ViaVan – cheap taxi sharing service in Amsterdam

ViaVan is by far the cheapest choice for a taxi on demand in Amsterdam. ViaVan, an app which you can download on iPhone and Android, works in a similar way to Uber but with much lower prices. This is possible due to their focus on efficiency; they are best known for the ride-sharing taxi service. By sharing your ride with other users of ViaVan, they can offer prices far below regular taxi rates as well as Uber. However, if you don’t feel like sharing a taxi, you’ll also find an option for a private ride.

Another difference with other taxi services is that your pick-up point is a corner, usually the closest to you. This enables the driver to conveniently pick you up, without losing too much time. Once you have confirmed your taxi ride, the app will show you your pick up point and a count down timer with the estimated time of arrival. Also check out the Tourist ViaBundle which includes a ride to Amsterdam Airport.

Why ride with ViaVan?

  • Convenient and safe 24/7 traveling solution
  • Cheaper than any other taxi service
  • Environmently friendly

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ViaVan 50% ride credit promo code

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Tourist ViaBundle

ViaVan now offers a tailor-made product for travellers visiting Amsterdam; the Tourist ViaBundle. This product offers great value for money! The €35,- bundle includes one airport ride to or from Schiphol Airport and four free rides within the center of Amsterdam that you can use in three days following the first ride. With our ViaVan 10% promocode you can purchase the bundle for only €31,50!

Product Airport rides Free shared rides 10% promo code
Tourist ViaBundle €35,- 1 Schiphol ride 4 core zone rides during 3 days VVTHINGSAMS2019

What you should know about the Tourist ViaPass;

  • The pass is valid for one passenger only, however, extra passengers can be added at a small additional fee. This additional fee is such a small amount that it’s cheaper than buying a second Tourist ViaPass!
  • The three free rides per day are shared rides. You can still get a private ride with ViaVan, but this will be charged at a rate that is shown before accepting the ride.
  • Free rides are within the “corezone” or center of Amsterdam. For rides outside of this area, you will be charged an additional fee.
  • No shows and cancellations will be charged at €3,-.
ViaVan zones Amsterdam
The “corezone” of ViaVan is the center of Amsterdam. Rides within this area are usually around €4,- to €7,-. Rides to Amsterdam Noord, Amsterdam Zuid Oost, Slotervaart will cost you more.

ViaVan Amsterdam housesViaVan Frequently Asked Questions

How does ViaVan work?

ViaVan is really simple to use. It works similar to Uber. To start using ViaVan just follow these easy steps;

  1. Install the app on your smartphone from the App store
  2. Create an account using our promo code and add a payment method
  3. Select a pick-up location and a drop-off point and confirm your ride
  4. Walk to the indicated pick-up point near you

What does your promocode offer?

Enter our promocode when signing up to get 10% off on the first three rides or on one of the Tourist ViaBundle product.

Is ViaVan safe to use?

Yes, ViaVan is perfectly safe. All drivers are thoroughly screened. Drivers can be rated after every taxi ride and need to have a high average rating to work for ViaVan.

How much does my ride cost?

That depends on the number of passengers, time of the day and distance. You will get to see the price of your ride beforehand. After selecting a pick-up and drop-off point, you will see the price before confirming.

ViaVan shared or private ride - iphone
With the ViaVan app you can choose between a shared or private ride

Are ViaVan rides always shared?

No, you can also select a private ride when you prefer a little privacy at an extra charge. After selecting your pick-up and drop off point you’ll see the price for both shared and private rides.

How do I pay for a ViaVan ride?

Taxi rides with ViaVan do not require cash as they are paid safely through either Credit Card or PayPal.

How much do I pay for an extra passenger?

For extra passengers, you will pay a small extra fee based on the distance of your ride. This usually comes down to a couple of Euros within the center of Amsterdam. You will always see the total price upfront, before confirming your ride.

How do I contact ViaVan?

For contacting the support team, simply use the app and go to the “help center” or fill in their contact form here.

ViaVan reviews

Share your feedback on ViaVan below and help others to decide whether or not to ride with ViaVan. Did you use ViaVan a lot during your stay in Amsterdam? Did you purchase one of the ViaPass products or did you book the rides seperately? Do you find their service convenient? How long did it take for your taxi to arrive? What do you think of the prices? Would you recommend using ViaVan?


Not Yet Perfect

The price of the rides is great, however rides do get cancelled sometimes resulting in a longer waiting time.


Perfect When Going Out

Public transport in Amsterdam is perfect during the day. When going out at night, its close to non existent. ViaVan is your saviour with affordable rides. Highly recommended!


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