Amsterdam parking

Amsterdam is a historic city with many small streets and a lot of traffic. In an effort to keep out cars, parking rates have gotten sky-high. You have to pay practically everywhere within the city borders for parking. You’ll pay a parking rate within the centre between €4,50 and  €7,50  per hour. Besides the high parking rates, finding a free parking spot can be challenging. This is why locals mainly rely on their bicycles and public transport in Amsterdam.

So if you plan on visiting Amsterdam by car, parking is really something to take into account. You might want to select a hotel with parking facilities, or park elsewhere during your stay. Apart from the parking difficulties in the capital, the Netherlands has one of the best road infrastructures in the world. So don’t be afraid to visit Amsterdam by car, but make sure to come prepared! As Amsterdam is a relatively small city compared to other European capitals, chances that you need your car are scarce.

On this page;

  • Parking tips; some tips to prevent high costs and issues with parking
  • Parking garages; park and charge your vehicle safely in a garage
  • Rates for street parking; check out the rates that are charged for parking your vehicle on the streets
  • P+R parking; park and ride options offer cheaper parking for your vehicle just outside of the centre, special conditions do apply

Parking options & tips

As stated before, parking in Amsterdam is practically never free. However, for the parking rates, it does matter a lot where exactly you park. So we’ve gathered the following tips, so you can keep your parking expenses as low as possible. When visiting Amsterdam by car, please note that;

  • There are several P+R zones in Amsterdam. These parking lots are designated areas where visitors can park their car. Usage of these parking facilities isn’t free, but prices are just a fraction of what you’d pay for parking on the streets.
  • Amsterdam is divided into different parking zones with their own rates. Naturally, the city centre is the most expensive parking zone. Depending on your destination, it might be worth walking a bit from one zone to another.
  • Some companies, such as Mobypark parking or Mobian, specialise in renting out parking spots in the city centre for reasonable rates. By booking a parking spot online, you ensure yourself of a convenient parking spot near your destination in a safe environment for your car. Besides, it’s also cheaper than parking on the streets.
  • If you need a car for transportation within the city, you can also use the shared Car2go’s. These electric cars can easily be picked up and dropped off anywhere in Amsterdam, without having to worry about parking costs. If you signup with car2go, you can leave your car elsewhere.
  • Pick a hotel that suits your parking needs. If you need your car near your hotel, you might want to pick a hotel in the South Eastern or Northern part of Amsterdam or a hotel that has parking facilities.

Q-park garages

In Amsterdam, Q-Park is one of the biggest companies offering parking facilities in the city. Scattered around the city the company has 32 garages where you can safely park your vehicle. Their parking facilities are guarded 24/7 and many also offer charging points for electric vehicles. It is recommended to book a parking spot for your vehicle upfront, to ensure that the desired garage has availability. Bookings can be made easily online through their website. Click here for a complete overview of all the Q-Park facilities in Amsterdam.

Q-park parking garages Amsterdam

Cheap parking near Amsterdam Central Station

Are you going to Amsterdam? Park your car at Parking Centrum Oosterdok. Our parking is in the heart of the capital close to Amsterdam Central Station. The cheapest option is to book a day ticket in advance, which can be purchased from € 5 per day up to a maximum of € 25 per day. Tickets are also available at the entrance of the parking, for a daily rate of € 37.50. Do you want to reserve a parking ticket? Visit

Rates for street parking

You have to pay parking expenses practically everywhere within the A10 city ring. Naturally, the further away you get from the centre, the cheaper the rates. Outside of the city ring, parking rates are usually a lot cheaper but still apply. These area’s include; Slotervaart, Buitenveldert, Plein 40-45, IJburg, Osdoper-plein, Noord, Amsterdamse Poort and the area of the Arena station. The map below provides an overview of the parking prices. Please note: these are average prices to provide you with a quick overview. In the map below, you can find the current prices.

