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Nothing dampens an arrival in a beautiful city like Amsterdam quite like being unable to connect to wifi or missioning to find a local SIM card that is likely overpriced and low on data. Remember that, back in the day, you would have to find a dodgy telecom shop to get a sim card from a local provider? Well, that’s history with a Holafly eSIM; you can get your phone connected to the internet anywhere, anytime, without needing a physical plastic SIM card.

For peace of mind when travelling, getting an eSIM like Holafly eSIM before you even touch down is a must, giving you the freedom and safety of connectivity upon arrival. After all, you don’t want to chase down free wifi to communicate with loved ones, find your way around with travel apps, or post Instagram selfies!

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What is an eSIM?

An eSIM (embedded SIM), like Holafly, is a virtual SIM card  that is integrated with your device, and lets you connects to a local mobile network. Unlike typical SIM cards that comes as a small card, an eSIM is already built into your smartphone, tablet or wearable device and can be activated electronically. With this technology, you can stay connected while travelling without having to swap your physical SIM card.

What is Holafly eSIM?

Holafly eSIM gives you access to the internet in more than 197 destinations and offers packages for regions, continents, territories, countries, and cities. All you need to do is simply choose the best package for you based on your destination/s and duration. This means you won’t run out of data nor overspend on days you’re not travelling/using the eSIM, which annoys us with other eSIMs.

Another bonus is that the data plans are unlimited in Europe, Mexico, China, Turkey, Japan and the US, so you’ll never be stuck for connectivity, or have to go through the admin of topping up and paying more.

Pricing is flexible, fair and decent. For example, you’ll pay €23 for six days of unlimited data on the Europe plan. If you’re going to the Netherlands, you’ll pay €19 for five days. While it might seem that other eSIM providers charge less, Holafly is the only one to provide unlimited data in some countries, which is a game-changer.

A table showing the costs of Holafly eSIM data packages in the Netherlands
An example of the packages offered through Holafly. ** This image is purely for demonstrative purposes, check out the Holafly website for the most recent rates

Holafly tourist eSIM card set up for Iphone

More benefits of the Holafly eSIM

  • You can keep your WhatsApp number so that you can stay in touch with friends of family via message or calls, and Holafly’s 24/7 customer support in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese means you always have help if you need it.
  • When you order your card, you get instant delivery.
  • Holafly eSIM is compatible with top networks in each country, and is widely regarded for consistent internet speeds throughout the world.
  • In some countries like the Netherlands,  you can share your data with family and friends. Share up to 500MB of data daily with family, friends, or fellow travellers. Use your smartphone to create a hotspot and connect multiple devices.
  • There’s also a Holafly app where you can check your usage and the number of days left on your contract. You can also top up your eSIM from the app.

Holafly eSIM review

What to be aware of

  • Ensure that your phone is actually compatible with an eSIM. That old flip phone or “brick” of a Nokia is likely too old for this technology. You can check if your phone is compatible with this list with compatible phones.
  • You won’t get a Dutch or European phone number with your eSIM, but you’ll still be able to take and make calls on your usual number.

Getting started with a Holafly eSIM

Choose and buy your Holafly data plan for the country or continent you’re visiting.

After your purchase, you’ll receive a QR code via email. To activate the eSIM, simply scan the code and follow the installation steps on your phone. Your Holafly data plan will only work once you arrive at your destination. Once you land, turn on data roaming on your phone to activate the Holafly data plan.

Good to know: On the website of Holafly, there’s a complete eSIM installation and activation guide.

Holafly eSIM

Frequently asked questions about Holafly tourist eSIMs

How much does the Holafly eSIM cost?
Prices depend on your destination and duration. Find and buy the best prepaid eSIM in the full overview of destinations.

How do I know if my phone is compatible?
You can check this overview with compatible phones to see if your phone is compatible.

Is there customer support if I need it?
Yes, there is 24/7 customer support via live chat and WhatsApp.

When should I set up my eSIM?
You can wait until you arrive at your destination to activate it, but you’ll need a Wi-Fi connection to install it.

Can I use my SIM card and Holafly eSIM at the same time?
Yes, but please note that if you leave your own SIM card activated, your network provider might apply data roaming charges to make or receive calls and send and receive text messages.

How many times can I use my eSIM?
Added: You can activate your eSIM on one device. If you delete the virtual SIM from your device, you will not be able to reuse it. You cannot scan the QR code on two devices.

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