We Are Amsterdam & Starboard Boats

We Are Amsterdam is the new kid on the block when it comes to tourism in Amsterdam. The tour operator organizes cruises, walking tours and tailor-made excursions in the Netherlands. The company is characterized by their young, ambitious team. We Are Amsterdam wants to be there for travellers that are looking to have a good time in Amsterdam. Their customers praise their efforts to make sure that each customer is enjoying their tours. We Are Amsterdam organizes both walking tours as well as cruises in collaboration with their sister company Starboard Boats. We Are Amsterdam distinguishes herself from other tour operators, by operating on a smaller scale; smaller groups and small boats and room for personal attention.

Weareamsterdam - Starboard boats - small open boat
Startboard boats - blue open boat
Starboard open boats

Open booze cruise – including drinks

Are you looking for a cruise with a bit more excitement than the average, dull, canal cruise? Starboard Boats has got you covered. Their evening booze cruise in a small open boat is tailored for people looking for interaction with other travellers, who are looking to have a good time! During the 75-minute booze cruise, the cold beverages are waiting for you and are all included in the price.  The luxury boats are fitted with comfy cushions and a toilet. The open boats give you the chance to shoot some of the most magnificent pictures of Amsterdam, while a cover will protect you in case of rain.

  • A 75-minute cruise in a comfortable, open boat
  • Free drinks during the cruise
  • Ship fitted with a toilet
  • Two departure points; Amstel & Red Light Area

Albert Cuyp Food tours

Dive into the world of Dutch Delicacies with the We Are Amsterdam food tour! On the most iconic market of Amsterdam, the Albert Cuyp, you will take a stroll along some of the very best food stalls, where you’ll get to taste some typical Dutch delicacies. The enthusiastic tour guides from We Are Amsterdam will tell you all about these snacks. You will get to taste; Bitterballen, Raw Dutch Herring, Poffertjes and many more! Once the stomach is filled up with the Dutch Delights, the tour goes on to do some beer tasting! In the end, drinking on an empty stomach is usually not such a good idea.  The total duration of this tour is approximately 2 hours, but of course, you’re welcome to stick around and taste every beer twice!

Included in this tour are;

  • 8-10 different Dutch Delicacies from some of the best food stalls on the Albert Cuyp Market
  • Young, enthusiastic guides, who can tell you all about the snacks and make sure you’re having fun
  • Local crafts beer tasting afterwards