Artis Zoo Amsterdam

Artis Zoo Amsterdam is not only the only zoo in Amsterdam, it is also the oldest zoo of the Netherlands. Dutch people also call it the Artis Royal Zoo. The Amsterdam Zoo offers a welcome break away from the busy city center full of other Amsterdam Attractions. The setting of the Artis Zoo is rather intimate as it’s fairly small and compact. The Artis Zoo was founded in 1838 and is built close to the city center, so there hasn’t been a lot of space for expansion. Artis Zoo is a great place for a romantic date or for some family fun. The Amsterdam Zoo is home to over 750 different species of animals and over 300 species of trees and plants. You can spot these animals in the monumental 19th-century buildings in the park. The gardens of Artis Zoo are especially pretty in summer and spring when the trees are decorated with blossoms.

Things to do in Artis Royal Zoo

In Artis Zoo, you’ll discover enough things to see and do to keep you occupied for an hour or four. It is one of the best things to do in Amsterdam with kids. Artis features a walk through an African Savannah, butterfly gardens, birdhouses, an aquarium, wolf forest, and an Insectarium. On your day in the Amsterdam Zoo, you’ll get to see elephants, monkeys, snakes, otters, giraffes, sea lions and several birds. Not enough of spending time in the zoo? Check out Blijdorp Rotterdam Zoo, which is only an trainride away.

Micropia in Artis Zoo

In 2014, the Micropia museum connected to Artis opened its doors. This is the world first museum that shows life on a microscopical level. It teaches its visitors the useful work microorganisms do for the environment. Tickets for the Micropia museum can be bought for an extra charge.

Groote museum in Artis Zoo

This is the museum where we ask groote, which means big in Dutch, questions. Why do we exist? Why are you different than a flower or a monkey? And are we even that different? Visitors say you leave ‘Het Groote Museum’ with a different view at life and the world. After being closed for more than 75 years, this part of the Amsterdam zoo opened its doors again in may 2022. So buy your tickets, collect your biggest questions and visit Het Groote Museum in Artis Zoo.

For a brief sneak preview of the  Amsterdam zoo, watch the video below.

Giraffe in Artis Amsterdam Zoo

Artis Royal Zoo: introduction video

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Artis Zoo

Is there a queue for the zoo?

Usually there’s a queue for the ticket counter of Atis Zoo. It can be avoided by buying your ticket online, so you can directly move on to the entrance of the park.

Do I have to print my ticket?

No, there’s no need for printing, the barcodes can be scanned from your mobile phone.

Is Artis Amsterdam Zoo wheelchair accessible?

Yes, most of the Zoo is accessible in a wheelchair, however, some parts might require a little detour. At the entrance, a limited amount of wheelchairs is available. Please note that the wheelchairs cannot be booked in advance.

Is smoking allowed in Artis Zoo?

No, this is no longer allowed. As of the 4th of April 2019, it is no longer allowed to smoke in the zoo, this includes smoking of marijuana.

Opening hours Artis Amsterdam Zoo

Artis Royal Zoo is open every day of the year. There are 3 different seasons that have influence the opening hours. The schedule below provide you the entire overview.

1st of November until 29th February  09:00 am – 05:00 pm
1st of March until 31st of October  09:00 am – 06:00 pm

Artis Amsterdam Zoo tickets, prices and discounts

Tickets for Artis are available at the entrance of the zoo. You can use the Artis Discount Code which you can find in the blue buttons. Also you can buy your e-tickets online, which give you the advantage to skip the queue to save valuable time. Printing is not required, you can show your ticket via any mobile device at the entrance. There are two types of tickets. A regular ticket for the Artis Royal Zoo, and a combination ticket with Artis Royal Zoo & Mircropia or the Artis Royal Zoo & Grootemuseum. Order your discounted combi-ticket for Artis Zoo and Micropia via the blue button below and use the Artis discount code.

Regular entrance prices

Ticket categories Artis Royal Zoo Artis Royal Zoo & Micropia/Grootemuseum
Normal ticket (everyone from 13 and older) €25,- €30,-/€30,-
Youth (3 up to and including 12 years old) €21,- €21,-*/€25,-
Kids (0  up to and including 2 years old) free free*
* the recommended age is 8 or older for Micropia

Online discount tickets Artis

Purchasing your tickets for the Amsterdam Zoo online will save you the hassle of standing in line and will also give you a nice discount on the regular entrance price. Check out the online offers we gathered below and pick one that suits your needs!

Artis Zoo & Micropia combiticket

Artis Royal Zoo is located in the centre of Amsterdam. The best way to get there is by public transport or by bike if you like cycling in Amsterdam. Below the city map you will find all the information to travel by public transport to Artis. We also provide a 9292-plublic transport planner. You only have to fill in the current location and the tool will give your exact travel instructions. If you prefer to go by car to Artis, you can use their special parking spaces. Acquire your parking tickets at the entrance of the zoo.

Artis Royal Zoo
Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
1018 CZ Amsterdam
+31 (9) 00 278 4796
[email protected]
Artis Royal Zoo Amsterdam

Public transport

The best way to travel to Artis is via plublic transport with the tram or subway. From Amsterdam Central Station there are two trams (14 and 19) that bring you directly in front of Artis. The name of the stop Artis Royal Zoo. Another option is to go by tram 10 hop of at Waterloo station. From there it is a short 10 minutes walk to the Zoo.

From Amsterdam Central Station:

  • Tram 14, heading to Flevopark, stop Artis Royal Zoo
  • Tram 19, heading to Diemen Sniep, stop Artis Royal Zoo
  • Metro 51, 53 or 54, stop Waterlooplein

When you plan to travel to the Zoo from a different location than Amsterdam Central station, the public transport planner below will show you the exact way to get there. The widget gives you accurate advice for the real-time travel times based on your current location. For example: did you just hop off a canal cruise near the Museumplein? Fill in your location and it shows you all the different public transport options like the train, tram, metro or bus.

Reviews of Artis Royal Zoo

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Nothing Special

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Loved It!

We really liked the zoo, the animals looked well cared for. It was a nice brake away from the busy streets of Amsterdam!


Nice Zoo

Fun time with the whole family


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