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Whether it’s your first time in Amsterdam or your one hundredth, there is so much to explore in the city — so much that you may not even know where to look first. Add in the cost of each individual ticket to museums and events for yourself and your family, and you may find yourself confused and stressed at the thought of planning your fun vacation. Luckily, the city offers a card they call the I amsterdam City Card specifically used to take that uneasy feeling out of anyone’s mind when it comes to planning a trip.

The I amsterdam City Card allows you free or discounted admission into many of the popular, and not so popular, locations throughout central Amsterdam and elsewhere in the Netherlands. You can purchase the card to be loaded for access around the area for 24, 48, 72, 96, or 120 hours. The card even allows you unlimited access to the GVB public transportation system during the selected period, as well as reduced prices on restaurants and theaters.

Before you begin your journey, order your card online and have it delivered to your home or hotel, or choose to pick it up in person at a pick-up point at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or in the I amsterdam store located just across Central Station!

Check out the video below, and then see our examples of days that can be spent using the I amsterdam City Card:

iamsterdam card, city card

Day 1 – 24 hour card:

9:30 – Fill up on breakfast with a 25% discount at one of many restaurants, such as Pancakes Amsterdam, located across from the Central Station. If you’re already picking up the card at the I amsterdam store, why not get a bite to eat?

10:00 – Go on a free 1 hour canal cruise! A cruise around the city will give you a great first look at Amsterdam and give you an overview of what to expect of the beauty.

11:30 – Scan your card on a GVB tram or the metro underneath Centraal Station to quickly and easily get over to Waterlooplein.

12:00 – Visit a former brewery that stood at the birth of a world-renowned beer brand; the Heineken Experience. Learn how this company conquered the world with the help of smart marketing.

14:00 – Grab a quick lunch before you head over to the Jewish Cultural Quarter — all four sites in the district are included with your card!

16:00 – Walk over to the Rembrandt House Museum before it closes for the day, and step foot inside the actual residence of the gifted painter.

20:00 – If there are no kids travelling with you, celebrate a great first day after dinner by going over to the House of Bols and discovering cocktails with Dutch liquors.

Day 2 – 48 hour card:

8:00 – Use your card to travel to Museumplein and get ready to spend an entirely free day at the museums in the area!

9:00 – Visit the Rijksmuseum. This gallery is an essential part of a visit to Amsterdam and, yes, even this famous attraction is included in your card!

12:00 – Your choice of the Eye Film Museum, Stedelijk Museum, or the Diamond Museum! Why not explore all three?

18:00 – Check your provided map to find what other restaurants the card offers discounts on! There are a lot more in the city than you’d think!

Day 3 – 72 hour card:

10:00 – After breakfast at another discounted eatery, we’ll spend the rest of the day in the north, with a visit to the Maritime Museum.

12:30 – Whether you’re a kid or a kid at heart, you’re sure to enjoy NEMO, a fun science centre for all ages.

15:30 – After lunch head out to ARTIS zoo, a relaxing break from the busy centre in a classical, romantic zoo that has been around since 1838!

Day 4 – 96 hour card:

Now that we’ve seen the city, today is the chance to explore the surrounding area, such as heading to the Molen Van Sloten Museum, the only tower mill open to the public, or taking a tour of the Amsterdam ArenA Stadium, where the Ajax football team plays! Wherever you choose to go, make sure to check if you can get there by the GVB transportation system to continue using the advantages of your card.

I amsterdam City Card FAQ

  1. What do I get with the card?
    With one price, you get unlimited access to GVB public transportation, free admission to more than 70 museums, reduced prices to select attractions, restaurants, and bars, as well as a map of the city that includes all that is offered and free magazines published in Amsterdam.
  2. How do I activate the card?
    You can begin using your card by going to any museum or public transportation stop. Places that offer discounts will not be able to activate the card. The museum part of your card activates at your first museum, and the transportation activates during your first ride and both last until your time period is up for each part. In other words, you are able to keep using public transportation after you are done with visiting attractions, if the card is still valid. Don’t worry, an I amsterdam store attendee can answer any questions you may have!
  3. Is the I Amsterdam card worth the price?
    It sure can be. Depending on what museums and attractions you’d like to visit and how much you’d like to make use of public transport. The more you keep up the pace, the more the card will be worth it. Not all popular attractions are free with the I Amsterdam card. Some will only offer you a discount. So if you want to be sure that the card is worth the effort check out all places that offer free entrance here.
  4. Are trains included in the price?
    No, trains are not included on the card. This means that the ride from Schiphol Airport to Centraal Station, for example, will have to be paid for separately.
  5. Where can I pick up the card?
    You can choose between a digital I Amsterdam card (by using the app on your smartphone) or a physical card that you can pick up in the I Amsterdam store located in Amsterdam Central Station.
  6. Do I get front of the line access?
    Cardholders have to wait in the regular line at most museums and other attractions. If you’re using the app you can book a specific timeslot upfront, which is highly recommended in high season!
  7. Can I visit the same museum more than once?
    No, the card only allows free access to each museum one time. You will have to pay the full price if you choose to visit the same museum again. Travelling with GVB public transportation, however, is not limited with your card, you can travel as much as you like.
  8. Can I change the duration of my card?
    Once you have used your card at a museum or for transportation, I Amsterdam is not able to add or remove hours. You must plan accordingly at the time of purchase.

You can purchase your city card today for as low as €65 for a 24 hour card! The price only goes up from there, but so does the fun! Remember — these prices include unlimited transportation, discounts, and free admission to many attractions in and around Amsterdam.

24 Hour City Card € 60
48 Hour City Card € 85
72 Hour City Card € 100
96 Hour City Card € 115
120 Hour City Card € 125

How Much You Can Save with the 96 Hour Card*:

Below are all of the locations we included in our itinerary above that you can experience for free, but there are still so many more museums and attractions included on the card! Be sure to take a look at the handouts that come with your card to enjoy everything the card has to offer.

Attraction:                                                                            Price

Canal Cruise € 17 – 1 hour
Artis € 25
Jewish Cultural Quarter € 17 – all exhibits
Rembrandt House Museum € 17.50
Rijksmuseum € 22.50
House of Bols € 17.50
Stedelijk Museum € 22.50
Diamond Museum € 12.50
National Maritime Museum € 17.50
NEMO Science Center € 17.50
4 Days Public Transport € 32
Total Price Without Card € 216.50
Total Price With 96 Hour Card € 115.00

*As of June 16, 2023.

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