Amsterdam Dungeon

Amsterdam DungeonDo you think that you are ready for one of the most fun and scariest shows that Amsterdam has to offer? The Amsterdam Dungeon is an 80-minute long interactive tour through 500 years of gloomy history. There are 9 live actors waiting for brave once amongst you to let you experience 11 different shows during your visit. This part makes that none of the tours are the same, as you are part of the show with a group no more than 30 people. The live acting, special effects, scenes, scripts will trigger all your senses with the one of a kind walkthrough tour. It is a fun and sometimes scary experience, and most of it is in the dark. The cast puts a lot of effort in the show by making constant updates and providing all the tours in both English and Dutch.

Why the Amsterdam Dungeon?

  • Cool experience for both young and old with 11 shows and 9 actors
  • Learn about the history of Amsterdam
  • Lots of fun and a bit scarry at the same time
  • Unique shows, thanks to your voluntary participation

Introduction video of: Amsterdam Dungeon

 Opening hours

The Amsterdam Dungeon can be visited 365 days per year. The opening hours shift a bit throughout the year, based on demand. The Amsterdam Dungeon opens daily at 11:00 in the morning. The closing times can differ on a day-to-day basis and range between 16:30 and 19:00 in the evening. There are some exceptions, with Halloween for instance, when they close late. We strongly advise anyone to plan their visit upfront and buy tickets online, to avoid any disappointments!

Amsterdam Dungeons tickets, prices and discounts

Tickets for the Amsterdam Dungeons can be either be bought online or acquired at the entrance. The Amsterdam Dungeon is one of Amsterdam most popular tourist attractions and thus can be busy at the entrance. That’s you’re better off purchasing tickets online it will save both money and time that you’d otherwise be waiting in the queue.

Regular door prices

Adults € 26,-
Minors till 15 € 22,-

Online discount tickets

As stated before the online tickets to the Amsterdam Dungeons come with two major benefits; less time waiting and a nice discount on the tickets. We’ve selected trusted ticket partners where you can buy your tickets safely online. For the Amsterdam Dungeon, Tours & Tickets offers the cheapest tickets. Check out the offers below to find the deal that suits you best!

Online combination tickets

The tickets above already offer a fair discount on the regular entrance price, but there are tickets available which offer even more value! There are several combination tickets available that not only grant you access to the Amsterdam Dungeon but to another attraction. These tickets offer more discounts. So if you’re planning on going to one of the attractions below as well it might be sensible to buy a combination ticket! We’ve selected the combi-ticket with a visit to Madame Tussauds.

Address, contact information and route to the museum

The museum is located at the Rokin, which is around the corner at Dam squire. It’s easy to get at the Rokin, from Amsterdam Central Station it is a 15 minute walk to Rokin. Also can you can go by the metro station at the Nieuwmarkt. From there it will be around a 10 minute walk to The Amsterdam Dungeon. Use the city map below to navigate yourself to the Dungeon in Amsterdam.

AddressThe Amsterdam Dungeon
The Amsterdam Dungeon
Rokin 78
1012 KW Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 5308500
[email protected]

Public transport

Via Amsterdam Central Station it is easy to navigate yourself to The Amsterdam Dungeon. From Amsterdam Central there are many public transport options. When the weather alows it we recomment you to make the 15 minute walk to the Rokin 78. From all the stops on Dam (squire) it will take you a 3 minute walk to the entrance on the Rokin. Since the museum is very close to Amsterdam Central Station, many people choice to make a 10 minute walk towards the Dam (squire).

From Amsterdam Central Station:

  • Tram 4, heading to Drentepark, stop the Dam.
  • Tram 9, heading to Diemen (Sniep), stop the Dam.
  • Tram 16 or 24 heading to De Boelelaan/VU,  stop the Dam.

From serveral other locations you can get to the Dam. With the public transport planner below you can sort your trip in a few minutes. It helps you to find accurate advice for the real-time travel times based on your current location. This application will help you when you are not sure which bus or tram you can take from your location.

Show overview of the Amsterdam Dungeon

For a sneak preview of the shows, take a look at the table below to sharpen your expectations.

Shows Short discription per show
Descent Your journey starts in Descent a medieval lift style guided by the gatekeeper.
The Torture Champer Your noise will tell you imediataly that death is nearby.
The Torturer Meet the Tortuter’s, they waiting to test their tools on you!
Magic Musico By entering the Magic Musico show, you have survived the Torture’s. Nothing is what it seems to be..
Hell on the Batavia In the VOC time many young sailors sold their soul. Get to know their journey.
Black John The body of the criminal Black John is perserved by Doctor Deyman. Hopefully your stomache is strong enough to survive Doctor Deyman’s theatre.
Spanish Inquisition Don’t make offences, because they will cost you a price. Witchcraft and other stunning crimes like a highway robbery will cross your path.
Witch Hunt Hold hands with the person next to you, if you want to life longer than today. Meynes Cornelis, will prefenting you from escaping her witchcraft.
Labyrinth The dark streets of Amsterdam are a labyrinth. Can you manage your way through the labyrinth to escape from all the ilness, misery, and other hidden secrets.
Witches Do you have ever seen a witch that is tied to a tree trunk that get’s burned alive!? Please be carefull, you can be next.
Murder on the Zeedijk Helena’s is waiting for you in the basement. If the stunning special effects didn’t scare you enough, the murder Helena will surely do.

Review The Amsterdam Dungeon

Leave a review and help out other travelers to determine whether The Amsterdam Dungeon is something for them to see.



We were high af, lolled all the way through


Great fun!

Maybe some of the reviewers don’t have the right expectations. We loved the experience! Very dedicated actors, the kids wanted to go a second time



Die grösste Zeitverschwendung meines Lebens. Langweilig und alles andere als gruselig. Gröster müll. Dreck, nix für og’s. Lieber die 25 euro im coffe shop verballern.



Not worth it. Might be good for kids under 12 but I was bored and wanting it to end! But the beer was cold!


So Much Fun!

Didn’t know what to expect but really enjoyed it


All A Performance

The history totally got lost in the performance of getting everyone involved in a show. I feel like I am still no wiser as to what happened in Amsterdam. The main focus was getting someone from the crowd involved in each performance which felt uncomfortable and forced.


Surprisingly Good Time

My girlfriend took me with her to the Amsterdam Dungeon. It thought that this was really something for kids. But the show was awesome. The Amsterdam Dungeon is really funny and a bit scary!


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