Fabrique des Lumières

Amsterdam is home to some of the world’s best museums. From museums for cats and purses to the Upside-Down Museum and the ones housing some of the world’s most popular works of art.  Thinks about Rembrandt, Van Gogh, etc. There is something for everyone. But the Fabrique des Lumières is different.

Seamlessly immerse yourself in an unparalleled artistic journey that combines the timeless work of renowned artists with groundbreaking digital technology. Fabrique des Lumières is not just an exhibition; It is an incredible blend of image and sound that breathes life into art more than ever before.

Fabrique des Lumières, located in Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek, isn’t just about looking at art — it’s first and foremost an experience. Through interactive displays and immersive spaces of image and sound you step into a world you have never experienced before, as you weave a seamless narrative for each project. The works of art come to life so that you are completely sucked in to stimulate your own imagination. At Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam, which stands for “light factory” in French, the possibilities are limitless and the experience is unforgettable.

Fabrique des Lumières Amsterdam

Fabrique des Lumières showcases the work of the greatest artists in history. Names such as Salvador Dalî, Antoni Gaudî, Jimmy Nelson, Gustav Klimt & Vincent van Gogh are all on the list for your pleasure. From Van Gogh’s swirling starry nights to Monet’s enchanting water lilies, history’s most cherished art is reborn in a captivating new light. The exhibitions are constantly changing so it’s best to find all the information about current exhibitions on the official website of Fabrique des Lumières.

Whether you’re an art aficionado or someone curious about the world of creativity, Fabrique des Lumières offers an unparalleled educational experience. Immerse yourself in the stories behind each artwork, learn about the lives of the artists who shaped our cultural landscape, and gain a newfound appreciation for the rich tapestry of human expression.

Fabrique des Lumières isn’t just in Amsterdam, you will also find an Atelier des Lumières in Paris, which opened its doors in 2018. It is extremely popular because, in just a few years, the exhibition in Paris has already attracted some 3 million visitors.

In Amsterdam, Fabrique des Lumières’s culture spaces are located in a historic location, in an old coal factory also known as the Westergasfabriek. The factory was built in the past to illuminate the streets of Amsterdam. Fabrique des Lumières has breathed new life into the location by transforming it into a digital art centre. With approximately 3800m2 of projection surface, Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam is the largest digital museum in the Netherlands. About 100 video projectors and a spatial sound system are used for the exhibitions. In short, the perfect cocktail for an enchanting experience.

Fabrique des Lumières isn’t just about observing art — it’s about experiencing it firsthand. With interactive displays and immersive environments, you’ll find yourself seamlessly woven into the narrative of each masterpiece. Walk through a field of blooming sunflowers, or traverse a starlit sky — the possibilities are limitless, and the experience is unforgettable.

Fabrique des Lumières - entrance Westerpark

Fabrique des Lumieres Amsterdam - Guadi exhibition

How does Fabrique des Lumières work?

Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, Fabrique des Lumières stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to artistic innovation. When you’re not exploring the picturesque canals and charming streets, make your way to this digital oasis that’s destined to redefine your perception of art.

To bring exceptional works of art to life in Fabrique des Lumières Amsterdam, state-of-the-art technology is used in innovative ways that will blow your mind. The experience is amazing and is meant to stimulate all senses! Don’t miss out.

Is Fabrique des Lumières worth it?

Without question, Fabrique des Lumières is worth it! And the only way to find out for yourself is to go visit. Even if you are not an art lover or have little or no knowledge of art, Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam is still a fun outing with your friends and family. It is innovative, different, and amazing! Join us at Fabrique des Lumières and embark on a transformative journey where art springs to life, history dances in harmony, and imagination knows no bounds. Buy your tickets today and be part of an artistic revolution like no other!

Frequently Asked Questions Fabrique des Lumières

What can I expect when visiting the Fabrique des Lumières?

A visit to Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam is an interesting experience in which the work of well-known artists is displayed through projections. It is an innovative way of displaying art.

Can I store my bag?

Yes, Fabrique des Lumières has a guarded cloakroom. However, suitcases are not allowed.

Is Fabrique des Lumières wheelchair friendly?

Fabrique des Lumières is accessible with a wheelchair, rollator and electric wheelchair. Unfortunately, a mobility scooter cannot enter Fabrique des Lumières and high stands can also not be reached.

Can I bring a pram?

Due to safety reasons, prams are unfortunately not allowed inside. It is then useful to use a baby carrier, for example.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed at Fabrique des Lumières, with the exception of registered assistance dogs.

Where is Fabrique des Lumières located?

Fabrique des Lumières is located in the Westergasfabriek.

Is a visit to Fabrique des Lumières suitable for people with epilepsy?

Fabrique des Lumières exhibitions make use of light effects. These light effects may be less suitable for people with epilepsy and dizziness. So please take note.