Location in Amsterdam Day and time Parking rate
Amsterdam center, Oude Stadshart, Grachtengordel around Stadshart Monday until Saturday from 09:00 a.m. up to 02:00 a.m. – Sunday from 12.00 in the afternoon up to 02:00 a.m. €7,50 per hour
Amsterdam outskirts center,  – Also includes: Amsterdam East (Oosterparkbuurt and Weesperzijdestrook) and Amsterdam South (Pijp-Noord, Museumkwartier and Concertgebouwbuurt) Monday until Saturday from 09:00 up to 24.00 at night. – Sunday from 12.00 in the afternoon up to 24:00 at night. €6 per hour
Amsterdam center,  – Oostelijke Eilanden – Also includes: Amsterdam West (Oud-West and Westerpark), Amsterdam East – (Oostelijk havengebied), Amsterdam South (De Pijp-Zuid, Stationbuurt, and Hoofddorppleinbuurt) Monday until Saturday from 09:00 until 21:00 in the evening. €4,50 – per hour
Amsterdam West – (De Baarsjes, and Bos en Lommer), Amsterdam East (Indische buurt en Watergraafsmeer, IJburg en bedrijventerrein Overamstel), and Amsterdam South (Rivierenbuurt)  Monday until Saturday from 09:00 until 21:00 in the evening. Note: In the Baarsjes and Bos en Lommer it is up to 24:00  €2,40 – per hour
Amsterdam West – (Bos en Lommer in the area outside of the borders of freeway A10)  Monday until Saturday from 09:00 up to 19:00  €1,40 – per hour
Amsterdam North – (NDSM, Bezaanjachtplein, Buikslotermeer and Waterlandplein)  Monday until Friday from 09:00 up to 19:00 – Saturday from 12:00 up to 19.00 – NDSM-area Monday until Sunday from 09:00 up to 23.00 hour  €1,40 – per hour


Park plus ride (P+R) in Amsterdam

Using Park + Ride (P+R) facilities is the best way to save money on your parking expenses. In our opinion, this is the best option when you plan to be for half a day or more in Amsterdam’s city centre by car. The Park plus Ride spots are located on the outskirts of Amsterdam, nearby motorways and have an outstanding public transport connection to the city centre. Keep in mind that there are certain requirements for parking at discounted Park + Ride rates, which we’ll discuss later.

P+R locations in Amsterdam

These are the various locations where you can park on P+R conditions;

  • P+R RAI (maximum 24 hours discounted P+R rates, after that regular rates apply)
  • P+R Zeeburg l + ll (two locations)
  • P+R Zeeburg lll
  • P+R Sloterdijk
  • P+R Noord
  • P+R Bos en Lommer
  • P+R Johan Cruijff Arena
  • P+R Olympisch Stadion

How much does P+R parking cost in Amsterdam?

Parking at a Park and Ride zone will only cost you either €6,– or €13,– per 24 hours of parking, depending on your time of arrival. A major saving compared to street parking, which costs up to €45,- per 24 hours. At the P+R zones, you are allowed to park for up to 96 hours. The parking rates at the P+R work as follows;

  • Arrival during weekdays before 10:00 a.m. will cost you €13,- the first 24 hours. The next 24 hours will cost you only €1,-
  • Arrival during the weekend or on weekdays after 10:00 a.m. will cost you €6,- per 24 hours.

What are the requirements for the discounted P+R parking?

The parking rates mentioned above are discounted rates, regular price for parking in these areas is €1.40 or 3.50 per hour. To get the discounted rates, you must travel into the city centre zone by public transport. Make sure to keep your public transport ticket, as it will be checked by the P+R vending machine. Please note; that you must purchase your public transport ticket within an hour after parking your car.

Map of P+R in Amsterdam

Summary of P+R conditions

  1. Make sure you only travel in the city centre zones by public transport. Take a look at the P+R map above.
  2. Don’t forget to check in and out with your public transport card.
  3. Use public transport on your return to the P+R where you parked your car./li>
  4. To pay the P+R is mandatory to get your P+R discount.

As we mentioned earlier, our mission is to help you get the best out of your stay in Amsterdam. If you doubt whether you will be able to meet the conditions above, then you should consider other options, such as Mobypark, Mobian or simply paying the regular parking rates. tip:: Take a screenshot of the infographic below to make sure you carry the right information with you:
Infographic P+R Amsterdam

Car2go in Amsterdam

A very sustainable and cheap solution is the Car2go concept. This can save a lot of money whenever you need a car for a short period of time. Another great advantage is not having to pay for parking. So how does it work?

Car2go in Amsterdam

  1. Join them: by signing up via the app in the Google Play Store or The App Store from Apple. A driver’s licence and credit card is mandatory for your registration.
  2. Find and reserve using the Car2go app:check out instantly which of the cars is available nearby. Just select one and you have a reservation for 30 minutes.
  3. Drive: by activating your rental with the app, then drive easily towards your destination.
  4. Parking: is allowed on every public parking space within the Car2go home area.

Note: The Car2go vehicles can only be left within the ring and specified areas. This means that it is a great solution for travelling within the city.

Free parking at your hotel

Most hotels in Amsterdam don’t offer free parking. Sometimes there valet services available. This is something to take into account when booking a hotel, as parking can be expensive. If you fancy a hotel with parking facilities your best bet is to check for hotels in the northern part or southeastern part of Amsterdam.

Check out the other practical info about Amsterdam, to be well prepared for your unforgettable trip.