Our House – Electronic Dance Music Museum

Dive into the history of electronic and dance music in Amsterdam. Visit one of Amsterdam’s most unique and vital museums and learn about the beauty of one of the world’s most energetic music genres. It is hosted in one of the most iconic house clubs in Amsterdam, former club iT, where dance music got the chance to grow into what it is today. Grab a drink from the bar and enjoy this vibrant, interactive experience with your friends or loved ones!

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Our House Intro Video

Our House is the world’s first dance museum! But actually… ‘museum’ isn’t the right word.

This special place in the heart of Amsterdam is an ‘immersive experience that takes you through forty years of dance history. As soon as you step inside, you find yourself on holy ground. Our House is located in the former club iT: one of the locations where dance music gained its undying popularity in the Netherlands.

The museum makes extensive use of what you would call ‘edutainment’. With interactive installations and giving explanations playfully, the museum offers visitors an immersive experience.

Our House mainstage

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The ultimate festival experience

Your visit offers the complete festival experience, all packaged into 75 minutes of unbelievable fun and ‘edutainment’. Each time slot starts with an opening show. Flashes of world-famous dance classics and beautiful visuals immediately put you in the right vibe. After the opening, the visitors fan out through the catacombs of the museum, just like at a real party. It’s easy to lose yourself in all that you can do, but make sure you get back on the dance floor in time for the spectacular 4D final show, ‘The Culture Ride’. No expense has been spared on the sound system. Goosebumps guaranteed!

Discover six chapters that tell the whole story of house music because dance is much more than just electronic music. Get to know the fundamental values of dance culture, meet the global community and look into the future. And the best part is that there is a bar in the museum. Order a beer or a delicious glass of wine at the bar and end your visit with an afterparty in the concept store.

Inside the museum

The iconic speech by house pioneer Chuck Roberts, who is also the museum’s voice, can be heard at the entrance. Then you make your way into the seductive darkness of a club with video screens all around you.

Information and fun are poured into one chunk of electronic eye candy in the history room. Electronic music stars like Kevin Saunderson, Carl Cox, and Armin van Buuren talk about the birth of House in the warehouses of Chicago and the split from techno in Detroit to the transatlantic crossing and illegal British raves, to the return of dance to America in the form of the hit-sensitive EDM. At the same time, a colourful collage of images characteristic of those periods glides past in the background: from cassette tapes and smileys to glow sticks and flyers.

Dance museum Our House
Play with visual composers, turntables, and the world’s largest analog sequencer. Immerse yourself and learn more about electronic music.

In the community area, you can request video images from fifty iconic festivals on a touchscreen in the form of a globe. Because of the illuminated touch pads, you see drum machines, which look like high-tech toys. You can dance in the silent disco while an avatar of your dancing body is conjured up on a screen. But the showstopper in the hall is the meter-long sequencer. This device combines the technology of synthesizers and drum computers, on which several visitors can compose a dance track together.

armin in our house museumThe museum’s gems

In Our House museum, you can find something about almost everything you associate with dance. Although Our House does not want to be a collection of objects in display cases, there are plenty of ‘historical’ things to admire. Devices that have earned their place behind glass have left their mark on pop music, and their sound has become as recognizable as Michael Jackson’s scream. For example, there is a Roland TR-808 drum computer, with its thin, dry sound ubiquitous in pop music, hip hop, and dance. And a Roland TB-303 Bass, the mini synth designed to recreate bass runs and which single-handedly defined the punching, crunching sound of acid.

Our House shows the history of a part of pop culture in the form of an indoor playground. It is the perfect outing for all lovers of music, especially dance music. Order your tickets now and let your journey into the world of House begin!

Our house experience

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interactive end show our house
The end show is like a 5D experience through the history of electronic house music.

Our House end show
At the end, an MC will give you a stunning end show, that you won’t forget!

Our House Dance Museum Opening Hours

Museum highlights

  1. Experience the evolution of EDM with its biggest artists and most iconic sounds.
  2. Play with visual composers, turntables, and the world’s largest analog sequencer.
  3. See memorabilia from various artists, including Avicii, Deadmau5, and Daft Punk.
  4. Flick through 50 years of records and play them on the interactive vinyl player.
  5. Relive the EDM’s best moments with the tracks and festivals that made the genre.

Our House is open from Wednesday through Sunday.

Showtimes: 12:35 – 13:55 – 15:15 – 16:35 – 17:55 hrs.

Note: Please check our ticket page for accurate time slots per day.

Wednesday till Friday  12:35 – 17:55
Saturday and Sunday  12:35 – 17:55

Our House Ticket Prices and Discounts

Dive into the history of electronic house music. Visit Our House, the world’s first museum experience about the past, present and future of electronic music culture. There are different ticket types and drink deals and you can even combine your visit to Our House with a canal cruise!

Choose your day, and the time you would like to visit and we will take it from there. Book now and join the fun. See you soon!

Note, Our House is not suitable for :

  • Children under 10 years
  • Wheelchair users
  • People with epilepsy

Regular entrance at the door


Regular (16+) € 24,95
Junior (7-15) € 14,-

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Our House Amsterdam FAQ

Am I allowed entrance into Our House when I’m 9?

No, Our House Amsterdam is strictly for persons 10 and above. You will not be allowed into the museum if you are below 10. And persons below 15 have to be accompanied by an adult.

Can I hire the Dance Museum Our House museum venue?

Yes of course! Dance Museum Our House is right in the Amsterdam city centre and the perfect place to host your events.

When I buy a ticket, am I allowed to go anytime I want?

No, every ticket comes with a time slot, so you can only show up when it’s your time.

Address, Contact Information and Route to the museum

Dance Museum Our House is located in the city centre, within walking distance from the Rembrandtplein. It is easily accessible via public transportation. There are also three parking garages in walking distance from the museum.

Amstelstraat 24
1017 DA Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0)20 820 0670

Public transport to Our House Amsterdam

Dance Museum Our House is located in the city centre, within walking distance from the Rembrandtplein. It is easily accessible via public transportation.

From Amsterdam Central Station to Our House Amsterdam:

  • Metro 51, 53 and 54 and stop at Waterlooplein. From here, you can easily walk to the Rembrandtplein and proceed to the museum.
  • You can also take Tram 14 and stop at Rembrandtplein. From here, you can walk on to the museum.

From Amsterdam Leidseplein:

  • Tram 7, heading to Centraal Station, stop at Frederiksplein
  • Tram 24, heading to Centraal Station, stop at Muntplein

It does not matter where you are, with the button below, you can find accurate advice for real-time travel times based on your current location. This application will help you when you are not sure which bus or tram you can take from your location.

ov button Our House

Our House Museum Reviews

We are always interested to find out about our visitors' experiences. Please share your Our House Museum reviews and help fellow visitors! What did you think of Our House Museum? Would you recommend it to friends? Did you have a wonderful time? Let us know and please be patient, as we check all reviews by hand. Yours will be posted soon!



Loved the hands-on activities and the final show was mind-blowing! A bit niche, but if you like EDM, it’s perfect.



cool end show, should be more instruments to play around with


Must visit Experience when in Amsterdam

This Experience is amazing. If you like electronic music or are interested in music at all, definitely visit Our House.


Amazing new museum!!

A stunning experience for a museum that is based on the holy ground of the Amsterdams dance scene. I love the interactive way they tell you the history, so as the cultural context. In addition, the interactive part is ready catchy. I’ll really recommend this activity to everyone that’s interested in EDM!


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