luggage storage in Amsterdam is a company started in 2015 as CityStasher Ltd. The company offers luggage storage services in cities around the world. It’s the best solution to a common problem among travellers; having to check out of your accommodation in the morning, leaving you with your luggage outside. If you still have a day to spend this comes in very unhandy, as you will have to drag all your luggage around with you. Many museums and attractions don’t allow people in with bags, so you need a space to safely store your luggage away. This is where stasher comes in; they’ve selected several luggage drop-off points throughout the cities they service. is currently active in; Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, London, Milan, New York, Paris, Sydney and many others!

Of course, you want your luggage to be safe. If you store your luggage with Stasher you don’t need to worry about this; it’s stored away from behind closed doors and insured up to £750,- against loss, theft and damage. You’ll receive a tag for each piece of luggage. On pick-up, you’ll be requested to show the tag plus your ID, before you’ll be handed your luggage.

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Stasher luggage storage FAQ

Till what time can I pick up my luggage?

This differs per pick-up point. Therefore, choose your pick-up point not solely based on location, but bear in mind the time that you need access to your luggage.

What should I do if I’m not going to be in time to pick up my luggage?

Please contact Stasher’s customer service as soon as possible through +44 20 3355 3544 they will help you find the possible best solution.

Does Stasher offer refunds if I change plans?

Yes, you can request a refund through customer service if you don’t need luggage storage anymore.

Does Stasher offer any coupon/discount codes?

If so, we’ll post them right here on this page!

Where in Amsterdam can I store my luggage?

Stasher is continuously adding new pick up points, so please check out their website for the latest list with places to store your luggage in Amsterdam. reviews

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Great Way To Enjoy Your Last Day

Really helpful service! we left all our stuff and enjoyed our last day in the city, knowing our luggage was safely stored


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