Michelin Star Restaurants Amsterdam

Are you up for an exclusive dinner at one of Michelin star restaurants in Amsterdam? These restaurants offer the highest quality, and will satisfy all your needs beyond your expectations.  thingstodoinamsterdam.com has collected for you the best Michelin star restaurants of Amsterdam.

Note: In our selection we have taken in to account that not everyone has the same budget. So in our selection you’ll find the Michelin star restaurants in every price range. As we discovered there are also relatively cheaper restaurants offering extraordinary high quality meals for around €38,-. That said, you might looking for the best Michelin star experience, so we’ve also selected restaurants in a higher price category.



Price: €

Address: Centuurbaan 342, 1072 GP

This place excellent for a cheap meal; extraordinary good authentic Italian pizza slices

Librije’s zusje**

Librije’s zusje**

Price: €€

Address: Herengracht 542, 1017 BR

The specialty of Librije’s zusje are regional dishes and best local product which are combined with the newest cooking techniques and international kitchens.

Ciel Bleu**

Ciel Bleu**

Price: €€€

Address: Ferdinand Bolstraat 333, 1072 LH

Ciel bleu is located on the 23th floor of the famous Okura Hotel. Their specialty are seasonal dishes, therefore the menu changes 4 times per year.

Michelin star restaurants

As you know star restaurants are well known for their high quality food including the presentation, service & hospitality, many courses and luxurious decor. In addition, having great reviews and passing through the examination of an official Michelin star inspector are all mandatory to earn this title. There are way more aspects that will be examination, for instance it is mandatory to have a professional hotel or restaurant background etc. With other words your CV has to consist the right ‘Michelin star profile’. Another interesting fact is that you will only find Michelin star restaurants in places that are so called covered by the Michelin guide. With other words if your restaurant is not located in these area’s it will not be able to get Michelin stars. In Amsterdam the highest amount of Michelin stars are 2 stars!

Summarized: the restrictions for getting a star restaurant are very strict. This means that you may have high expectations, when you plan to visit one of these Michelin star restaurants in Amsterdam. It’s definitely worth it to click on each restaurant to sharpen your expectations.

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