this period is that the prices for flights and accommodations are the cheapest. During this period the average temperature is 8 °C/ 46 °F.

Pay attention: the weather can be quite unpredictable during the entire year! Take a look at the checklist below, to be well prepared for every circumstances. A funny thing that you will notice soon enough. If you speak about an outdoor festivals or parties with Dutch people. They don’t care about the weather to have a stunning party!

The Netherlands is famous about their water infrastructure. The water is their biggest friend and enemy. The North Sea is around 22 kilometers/ 14 miles located from Amsterdam. Did you know that half of the country is build below sea-level? Thanks to the close position to the sea, there are many sand beaches along the shore. During the summer the beaches can be very crowded, because the neighbor countries Germany and Belgium don’t have this opportunity.

Checklist for the weather in Amsterdam

Depending of the time of the year the following clothes and equipment are highly recommended for a pleasant staying in Amsterdam:

Summer clothes for Amsterdam

In the early morning it is mostly still a bit chilly. But, temperatures rise pretty rapidly during the morning. Start your day with long sleeves. Probably you will spend most of your time outdoor in Amsterdam. Take a backpack with you so you can easily change your gear. During an average day shorts and a T shirt with short sleeves will be the most comfortable clothes, and a raincoat. In addition a pair of comfortable shoes are recommended for the streets of the city during the day and evening. In the evening it can get cooler. With some expectations. Trousers, shirt and a light jacket will do the job. If you are not bringing any backpack with you, dress yourself in layers to be well prepared. Lastly, an umbrella is awesome and often used by the locals.

Summer clothes keywords:Amsterdam weatherWeather in Amsterdam

  • Dress lightly
  • Raincoat
  • Sweater
  • Short and long sleeves T shirts
  • Shorts and trousers
  • Backpack
  • Umbrella

Winter clothes for Amsterdam

During the entire day a warm coat, trousers and boots are highly recommended. Because, temperatures won’t get above 8°C /46 °F on average. Clothes that protect you against rainy weather are must during this time of the year. Also a scarf and gloves will be very pleasant for strong wind. Many people around the world are not used to the low temperatures. When you belong to this group, bringing thermal underwear with you is a great idea. As well dressing yourself in layers keep you way warmer. Lastly, a backpack is during the winter very use full, to take extra clothing with you and other important belongings.

Winter clothes keywords:Amsterdam weatherAmsterdam weather

  • Warm coat
  • Trousers
  • Boots
  • Raincoat
  • Scarf & gloves
  • Thermal underwear
  • Backpack
  • Umbrella