Smartshops Amsterdam

Smart shops are quite popular in the Netherlands and Amsterdam is home to a lot of them. They are often frequented by tourists who are either looking to buy “smart drugs” or get information on them.

So what are smart shops and what exactly do they sell?

A smart shop is a shop that specializes in the sale of psychoactive substances, including mostly natural psychedelics, and related literature and accessories. The name comes from the so-called smart drugs, a group of herbs and nutritional supplements whose purpose is to stimulate cognitive abilities.

Smart shops in Amsterdam sell magic truffles, vitamins, weed seeds, grown kits, and various souvenirs and arts.

In the Netherlands, the products that are sold in a smart shop are mainly natural and all legal. Well-known products sold in smart shops are Salvia divinorum, cacti, and other herbs, seeds and plants. Often all kinds of pipes and bongs are sold in a smart shop.

Since 2004, smart shops in the Netherlands have been related to a department store that gives the customer personalized recommendations and points out interesting offers for individuals who are interested in psychedelics.

Best smartshop in Amsterdam

We urge anyone who’s planning on using products from a smartshop, doing so well-informed and well-prepared. Therefore, find a smart shop where you feel comfortable and where you get personal advice about what to do and what not. In the end, you’ll be looking to have a safe and pleasant experience. Our favourite smartshop in town is;

    • The Magic Mushroom Gallery: one of the oldest smartshops in town. At The Magic Mushroom Gallery employees are experienced and knowledgeable, they have numerous strains of magic truffles, they’ll be happy to help to pick the right one. They have two stores in the city centre one at the Flower market and one in the Spuitstraat.

Not in Amsterdam, but interested in magic truffles?

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Psychedelics, stimulants and aphrodisiacs

In the Netherlands, where most of the smart shops in Europe are located smart shops are primarily known for selling all psychedelics, stimulants, empathogens and aphrodisiacs permitted by law.

Education and provision of information

Smart shops in Amsterdam are an important source of information about the natural herbs they sell. They often provide brochures with instructions for use, comparable with the package leaflets found in the packaging of medicines, which provide information about contraindications, side effects, and the importance of a good set and setting.

In the Netherlands there is relatively little official regulation of the smart shops, but the concentration of expertise on a relatively exotic segment of products, combined with the realisation that society and politics are closely monitoring the smart shops, is why VLOS (Vereniging Landelijk Overleg Smartproducten), among other things, is committed to disseminating accurate information about their goods.

Note: Smart shops in the Netherlands aren’t allowed to sell synthetic drugs. The sale of synthetic drugs that are not clearly permitted as food, nutritional supplement or medicine is illegal in the Netherlands.

The sale of magic mushrooms has been prohibited since 1 December 2008. Since then, magic mushrooms no longer fall under the commodities law but under the Opium Act.

Popular products on the menu in smart shops

You can use this as a booster for a night of partying, studying or a long shift at work. These capsules, herbs or powders are 100% natural. They are made from plant extracts or with ingredients from the sports supplement world.

Ask for: Happy-Caps, Stargate, Herbs of the Gods energy herbs such as kola nut, guarana.

“Trippy” drugs:
Mushrooms are on the list of prohibited substances, but a by-product such as truffles contains exactly the same active substance. If you want to go on a psychedelic trip, smart shops are the best places to buy them. You also get information on how to use them.

Since marijuana is legal in the Netherlands, a visit to Amsterdam coffeeshops is always on the cards for visitors. A vaporiser is a way to get the best out of cannabis and smart shops remain the best place to buy them. Medical marijuana users could also try a vaporiser.

Herbs to help you relax:
Between a cup of chamomile tea and a big joint lies a whole spectrum of possibilities to relax your body and mind. Whether you want to sleep better, experience a dreamy state of consciousness or just relax after a hard day’s work, Mother Nature has a solution for everything. Visit a smart shop for natural herbs that can help you completely relax.

Ask for: herbs like; damiana, wild dagga, hop extract, mulungu extract or dream herbs.

Concentration supplements:
If you are a student who wants to study at regular intervals, then you need your brain in shape. There are many supplements that stimulate the production of the right substances and connections between various areas of the brain. Helps you with concentration for that much-needed study session.

Ask for: Focus2, DMAE, Ginkgo or Ginseng.

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