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Where is Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands. The Netherlands is located in North-Western Europe. It lays in the province North Holland. Amsterdam is the largest city of North Holland. The country is bordered by the East of Germany and in the South by Belgium. Also the North Sea covers most of the borders of the country.


What language do people speak in Amsterdam?

The mother language is called Dutch.


How many people live in Amsterdam?

In 2016 the population of Amsterdam is estimated  around 839,360 people within the city boarders, 1,336,383 in the urban area of Amsterdam, and 2,431,000 in the Amsterdam metropolitan area.


What is the airport code for Amsterdam?

The IATA Code for Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is AMS. The ICAO Code is EHAM. Schiphol is only 9 kilometers Southwest of Amsterdam. For a long time Schiphol was one of the biggest airports of the entire world. Nowadays it’s still a small city, but it doesn’t belong in the list of biggest airports of the world anymore. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in the main airport of the country.


What does Amsterdam mean?

It all started at the famous river Amstel. Like most of the city’s Amsterdam grew around a river, where the natives build a dam in the Amstel. Nevertheless this is not how Amsterdam received the famous name. It actually have been named after the dike that was build years before the dam was build.


Is it safe to drink tap water in Amsterdam / The Netherlands?

Yes, tap water in The Netherlands is perfectly safe to drink. You can drink it without any risc.


What is the amount of bicycles in Amsterdam?

It’s hard to tell the exact amount of bicycles that are in Amsterdam. According to the local authorities there are around 881.000 bikes in Amsterdam. This means that there are more bikes in the city than citizens.


Is it legal to smoke weed in Amsterdam?

Yes, but only with a so called ‘wietpas’ (weed card or pass). Although, many coffeeshops in Amsterdam are not that strict. At least you need a valid passport. Ask for advice at the counter, what you should buy, because the weed and hashish is twice as strong compared than other countries. For more info check out the entire page of Amsterdam coffeeshops.


How many canals does Amsterdam count?

In Amsterdam there are 165 canals counted. If you combine all these canals they would have a total length of 100 kilometers. This 60 miles in total.


What is King's Day?

King’s Day is the replacement of Queens Day.

Since April 30, 2013, King Willem- Alexander replacement his mother Queen Beatrix  on the throne. King’s Day is on April 27 and is the birthday of the King. King’s Day is a pretty much the same as Queen’s Day. The entire country celebrates this day, because it is a national holiday. All the locals wear orange clothing, and all over the streets are parties going on. In addition, there is at most places a flee market. Also, there are many big festivals all over the country. Keep in mind that these festivals are held outside the city boarders of Amsterdam.


Is it legal to visit a prostitute in Amsterdam or the Netherlands?

Since 2000, the ban of brothels was lifted. Amsterdam is with these policy responsible for their own prostitution policy.

Prostitution is legal, but the rules are strict. Which means that it has to take place in a transparant and legal way. Things like  abuse of women, money laundering and human trafficking are completely illegal.

Furthermore, the minimum age for a prostitute starts at 21. And the minimum age to visit a prostitute or sex worker is 18. For more info take a look at the page about the red light district in Amsterdam.


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