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Holland Pass is no longer available

Unfortunately, the Holland Pass doesn’t exist anymore. The makers of the Holland Pass pulled out the plug of the project. For information purposes, we left the old content about the Holland Pass on this page.
The best alternatives are the Iamsterdam card and the Amsterdam Pass.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Holland Pass.

How to order an alternative for the Holland Pass?

Luckily Tiqets made a similar pass as the Holland Pass. You’ll get a discount on the most popular attractions. they can give you this discount because it’s a combination package that you select for a certain date. Via the follow widget the pass can easily be ordered and will send directly to your email.

What was the Holland Pass?

The Holland Pass was a pass for tourists with which tourists can visit more than 100 top attractions and museums in the most interesting cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, to The Hague, Giethoorn, Volendam, Haarlem, Utrecht, etc. Don’t miss the many beautiful places that the Netherlands has to offer. This pass was fully equipped and offers access to the best (tourist) sights at the best price.

  • Not just museums in Amsterdam (but also including Van Gogh museum)
  • Fast-track access (at selected attractions)
  • Discounts up to 50%
  • Including a free hand guide

The Holland Pass which is similar to the Iamsterdam city card often also referred to as the Amsterdam Holland Pass or the Amsterdam Museum Pass also offers tourists the opportunity to visit exciting museums for free or with a discount. Interesting museums and places of interest in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and other Dutch cities. With the Holland Pass, you can visit museums and places of interest, and never have to queue for the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The Holland Pass gives access to more than 150 sights throughout the Netherlands and not just in Amsterdam.

The Holland Pass is a Dutch Museum Pass that is both handy and stress-free when it comes to booking tickets for activities or museums. Take this opportunity and visit the Vermeer Center in Delft, the windmills at the Zaanse Schans or climb the Dom in Utrecht.

Holland Pass Amsterdam

Holland Pass Prices and Types

A Holland Pass consists of three different variants:

  1. SMALL
  3. LARGE

Note: These passes are valid per person.

Holland Pass Large (the most popular choice) gives you free access to 3 Golden and 3 Silver attractions.
Holland Pass Medium gives you free access to 2 Golden and 2 Silver attractions.

They offer:

  1. Fast-track access (at selected attractions)
  2. Discounts up to 50%
  3. Including a free hand guide
  4. It’s possible to redeem one silver credit for 24h public transport and one golden credit will give you 48h access.
Small € 45,-
Medium € 60,-
Large € 80,-
Museums and attractions € 0,- or discounts
Hop on Hop off bus and boats 1 Gold credit for 24 hr bus | 1 Silver credit for 24 hr boat

Holland Pass Types

Small Holland Pass:

  • 1x golden credit
  • 2x silver credits

Medium Holland Pass:

  • 2x golden credits
  • 2x silver credits

Large Holland Pass:

  • 3x golden credits
  • 3x silver credits

How Does the Holland Pass Work?

  1. Take a look around, discover which attractions and museums you would like to visit in the Netherlands and select Small, Medium or Large.
  2. Order your Holland Pass and in a few minutes, you will receive an email confirmation.
  3. Easily download your digital Holland Pass on your mobile device or pick up your physical Holland Pass card at a pick-up location in Amsterdam.
  4. All Holland Pass Pick-up or collection points are listed on the confirmation email.
  5. Go to selected museums or attractions and redeem your credits for tickets to museums and attractions. You can also use the Holland Pass as a discount card!
  6. The price of the Holland Pass depends on the number of attractions chosen.
  7. The Holland Pass is valid for one month.
  8. You will also receive a guide booklet with suggestions for trips.
  9. With the Holland Pass, you have direct access to museums and attractions without having to wait in line at the ticket booth.

Example of how to use the Holland Pass for a Hop on Hop off bus and/or boat cruise in Amsterdam.

  1. You can exchange 1 Holland Pass GOLD CREDIT for a Hop On-Hop Off bus and a 24-hour ticket for boats. It is also possible to exchange 1 SILVER CREDIT for a Hop On-Hop Off boat 24-hour ticket. Both options are also available with a 20% discount.

Holland Pass FAQ

What is the difference between a digital Holland Pass and a Holland Pass card?
The main difference is that the Digital Holland Pass can easily be downloaded on your mobile device while the Holland Pass card has to be picked up at one of the Holland Pass pickup locations.

Is there a discount voucher for the Holland Pass?
No there is no Holland Pass discount voucher.

Where can I buy my digital Holland Pass?
You can buy right here. Just click on the blue button to order your Holland Pass. After choosing the which one you want to purchase (small, medium or large), you will select the DIGITAL version of the Card version.

My digital Holland Pass wasn’t sent to my email, what do I do?
You may have to check your spam folder. If your Digital Holland Pass is not there either, kindly contact send an email to [email protected].

When does my digital Holland Pass become activated?
Your digital Holland Pass is activated as soon as it is in your mobile wallet. It is also ready to use at that point.

For how long is my Holland Pass valid?
The Digital Holland Pass is valid for a month, and it starts counting after the first time you use it to gain free entrance or a discount, regardless of when it was activated.

How do I use my digital HOLLAND PASS?
All you have to do is show your digital Holland Pass at the museum/attraction on your mobile wallet, and it will be scanned for a free entrance or a discount (depending on your choice). If you have more than one digital Holland Pass on your mobile device, then you will need to swipe so that the different Holland Passes are scanned.

How do I see how many credits I have left on my Holland Pass?
You can see how many credits you have left in your mobile wallet. This information is continuously updated.

Can you use your Holland Pass in more than one city?
Holland Pass is a complete city pass that can be used in Amsterdam and/or in combination with other major cities such as Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam, Volendam, Marken, Leiden, Haarlem, Delft and Giethoorn.

Can I have my HOLLAND PASS delivered to me?
No, it is not possible to deliver the Holland Pass.

How does City Sightseeing Amsterdam work with the HOLLAND PASS?
If you wish, you can exchange 1 gold credit for a Hop On-Hop Off bus and a 24-hour ticket for boats. It is also possible to exchange 1 silver credit for a Hop On-Hop Off boat 24-hour ticket. Both options are also available with a 20% discount.

Please note that the 24-hour period starts from the first time you board the ticket and the ticket is valid 24 hours later until the same time. For example, if you start using the ticket on DAY 1 at 2 PM, the ticket is valid until DAY 2 at 2 PM (note: buses and boats do not run 24 hours a day).

Is there a special Hollands Pass for kids?
Since most museums are free of charge for children up to 18 years old, and the majority of the attractions and other activities have a discounted price for children, there is no Holland Pass for children. You are able to save just as much money buying tickets at the location itself.

Holland Pass Pick-up Points

  1. Planes Plaza (Schiphol Airport)
  2. Tours & Tickets shop Damrak 97
  3. Tours & Tickets shop Damrak 26
  4. Tours 7 Tickets shop Damstraat 31
  5. Tours & Tickets shop Leidsestraat 80
  6. Tours & tickets shop at Museumplein
  7. Tours & Tickets shop Central Station (De Ruijterkade 34a)

Schiphol Airport

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