Is there a disabled parking space available at Fabrique des Lumières?

There are a limited number of disabled parking spaces available at the Westergasfabriek. You may park here for a maximum of 3 hours on presentation of a disabled parking card. If you want to use the disabled parking space, please report to the porter.

How long does a visit take, approximately?

On average, a visit to Fabrique des Lumières takes about 1 hour. Of course, you can take as long as you want. Only the chosen starting time is fixed.

Is Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam open every day?

Fabrique des Lumières is open every day. The opening hours differ per day and can be found under the heading ‘opening hours’.

Do I have to book a ticket in advance or can it be done at the entrance?

You can buy your ticket for Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam both online and at the entrance. The tickets at the entrance are available while stocks last. So do you want to be sure of a ticket? Then it is advisable to book your ticket online in advance.

Do I have to print my ticket?

This is allowed, but not necessary. You can also show your ticket on your phone at the entrance.

Can I come earlier or later than my reserved time?

The chosen start time (time slot) is fixed. You can enter Fabrique des Lumières until half an hour after your time slot. Would you rather come at a different time? Then change your starting time for your reserved visiting day and time.

Can I take photos & videos while visiting Fabrique des Lumières?

It is certainly allowed to take photos and videos during your visit to Fabrique des Lumières. Just do this without flash so you don’t disturb the other visitors.

Atmosphere impression of Fabrique des Lumières

Are you too excited and can’t wait to visit Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam? We’ve got you! Here is a preview of one of the fantastic exhibitions. Make sure to buy your tickets via the blue button below.

Spoiler alert! Would you rather see it in real life book your ticket here!

Fabrique des Lumieres Amsterdam - Dali exhibition
© Culturespaces / Maikel Thijs
Fabrique des Lumieres Amsterdam group
© Dennis Bouman - Contact before commercial use
Fabrique des Lumieres Amsterdam - Guadi exhibition
© Culturespaces / Eric Spiller
Fabrique des Lumieres Amsterdam - ceiling Spiller
© Culturespaces / Eric Spiller
Fabrique des Lumieres Amsterdam - bikes Spiller
© Culturespaces / Eric Spiller

Fabrique des Lumières opening hours

Fabrique des Lumières is open seven days a week. The opening hours differ per day and per exhibition. For the current opening hours, it is best to check the practical information on the website of Fabrique des Lumières. In general, Fabrique des Lumières opens its doors at 9:30 am and closes at 5:00 pm, 6:00 pm, 9:00 pm or 9:30 pm.

Fabrique des Lumières ticket prices

Don’t miss the chance to witness the convergence of art and technology — secure your tickets now! Fabrique des Lumières promises an experience that transcends the ordinary, an odyssey through creativity that will ignite your imagination and awaken your senses.

Book your tickets for Fabrique des Lumières directly by clicking on the button below. You can purchase the tickets for Fabrique des Lumières both online and on location. We recommend that you book the tickets in advance, as the tickets are available at the box office while stocks last. If it is a busy day, you may unfortunately not be able to enter. If you book the tickets online, you can indicate at which starting time you would like to arrive. You will receive the tickets for Fabrique des Lumières by email and can have them scanned at the entrance.

Fabrique des Lumières ticket prices

Adults (18+) € 16,00-
Students, EYC/CJP pass € 13,00-
I Amsterdam City Card € 12,00-
Youth 5-17 years € 12,00-
Family rate (2 adults + 2 youths) € 16,00-
Children (0 – 5 years) Free
Amsterdam City Pass (only available on location) Free

Address, contact information and route to Fabrique des Lumières

Fabrique des Lumières is located in the Westergasfabriek, which is in the Westerpark in Amsterdam. The location is accessible by public transport and car.

Pazzanistraat 37
1014 DB Amsterdam
[email protected]

Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam

Public transportation

The Westergasfabriek is located in Amsterdam West and is easily accessible by public transport. You can reach the Westergasfabriek from various parts of the city. Below you will find a number of options from Amsterdam Central Station to Fabrique des Lumières.

From Amsterdam Centraal:

      • Walk from Amsterdam Central Station to bus station CS IJzijde. Wait at platform K and take bus 21 towards Geuzenveld. Alight at the Hallstraat bus stop. From here it is a mere 5-minute walk to Fabrique des Lumières.
      • From Amsterdam Central Station, walk to the CS IJzijde bus station. Then walk to Platform (Perron) J and get on bus 22 towards Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station. Then alight at the Nassauplein bus stop. From this bus stop it is about a 10-minute walk to the Westergasfabriek.

Do you want to know the fastest way to get to Fabrique des Lumières? Then plan your route with the 9292 ov app.

9292 knop Nederlands

Experiences in Fabrique des Lumières in Amsterdam

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