Amsterdam maps

Amsterdam can be a real maze when your not familiair in the city. That said, being lost for a bit is not that bad actually. It is a safe and beautiful city and not that big with an average of 800.000 citizens. Nevertheless, you can spend your valuable time way better with a good city map and plan your route in Amsterdam.

By using a map will help you to get efficiently to alle the highlights and hidden secrets that has to offer you.

Think of the following topics:

Lastly, we recommend you to download the app this one of the best Amsterdam apps. In addition, the 9292ov app especially designed to get you everywhere in Amsterdam by public transport. Keep in mind that nowadays you have almost everywhere free wifi acces, especially in the Netherlands. The Netherlands is well known for one of the countries with the highest internet penetration. The Dutch are real so called internet junkies.

Since Google started a little bit earlier with collecting data to make the most perfect map, you can click here to go directly to Google maps.

The other practical information will secure you to have the best time in Amsterdam!