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It’s the newest outdoor water sports outing you hear everyone talking about. And yes, we are talking about Flying Fish eFoils. Social media contains videos of this fantastic water sport, providing a new dimension to outdoor fun. Efoiling is starting to conquer the world, and everyone should try it once. Let’s face it, how cool is it to have the feeling of flying over water? The videos don’t lie: it’s an actual trend, and we understand why! You, too, can learn how to eFoil and experience what it is like to float over the water.

Flying Fish Efoils

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What is Flying Fish eFoils?

Efoiling is not just another water sport. Using an electric surfboard, you zoom over the water with a good speed, as bystanders often watch you floating above the water. When you’re on the board, you feel like you’re flying, and no, this isn’t because of the bottles of beers you’ve had. EFoiling is a mix of surfing, kiting and flying, independent of the weather conditions. This is also one of the most significant advantages of Flying Fish eFoils. So is there no wind and no waves? Then that’s no problem at all! But how exactly does it work? An eFoil board is a small surfboard with a hydrofoil and an electric propeller underneath so you can move the board through the water. The hydrofoil also ensures that you hover above the water to get a flying sensation! Can you see yourself racing over the water at 35 km per hour?

From afar, eFoiling may seem very difficult, but it is an excellent outing for both young and old. The technique is easy to learn, and if you are a fan of paddleboarding, surfing or snowboarding, you will probably be sailing with it within a few minutes. But it is also a water sport for beginners that you can quickly learn. As soon as you get the feeling of balance, you can already stand and then it is only a matter of getting the foil up. During an eFoil lesson, you will be guided and taught how to do this and receive an extensive explanation along with many tips on how to enjoy the sport.

– Receive a 10% discount on booking an eFoil class with the discount code “FLYHIGH” –

Fish foiling Zaanse Schans

Efoiling in Amsterdam

Are you wholly convinced and can’t wait to take an eFoil lesson? Then you have come to the right place at Flying Fish eFoils. Flying Fish eFoils has the largest eFoil platform in the Netherlands and seven eFoil schools throughout the country, where you can learn all the intricacies of this unique water sport. You are definitely in good hands at Flying Fish eFoils. The school is located at Nieuwe Meer in Amsterdam. In addition to the lessons, you can buy a board at Flying Fish eFoils to practice in your own time, which can help you become even better. This is bound to make your friends jealous. Flying Fish eFoils’s surfboards are suitable for beginners and advanced players.

efoil Amsterdam

Rent an Efoil + efiol class in Amsterdam

An eFoil class in Amsterdam is not only fun for yourself, but also a great outing with friends or perhaps as a company outing. Encourage each other to stay on the board and give each other valuable tips to get even better at eFoiling! Each class lasts one hour, and you can choose how many boards you and your group want. If you would all rather have separate boards, this is also possible, and you can easily book this. Maybe you want to save some money? Then you can choose to book a class with, for example, three people and one board. In other words, something for everyone, and the price depends on you.

How does booking an eFoil class work?

Make booking an eFoil class even easier with the following steps:

  1. Go to Flying Fish eFoils
  2. Click on ‘Book eFoil class’ and choose the location ‘Amsterdam Nieuwe Meer’
  3. Select the desired date and click on ‘next’
  4. Now choose the number of people and boards for your eFoil class.
  5. Scroll down and click on ‘next’ again
  6. Enter your details and don’t forget to use the 10% discount code!
  7. Pay for the class and you will receive a confirmation in your email

– Receive a 10% discount on booking an eFoil class with the discount code “FLYHIGH” –

Frequently Asked Questions: Flying Fish eFoil Netherlands

Can anyone learn eFoiling?

You can! Efoiling looks more complex than it is. Experience shows that anyone can stand on the board in half an hour. Efoiling is a fun activity for both young and old, and you do not need to have any experience. The classes are for people aged 16 and over.

Is it also possible to book an eFoil group class?

It is certainly possible to book a group classes at Flying Fish eFoils. Whether you want to take a class with family, friends or maybe even a blind date, it’s all possible. Combine the eFoiling with, for example, a lovely drink afterwards or rent a sup board for the real sports enthusiasts.

What does an eFoil class look like?

An eFoil class looks like this:

  • 0-15 minutes: extensive explanation of the technique, the board and possible dangers.
  • 15-55 minutes: you start practising lying on the board and then get an explanation of how to get up in the water, speed, and turn. Then it is, of course, time to practice with eFoilen!
  • 55-60 minutes: Time to go back to the venue for a nice drink.

