Red Light District

The Amsterdam Red Light District is one of the most talked-about neighborhoods in the city, due to its housing of the world’s oldest profession. While prostitution can be found all across the globe, it usually happens behind closed doors. But not in Amsterdam! Known as “De Wallen” (pronounced Day Vaw-len) to the Dutch, you are almost guaranteed to see one of those infamous women offering their “services”, as well as many sexshops, brothels, peepshows, and strip clubs.

Red Light District AmsterdamHistory Red Light District

The history of the area dates all the way back to the 16th century, as the Catholic government was being overthrown by Protestants. The district was transformed, making way for nightlife and entertainment for the many sailors and travelers passing through Amsterdam.

Discover the fiction and reality surrounding the district using one of the tour providers below.

But first, check out this video for a quick look at the Red Light District before you experience it yourself:

Red Light District Amsterdam Tours

You and your family can learn more about the rich history of the neighborhood by using one of the many touring companies. The tour guide can also tell you the do’s and dont’s of the area in order to stay out of trouble and keep it a safe place to visit, as well as other tips about Amsterdam!

Informative tours

Providers can be independent touring guides or professional agencies. It is a safe way to learn more about all the hidden secrets of the area. The tours are held in both English and Spanish, based on your preferences. It is also possible to arrange private tours. Click the link below to find touring operators:

Red Light Crawl

Another fun tour for those of age is known as the Red Light Crawl. The tour guide will take you along to 5 or 6 different bars in the neighborhood. There are even some extras included like free entrances, shots, and drink specials.

This tour is available every day of the week throughout the majority of the year. The crawl begins after dark. If the starting time doesn’t fit your schedule, you can give your tour guide a call. You can make a reservation using the links below:

Prices and discounts

The table below gives you and indication of the prices of the tours. Mostly of the touring agencies give you a percent of discount, when you book a tour for a group of people.

Name of the tourAverage prices
Informative tour € 14, – check out the group discounts
 Pub Crawling€ 17, –

Discover the district by yourself

Of course you can discover the area on your own without a touring guide. When you choice for this option, we recommend you first to take a look at the list of do’s and don’t below for your safety. If your visit Amsterdam more then one day, it’s better to not visit the Red light district as first. Because, otherwise you might get a wrong impression of the city. The reason here for is that Amsterdam has a very rich history and culture. Way more then just ‘sex, drugs and rock & roll.

Red Light District do’s and don’t

  • Be respectful to the sex workers
  • Take pictures of the sex workers
  • Watch your belongings, especially in the early hours
  • Tap on the windows
  •  Ignore street dealers
  • Have unprotected sex with the sex workers
  •  Avoid deserted dark alleys
  • Peek through the windows
  • Stand too long in front of the windows
  • Show off money or valuables
  • Visit the Old Church, this is the oldest building in Amsterdam
  • Urinate on the streets
  • Interact with junkies on the street
  • Check out the nice restaurants in the district
  • Throw your trash on the street or canals


Adress and the route to the district

Most of the district is situated between the Zeedijk and the Warmoesstraat. For a quick impression of the area take a look to the map below.



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