Day trip from Amsterdam

We love Amsterdam, it’s a lovely city to spend time and you don’t have feel bored as there’s so much to see and do. Though we hope that you don’t forget that The Netherlands is more than just Amsterdam. If you have the time we really recommend taking a day trip from Amsterdam! Get off the beaten track and you’ll be rewarded by all that The Netherlands has to offer besides Amsterdam.

The number of tourists coming to Amsterdam has exponentially grown over the past two decades. An estimated 9 million tourists come to Amsterdam every year, compared to only 4,5 million visitors in the year 2000. For a fairly small city with just over 800.000 inhabitants, this doesn’t go unnoticed. Especially in high season at some point you could feel a bit like walking in a crowded, big theme park. So after a few days of sightseeing in Amsterdam, you might feel the need to discover some places away from the big mass.

The best thing is that there are hidden secrets of Amsterdam within reach. The Netherlands is a small country and thus you don’t have to travel far. Just a few kilometers from Amsterdam you’ll find cities and places that are definitely worth visiting. Tiny villages such as Weesp or Muiden that feel like time has stood still. But also other bigger cities like Utrecht or Rotterdam are only an hour away by public transport.

So if you feel like taking a day trip from Amsterdam stay tuned and check out our recommendations and pick your day trip of choice.

Villages worth visiting in The Netherlands

Need a break from the busy city? You should definitely go and discover these authentic Dutch villages! For some, only half a day is enough to get there and wander around as they’re under an hour away. You’ll be surprised by the rich history, beautiful landscapes, and monumental buildings. If you ask us, these towns make a perfect day trip from Amsterdam. The villages near Amsterdam can easily be visited by bike, but can also be reached easily by public transport.


Discover the ancient city of Weesp with its monumental buildings and many bridges. Weesp is just 15 minutes away from Amsterdam but will give you a whole new view on The Netherlands!

Muiden - amsterdam castle t


Travel back in time in Muiden. See the Amsterdam castle and wander through the tiny streets. This ancient village is really close to Amsterdam and has a very rich history!

Giethoorn water village


This water village known as Venice of The Netherlands is quite far from Amsterdam, but makes up for an unforgettable experience!

City trips from Amsterdam

Not all people are aware of the fact that The Netherlands is very compact, tiny country. There’s so much more to see in The Netherlands than just Amsterdam! We definitely recommend people visiting Amsterdam to have at least one day for visiting another city in Holland. Other major cities are never far away in The Netherlands; even when traveling by public transport most other cities are reached within an hour. Other major cities in The Netherlands haven’t been discovered by the big crowds and thus less touristy! Check out our selection of cities that are definitely worth visiting.

Utrecht terrace canal


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In the very center of the Netherlands, you’ll find Utrecht; an old city with pretty canals just like Amsterdam.

Gouda cheese market


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Gouda is world famous for the cheese from this region. Pay a visit to the local cheese market!

thumbnail - rotterdam skyline


Rotterdam can be seen as the Berlin of the Netherlands; modern, industrial and a bit underground.

Seaside day trips

Are you lucky enough to be in Amsterdam with good weather? Than you might be interested in a day trip to the seaside. A little break from the chaotic city. Have nice long walk along the beach or maybe even a swim in the sea. Most beaches are surrounded by dunes which make an excellent landscape for a romantic walk.

Zandvoort – Amsterdam Beach

Looking for a quick seaside break? Zandvoort is the place! Only thirty minutes from Amsterdam.


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Scheveningen is one of most popular beaches in The Netherlands. Combine it with a trip to The Hague!


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The beach in IJmuiden is the scene for wind and kite surfing. Have a nice walk or go see the lighthouses.