What does a class cost?

You can determine this entirely by yourself. If you book a class, you can decide how many people you’re bringing and how many eFoils you want to rent. For example, if you come with three people and you rent one Efoil board, the costs are lower than if you rent three boards. So you can determine this entirely yourself. Prices start from €50 per person.

How long does an eFoiling class last?

An eFoil class lasts about an hour.

If the weather is bad, will the class continue?

The fantastic thing about eFoiling is that it does not depend on the weather conditions. So if there is no wind, it can still go on. Is it raining? That’s not a problem; the classes can continue since this does not influence the board’s functioning. After all, you are going to get wet anyway! If it is very windy, we will contact you 24 hours in advance to confirm whether the lesson can continue. Strong winds can make eFoiling a tad difficult.

What should I bring to my eFoiling class?

A class includes wetsuits, safety vests and helmets. If you have your wetsuit, be sure to bring it with you. If the weather is sunny, don’t forget to bring sunscreen! It is also helpful to bring slippers and a towel. Please arrive about half an hour before class starts. Changing rooms are available to store your valuables safely.

Who do I take classes from?

All classes at Flying Fish eFoils are taught by experienced instructors who also provide a safe environment. With the extensive experience in several water sports, you do not have to worry about safety during your classes!

Is eFoiling a dangerous water sport?

Experience shows that eFoiling is not a dangerous water sport. However, it is essential to listen carefully to the instructors. Lessons will only occur if the participants wear helmets and safety vests. It is communicated in advance what could happen and how you can prevent these situations. Of course, you may sometimes fall, just like when you are surfing, but if you listen carefully to the tips given by the instructors, the risks are very low.

Am I insured during an eFoil class?

During the booking process, you will be asked to sign a disclaimer. This creates awareness of the possible dangers of eFoiling. In addition to its responsibility, the Flying Fish eFoils school is well insured for damage and injury to third parties.

Efoil lessen Amsterdam

The impressive atmosphere at Flying Fish eFoiling

Once you are on the board, this is not only very cool, but it also produces beautiful photos. Book here your eFoiling class with a 10% discount. Use the code “FLYHIGH“.

Amsterdam Efoilwaydoo efoil


Opening hours Flying Fish eFoils

If you would like to book a class at Flying Fish eFoils, this is possible on any day of the week from 9:30 to 20:00.
If certain days on the website calendar can no longer be clicked on, those days are unfortunately already fully booked. You can easily check via whether there is still availability on the desired day and time.

Prices Efoil Class with Discount

As indicated earlier, you can decide how expensive you want to make the eFoiling classes in Amsterdam. The price starts from €50 per person and depends on the number of people and amount of boards you want to rent.

Please note: you can only participate in a class if you are 16 years or older.

Flying Fish eFoils lesson prices

1 on 1 class (1 person + 1 board) € 150,-
eFoil class 2 persons + 1 board € 75,- per person
eFoil class 3 persons + 1 board € 50,- per person
6 or more persons Price on request

– Receive a 10% discount on booking an eFoil class with the discount code “FLYHIGH” –

Address, contact information, and route

The Flying Fish eFoils has a top location in Amsterdam. Below you will find the address details:

Address Nieuwe Meer
Nieuwe Meer Flying Fish Foils
Jollenpad 10
1081 KC Amsterdam
+31 6 52 61 87 13
[email protected]

Flying fish efoile Amsterdam op maps

By car

The eFoil location in Amsterdam is easy to reach by car and you can also park nearby. There is even a P+R parking lot close by at the location on the Nieuwe Meer.

Public transportation

If you prefer to use public transport, this is of course also possible! Thanks to the North-South line, it is now easy to reach the location at Nieuwe Meer by metro. Take metro 50 in the direction of Isolatorweg and get off at Amstelveenseweg metro station. From here, it is a 10-minute walk to the Jollenpad.

With the 9292 ov app, you can easily map out your personal route and see what the fastest way is to get to Flying Fish eFoils.

9292 knop Nederlands

Experiences and reviews Flying Fish eFoil class in Amsterdam

Let others know what you thought of this new hip water sport and tell us about your experiences here! We are very curious.



Great experience at Flying Fish Efoil School. Great crew, beautiful location and good vibes.


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