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What is an online city guide without recommendations to the best travel apps!?These help full Amsterdam apps will support you to get the best out of your trip in Amsterdam. In addition, most of these tools for your smartphone are worldwide in use. By clicking on the Google play or App store icon you can directly download them on your device. Amsterdam apps

The free maps apps for your mobile swallow data, so abroad they will cost you a considerable amount of money.

Maps.Me is the solution. Just download the maps of your destination. This free app is available via the Google Play or the App Store:

Amsterdam apps - Yelp


Yelp helps is there for anyone who is looking for a reviewed restaurant, bar or club. It guides you to the venue of your choice. The reviews of other eaters will help you decide. It easy to participate and help other people by leaving a review.

Amsterdam Weather app


A trustfull weather app is essential. Foreca is free, supplies with weekly forecasts, and is surprisingly accurate in prognoses. Tip: list your destination as favorite!

Public transport app Amsterdam


Most of the locals use public Amsterdam in city. You can get everywhere in Amsterdam by public transport in less then a hour. In addition this app helps you to get everywhere in The Netherlands, including all big public transport operators and the national railway network.

It plans your trip, shows you the most accurate travel times and costs.

Schiphol app

Schiphol Amsterdam

This excellent app provides you arrival and departure times, maps, information about public transport and shops. You can even reserve a parking space with this application.

Uber Amsterdam thumbnail app


With Uber you can find yourself a private driver in just a few minutes. You can easily set up a pick up point and your destination, and your all set.

Uber is connected with your creditcard. Which means that you don’t need to pay with cash. Tip: ask your Uber driver for the best things to do in Amsterdam, to get travel advice from a local.

Hostelworld app for all the hostels of Amsterdam


Hostels are fun and cheap compared with hotels, and they are everywhere you go. It is also a great way to get to know new people.  This app lists over more than 33.000 hostels worldwide. Which you can book free of booking costs or other hidden expenses. It has more then 3.5 million reviews. Tip: choice for a hostel with a breakfast when you travel alone.

Amsterdam apps for Google Play and the App Store

Google Play & App Store

All the apps are avialable via Google Play and the App Store

Amsterdam travel apps

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