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Opening Keukenhof 2024

22 August, 2023 in Blog by Floris

When spring is here, Keukenhof 2024 opens her doors for visitors around the world. Everyone comes to see the beautiful tulips in every colour possible. Normally, over a million visitors are expected to visit Keukenhof. In 2019 more than 1,5 million people purchased a Keukenhof ticket. You can imagine, this amounts of visitors cause a limited amount of tickets that will be available. We advise anyone interested to buy tickets in advance online!

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Keukenhof 2024 dates

Keukenhof tulip festival 2024 will take place from the 21st of March till the 12th of May. Keukenhof 2024 is also open on holidays like Easter, Kings Day, and Liberation Day. It is strongly recommended, to book your tickets in time. Timeslots must be chosen to spread visitors during the day. We recommend booking your desired timeslot in time with our partners and

Keukenhof Gardens impression 2022

Keukenhof opening times 2024

Keukenhof Gardens can be visited from 8:00 in the morning till 19:30 in the evening. The latest admittance to the tulip festival is 90 minutes before closing at 18:00. On average people spent 3-5 hours in order to see all of the tulips, hyacinths, and narcissus.

Keukenhof 2019 - miniature windmill
A miniature Dutch windmill in the middle of a pond in the colourful Keukenhof

Best time to visit Keukenhof gardens

The best time to visit Keukenhof Gardens is Mid-April to Mid-May. At this time of the year, the flowers are blooming and have the brightest colours. In combination with the sun that is mostly out, the best pictures are taken. It’s the peak of the spring season and it shows. On another note: everyone knows it’s the best time to visit Keukenhof Gardens and it can be crowded. Luckily, the park is big enough for everyone to enjoy the tulips.

Discounted Keukenhof skip-the-line tickets

Need your Keukenhof Tickets for 2024? Use one of the blue buttons below to purchase your skip-the-line tickets through one of our trusted ticket partners. Tours & Tickets is also offering a discounted combination ticket with Keukenhof admission and a canal cruise in Amsterdam. For this product you won’t need a discount code, there’s already a 15% discount included in the price of both products.

Keukenhof drone footage

Public transport bus to Keukenhof

Also in 2024, there’s a direct public transport connection to Keukenhof available, offered by the bus company Arriva. This offers a simple connection to the flower park. It’s an excellent way to get there if you’ve chosen to purchase entrance tickets only. This public bus service departs from Amsterdam RAI (Europaplein) as well as directly from the airport. Europaplein or Amsterdam RAI can best be reached by subway (line 52), but also by several other tram, subway, and bus lines. A separate return ticket for the Keukenhof Express bus costs €17,- per person.

The so-called Keukenhof Express buses will depart from the following bus stops directly to Keukenhof:

  • RAI Amsterdam (terminal: Europaplein, bus number 852)
  • Schiphol (terminal: Schiphol Airport, bus number 858)
  • Leiden Central Station (terminal: Leiden Centraal, bus number 854)
  • Haarlem Central Station (terminal: Haarlem Centraal, bus number 50 & 850)

Keukenhof Arriva Tulp bus

Keukenhof park map 2024

If you’re going to Keukenhof, it might be handy to bring a map of the park, so you don’t have to miss out on anything. The park is quite big and you don’t want to get lost or miss your favorite spot. Click on the image below to enlarge the image or download the PDF version of the map here.

Click to enlarge

Keukenhof theme for 2024

This year, in contrary to previous editions, Keukenhof is not dedicated to a specific theme. However, the flower shows during Keukenhof 2024 will have their own theme.

Hotels in the “Bollenstreek”

Would you like to explore the “Bollenstreek” (Bulb area) for a bit longer? Consider booking a hotel in the area. Apart from the park Keukenhof, the area is scattered with flower farms and tulip fields! Rent a bike to explore the area and enjoy the flowers to the fullest.

Keukenhof on the map

Keukenhof: photos of previous years

The pictures below are taken just after the opening of the Keukenhof 2018. In the greenhouses, all flowers were in full bloom. However, because of the cold winter, most tulips outside are still waiting to bloom. Depending on the early warm weather, the best time to visit the Keukenhof in 2024 will be probably 2 or 3 weeks after the opening. The rising temperatures will be rising will definitely influence the flowers to bloom. Our expectations are that the Keukenhof is going to be its prettiest from the 11th of April till the first week of May, close to the end of the season. However, also after the first week of May till the end of the season, you’ll have more than enough flowers to see!

keukenhof 2018 tulips
Red tulips really fit into last years 2018 theme “Romance in flowers”

Keukenhof 2019 - red and yellow tulips
Perfectly aligned red and yellow tulips in bloom

keukenhof 2018 swan
One of the inhabitants of the gardens

keukenhof 2018 tulips waiting to flower
The photo was taken 24th March 2018 – the tulips were almost about to start blooming and Keukenhof will be at it’s prettiest

These photos were taken Saturday the 13th of April 2019. Most of the flowers are already in full bloom and will get even better coming weeks.

Flowers in full bloom near a pond
White, blue and yellow flowers in full bloom near a pond

keukenhof store
This picture is taken in one of the Keukenhof greenhouses. As you can tell the theme was peace and love.

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3 Comments on "Opening Keukenhof 2024"

  • Elgene Henry May 9, 2023 at 4:12 pm

    We just visited the beautiful gardens and did not get to purchase all the gifts and souvenirs that we wanted. We live the USA in Texas. Is there a a place we can order gifts from?
    Thank you
    Elgene Henry

    • Dani May 9, 2023 at 4:51 pm

      There are some shops that sell similar products at the airport. Depending on what you’re exactly looking for, you can probably also find some sellers online.

  • Lilly Mar 17, 2023 at 12:03 pm

    I’m coming in April to experience this amazing park

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