Amsterdam to Berlin by train, air, bus and car

There are lots of reasons why Berlin as a city is famous and appealing to tourists. There is the Berlin Wall which has a lot of history to it, the breathtaking architecture, exciting tourists attractions in the city which is also the capital of Germany. If you want to visit Berlin, you need to spend at least three to four full days to fully discover and enjoy the city. There is so much to see, so many dishes to try out and so many activities to engage in.

Via this page, we give you a quick overview of different ways of transport from Amsterdam to Berlin.

  1. Trains from Amsterdam to Berlin environmentally friendly way to travel within 6 hours and 21 minutes, with prices starting from €39,- up to €131,-.
  2. Flights from Amsterdam to Berlin the fastest way to get to Berlin. Travel in 1 hour and 30 minutes, with prices from €80,- up to €285,-.
  3. By bus from Amsterdam To Berlin the cheapest and environmental way to travel in 8 to 10 hours to Berlin. With prices starting from €7,99 up to €48,-
  4. By car from Amsterdam to Berlin a convenient way to use the perfect German autobahn, and also a pretty cheap way to travel if you go with more than 2 people.
Transport  Estimated Travel Time One-way € Sustainability
Train 6-h 21-min Low €39,- avg €70,- high €131,- High
Flight 1-h 30-min Low €80,- avg €120,- high €285,- Low
Bus 8h to – 10h Low €7,99 avg €25,- high €48,- High
Car 6-h 35-min Low €,- avg €,- high €,- Medium

Amsterdam to Berlin

A lot of tourists who come to Amsterdam also want to discover all the beauties of other European cities. Our task, as always is to provide them with all the information they need to make their journey from Amsterdam to Berlin an easy one. The distance from Amsterdam to Berlin is approximately 656 km if you’re travelling by car. There are different ways to travel to Berlin and how you travel mainly depends on personal preferences and how much you’re willing to spend. You can take the train, a flight, the train or just travel by car.

For more information on the best ways of travelling from Amsterdam to Berlin, please continue reading.

Train from Amsterdam to Berlin

Travelling from Amsterdam to Berlin can be done in a lot of ways and the train is ne of them. One of the best ways to travel from Amsterdam to Berlin is by train. Berlin is easily accessible by train from Amsterdam Central Station. Central station Hauptbahnhof-Lehrer Bahnhof has direct train connections to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport, Antwerp and Brussels, among others. You can travel to Berlin with 1 or 2 transfers from most stations in the Netherlands and Belgium. The total travel time is approximately 6.2 hours. From the Berlin Central Station, you can easily connect to other cities both by train (S-bahn), metro (U-bahn) and bus.

Find out more about travelling between Amsterdam and Berlin by train here >>

Flights from Amsterdam to Berlin

Flying is often the fastest way to get to Berlin from anywhere in the Netherlands. You can fly from Amsterdam to Berlin in just an hour and a half. From Berlin’s Schönefeld and Tegel airports, visitors can quickly make their way into the city with the Berlin public transport system. Ideal right?

Amsterdam to Berlin by bus

Of all the available travel options from Amsterdam to Berlin, the bus is easily the cheapest travel option, a single ticket usually goes for approximately €29,-. The distance from Amsterdam to Berlin is more than 600 kilometers. The total journey from Amsterdam to Berlin by bus takes about 10 hours and some bus companies make quick stops in certain European cities to drop passengers off and pick up new ones.

Amsterdam to Berlin by bus

Travelling by car from Amsterdam to Berlin

Travelling from Amsterdam to Berlin by car is very simple. From Amsterdam, it is easier to use your Google Maps navigation system or you can also follow the road boards. Follow the signs Hanover> Magdeburg> Berlin and you will be in Berlin in about 6 or 7 hours.

Note: Keep in mind that Berlin has introduced an environmental zone since January 1, 2008. All cars entering the centre of Berlin are required to have a green environmental sticker (costs about € 10,- at the ANWB). You risk a fine of € 80,- if you do not have it!

Amsterdam to Berlin by car

Looking for public transport near you?

Via the Dutch public transport system, it’s very easy to get instant real-time travel information to the airport or the closest train station. Most of the people in the Netherlands use the site or app from Via the button bellow, you go instantly to their site.

  1. Fill in your departure location
  2. Fill in the time and date of departure
  3. Fill in your destination, and you’re good to go.


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