Artis Amsterdam Zoo

Artis is the Zoo of Amsterdam, for young and old, families, romantic dates and all the animal lovers. It is an unqiue zoo because it is very compact with a combined atmosphere of nature and culture. Artis provides a home for more then 750 animals and 300 species of tree’s. Especialy in Spring and the Summer all the blossoms are extrodanairy beautiful in the gardens of Artis. In addition, there is the biggest planetarium of Holland.
The entire zoo is an experience that you won’t forget. You walk through a African Savannah, butterfly gardens, bird houses and the next moment your in the aquarium. A small secret that we already give away of the aquarium is that you will see what kind of life lives in the famous canals of Amsterdam.
Artis Zoo started already in 1838, which made it the very first Zoo that was establisched in the Netherlands. Furhtermore an unique part of Artis are the many listed buildings that are still in use for purposes of the Zoo. A few examples are:

  • Large Museum (1855)
  • Library building (1867)
  • Aquarium (1882)

Lastly, you can visit the Micropia museum. This is the world first museum that shows small life on a microscopically level. Further on this page you will find all the most up to date ticket prices of Artis and the Micropia museum.

Garden of Artis Zoo AmsterdamAmimal of Artis Zoo Amsterdam

For a brief sneek preview of the zoo, watch the video below. Via the blue botton you can purchase a skip the line ticket.

Introduction video: of Artis Royal Zoo

Opening hours Artis

Artis Royal Zoo is open every day of the year. There are 3 different seasons that have influence the opening hours. The schedule below provide you the entire overview.

1st of November until 29th February 09:00 am – 05:00 pm
1st of March until 31st of October 09:00 am – 06:00 pm
Every Saturday in June, July and August (summernights) 09:00 am – until sunset

Tickets for Artis are available at the entrance of the zoo. Also you can buy your e-tickets online, which give you the advantage to skip the queue to safe valuable time. Printing is not required, you can show your ticket via any mobile device at the entrance.
There are two types of tickets. A regular ticket for the Artis Royal Zoo, and a combination ticket with Artis Royal Zoo & Mircropia. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy the combination ticket online. Neithertheless you can always decide to buy your additional Micropia ticket at the entrance of the Zoo.

Click here to purchase priority tickets to the Artis Royal Zoo online


Ticket categoriesArtis Royal ZooArtis Royal Zoo & Micropia
Normal ticket (everyone from 4 and older)€21,50€27,50
Youth (3 up to and including 9 years old)€17,00€23,50*
Kids (0  up to and including 2 years old)freefree*
*According to Artis the recommended age is 8 or older for Microdia

Artis Royal Zoo is located in the centre of Amsterdam. The best way to get there is by public transport. Below the city map you will find all the information to travel by public transport to Artis. We also provide a 9292-plublic transport planner. You only have to fill current location and the tool will give your exact travel instructions. If you prefer to go by car to Artis, you can use their special parking spaces. Parking for the entire day will cost you €9,-. Acquire your parking tickets at the entrance of the zoo.

AddressArtis Royal Zoo Amsterdam
Artis Royal Zoo
Plantage Kerklaan 38-40
1018 CZ Amsterdam
+31 (9) 00 278 4796

Artis Amsterdam on the city map

Public transport

The best way to travel to Artis is via plublic transport with the tram. From Amsterdam Central Station there are two trams (9 and 14) that bring yous directly in front of Artis. The name of the stop Artis Royal Zoo. You will get there in about 20 minutes by the tram. Another option is to go by tram 10 hop of at Waterloo station. From there it is a short 10 minutes walk to the Zoo. We advice to take tram 9 or 14, because you will see more of Amsterdam during the trip to the Zoo. It is is also possible to go by car and park your car at the parking spaces of Artis Royal Zoo. When your nearby the Zoo it is easy to recognize the zoo from the outside.

From Amsterdam Central Station:

  • Tram 9, heading to Diemen (Sniep), stop Artis Royal Zoo
  • Tram 14, heading to Flevopark (Slotenmeer), stop Artis Royal Zoo
  • Metro 51 or 53, stop Waterlooplein

When you plan to travel to the Zoo from a different location then Amsterdam Central station, the public transport planner below will you the exact way to get there. The widget gives you accurate advice for the real-time travel times based on your current location. It shows you all the different public transport options like the train, tram, metro or bus.

Reviews of Artis Royal Zoo

Share your valuable opinion about your visit to Artis with other travelers.  Did it live up to your expectations? Was it worth the money? Do you think Artis Royal Zoo is different, compared with other Zoo’s around the world?


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