Bonton sexclub tour – behind the scenes of a gentleman’s club

Let’s face it; besides the distinctive architecture and canals, Amsterdam is best known for liberal laws on drugs and prostitution. Now while everyone has an opinion about prostitution, there are only little people that really know what they are talking about; they haven’t seen a brothel or have never spoken to someone working “in the scene”. This is where Sex club tour Bonton comes in. This tour through a real sex club, that is still in service at night, aims to give visitors a unique insight behind the scenes. The tour is there to give people the most open, unbiased information and insights. The tour is guided by a former sex worker and barman who’ve worked in brothels. They will tell you real-life experiences, anecdotes and you get to ask them anything you ever wanted to know!

Visitors are given a rare view into the inner workings of the oldest profession from the perspective of a former prostitute. You learn everything about the history of both the old building where Bonton is located and prostitution and its development over the centuries. The tour also takes you around Bonton’s different rooms, show you how they are used for the entertainment of guests and you also get the chance to start a conversation with real employees. The highlight of the tour is definitely the Nuru Massage room. Bonton is the only sex club in Amsterdam with a professional Nuru Massage room. Book your tours of the Bonton right now! Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity!

Bonton Strip Club Amsterdam
Bonton is a strip club that features private rooms, that you will get to see during the behind the scenes tour.

An honest story about prostitution in a real-life brothel

There are a lot of Red Light District tours available in Amsterdam. However, many of these are given by guides that have very little or no inside knowledge. This tour, through a sex club that is still in service at night, features real-life insights and secrets about the work. There are no taboos, anything can be discussed; from emotions to the money or wishes that clients might have.

Tour de Bonton - jacuzzi
All private rooms are fitted with a bath tub to ensure hygiene for the girls

Tour de Bonton - private room with strip pole
A strip pole in one of the private rooms above the strip club

Bonton Amsterdam Red Light District Tour
A round bed in one of the private rooms of the club

Sex Club Bonton on the city map

Bonton contact details

After booking the tour you’ll be expected at Club Bonton, only a few hundred metres from the Heineken Experience. Please make sure to be there 10 minutes prior to the tour.

Stripclub Bonton
Stadhouderskade 64
1072AD Amsterdam

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