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The Modern Contemporary Museum in Amsterdam, also known as Moco Museum, houses a collection of artwork by unparalleled artists from the past century. Within three stories of floor-to-ceiling creations, the Moco Museum is located right on the Museumplein where it lies next to the world famous Stedelijk Museum and the Van Gogh Museum. The Alsberg townhouse where the Moco Museum has found a residence, built in 1904, creates a nice backdrop for the artists it showcases.

Note: Some of the exhibits on this page may not be available at the time you’re visiting Moco Museum Amsterdam. We will try to update the page as soon as we hear of a new exhibit in Museum Moco.

Moco Museum Amsterdam: permanent collection

The Moco Museum offers a wide range of contemporary arts. As Moco is based in Barcelona and Amsterdam, the museum has lots of exhibitions. In Amsterdam you will find two permanent collections: Banksy – Laugh now and Moco Masters.

Banksy – Laugh Now (Permanent Collection):

Moco Museum Amsterdam prides itself on showing one of the largest permanent collections of Banksy’s artwork, with over 90 original pieces within its walls. Banksy began his career as a street artist whose appeal, other than his obvious artistic ability, is largely credited to the surrounding mystery of who is behind the spray can. From his beginnings on the streets of London in the 1990s, Banksy has since created groundbreaking and inspirational art in the form of sculptures and political pieces. His work has become so popular among mainstream media that chances are high visitors have seen it somewhere, maybe even on buildings put there by the artist himself! Banksy’s canvas works, sculptures, and even graffiti rescued from torn-down buildings can be seen at Moco. In the Banksy Moco Museum you will find famous artworks like: Laugh Now, Girl with Balloon, Flower Thrower, Smiling Copper and the Crude Oil-series.

Moco Masters Amsterdam (Permanent Collection)

This permanent collection to the museum showcases the talent of the leading artists of the 20th century. In this collection you will meet artworks of the icons and rising stars of modern contemporary art. Moco Museum shows the timeless creations of Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Keith Haring, among other influential artists. The collection pieces together current brands to show the artists’ relevance in today’s society, proving that they are truly the masters of modern art. The list of Moco Masters is never ending, but Moco Amsterdam is not afraid to add artists as they are now also showing the next generations of masters. According to the museum, Moco Contemporary artists are not just joining the game, they are changing it.

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Temporary exhibitions Museum Moco Amsterdam

The Moco Museum not only has permanent exhibitions like Banksy and Moco Masters Amsterdam. In Moco you will find a lot of temporary exhibitions. Disclaimer: last updated November 2022.

The New Future Amsterdam (Currently showing in Moco)

One of Moco’s current exhibitions is The New Future, the first exhibition in Europe displaying the world of Non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Therefore Moco Museum Amsterdam is one of the first museums in the world to share this kind of digital artwork and express the future of digital artwork. The exhibition based on blockchain technology shows work of WhIsBe, Beeple, Mad Dog Jones and many more. As Moco Amsterdam states: NFTs are The New Future. As for now there is still no end date to this exhibition.

The Future is Old (Currently showing in Moco)

In The Future is Old temporary artist THE KID uses art as a way to make us question democracy, power, privilege and the polarized world the youth everywhere in the world has to deal with these days. With hyper realistic, life-size sculptures and portraits bigger than life, The KID makes sure to educate about mass shootings, institutionalized racism, social determinism and ever-threatened civil rights.

Reflecting Forward/ The Digital Immersive Art exhibition by Studio Irma (Currently showing in Moco)

According to Moco Museum Amsterdam this exhibition in collaboration with Studio Irma celebrates connection and shows what the future can look like. With the Digital Immersive Art exhibition a new art movement has started: connectivism. Expect to see a lot of colors and shapes in the different installation art rooms during your visit to this exhibition in Moco Amsterdam.

Moco Museum Opening Hours

The Moco Museum Amsterdam is open every day of the year – even holidays!

Monday – Tuesday 09:00 – 19:00
Friday –  Sunday  9:00 – 21:00

Moco Museum tickets, prices and discounts

Moco Museum tickets are available at the entrance to the museum or online. Moco advises to reserve a date and time slot for the best experience. If you don’t want to spend time in the queue, make sure to buy your tickets online using the buttons above and below! Get your Moco Museum tickets with discount.

Regular entrance prices

Adults 19,95
Students €16,95
7-17 years old €16,95
Under 7 Free

Online discount tickets

Moco Museum FAQ

  1. Is there a queue for the Moco Museum?
    Yes, there can be lines up to 20 minutes during peak time or the busy seasons.
  2. Is the Moco Museum wheelchair accessible?
    Unfortunately, due to the historical building and small staircases, there is no elevator.
  3. Can I used my I amsterdam card for free admission?
    Yes! Moco Museum is included with your card.
  4. Are there lockers?
    No. You will need to carry your backpacks on the front of your body while you are in the building.

Public Transport to the museum

The Moco Museum is located in the heart of Amsterdam at the Museumplein, right near other Amsterdam Attractions like the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.

From Amsterdam Central Station:

Tram 5 (direction Amstelveel Stadshart)
Tram 2 (direction Nieuw Sloten)
Tram 12 (direction Amststation)

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Address and Contact Informationmoco museum banksy amsterdam

The Moco Museum is found in a large, picturesque townhouse in Museumplein, between the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.


Moco Museum
Honthorststraat 20
1071 DE Amsterda
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel:+31 (0)203701997

Moco Museum Reviews

We are always interested to find out about our visitors' experiences. Please leave your Moco Museum review below and help fellow travelers! What did you think of the museum? Would you recommend it to friends? Did you have to wait long at the entrance? Include all you want in your review. Please be patient as we check all reviews by hand, and know that it will be posted soon!



Loved your approach. Let’s update the Banksy exhibit to explore how many feel about the new success from selling the work at high prices? At the Amsterdam site, when traffic is high, the bathroom situation is rather desperate. Would like a more direct contact for Irma DeVries (Studio Irma). I would like to get the text for the immersion video. Will be telling everyone a trip there is well worth it!


Loved the Daniel Arsham Expo

‘Connecting Time’ by Daniel Arsham at Moco Museum was an incredible exhibition and experience. My visit to Moco Museum in Amsterdam was unlike any other museum experience. Go see for yourself!


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