3 Days in Amsterdam

17 March, 2020 in Blog by Emily Zakich

Get inspired by our 3 day’s itinerary in Amsterdam!
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Day One:

PANCAKES Amsterdam

Let’s kick off our day with a delicious breakfast. We won’t judge you for stopping in at Starbucks or McDonald’s for a quick bite, but why not try something more unique? A breakfast joint like PANCAKES Amsterdam is a great place to begin. It gets busy in the morning, but it’s worth it!
Are interested in more pancake restaurants in Amsterdam, take a look at our top ten best pancake restaurants.

Canal Cruise

A canal cruise is the best way to start any Amsterdam adventure. These 1-hour cruises bring you along the gorgeous canals and let you see the entire city from the comfort of a boat. A tour guide, either live or pre-recorded depending on the tour and boat type you choose, will point out historic landmarks and other places of interest as you set sail. A canal cruise will give you a great overview of the city. It will even give you fun facts to tell to friends back home!


Anne Frank House

Now that we have a general idea of the area, head to the Jordaan neighborhood and wander around until you end up at the Anne Frank House. This is the actual house Anne Frank and her family hid in the secret annex. Amsterdam is full of important pieces of history, and this area is the best place to begin your journey through time. Tip: Book your tickets ahead of time during the peak seasons to avoid long lines.


De Negen Straatjes

Head south until you reach De Negen Straatjes, or The 9 Small Streets.  This area connects the Heren-, Keizers-, and Prinsengracht. Take a stroll through this area that’s bustling with tourists who love Amsterdam’s hidden gems. This is a great place to pick up a souvenir or just window shop.

nine streets amsterdam


Grab a bite to eat for lunch while you explore the area. Our recommendation? Pluk. This small restaurant offers healthier options like bowls and sandwiches — the perfect way to fuel your body for the rest of the day.

Dam Square

Next, head east to reach Dam Square, the heart of Amsterdam. Here you can find the National Monument, which remembers the lives lost during World War II, the Royal Palace, and the Nieuwe Kerk. Dam Square is a great place to take photos and grab some dinner along one of the many side streets.


Red Light District

Afterward, travel over to the Red Light District. This famous neighborhood will always give great stories to bring back home with you. Tip: If you want to get all of the experience without any concern, visit it during the daytime, instead. The area is famous for its exotic nightlife, but it’s lively all hours of the day, so you’re bound to see something exciting no matter when you go.

Red Light District Amsterdam

Bierfabriek Amsterdam or Café CHA CHA

Relax and discuss your favorite parts of your jam-packed day while sipping on some craft ale from somewhere like Bierfabriek Amsterdam. Munch on the food offered there, or head to Café CHA CHA.

Day Two:

De Vier Pilaren

De Vier Pilaren is a perfect place for breakfast today on Day 2. It’s a great restaurant for travelers, while still giving a hole-in-the-wall feel. Try their poffertjes to get a perfect taste of Amsterdam culture.


We’re spending the morning in Museumplein, a hub for lovers of art and culture. The Rijksmuseum is a must-see on any Amsterdam vacation. It houses more than 8,000 pieces of art, sculpture, and memorabilia that highlight 800 years of Dutch history. It is easily one of the most popular attractions here. “The Night Watch” by Rembrandt is one of the most well-known art pieces from the Dutch Golden Age and is proudly displayed in the center of the museum.



Moco Museum

Now that we’ve seen classic artworks, let’s head across the square to Moco Museum, or the Modern Contemporary Museum. One of the newest additions to Museumplein, Moco displays famous modern works from artists like Banksy, Roy Lichtenstein, and Jeff Koons. Some of the exhibits are even interactive and perfect for photos.



It’s time to take a break and enjoy the scenery around the square. Hang out for a while and grab a coffee and lunch in Museumplein until you’re ready to walk over to Concertgebouw. This legendary concert hall is in a beautiful building and has a breathtaking interior. It hosts free classical concerts every Wednesday at 12:30 and is a great break from the hubbub of the square and the city itself.


Heineken Experience

We’ll close out day 2 by heading north-east to the Heineken Experience, which allows visitors a peek into how Heineken makes their famous beer with a self-guided tour. All ages are welcome, but those over 18 years old will get two beers with the price of the ticket that they can enjoy on the rooftop bar! End your fun-filled day with a sunset view of the city.

De Tulp

Walk across the way to De Tulp, a tropical restaurant that has a great atmosphere to celebrate your vacation in Amsterdam. Many of their menu items are made to be shared among the table. Sit back with a drink and enjoy the evening with your travel mates.

Day Three:

Blushing or Bagels & Beans

We’ll head back to Museumplein on Day 3 and begin by walking just outside of the square for breakfast. We are getting coffee and a snack today at places like Bagels & Beans to grab a bakery item, or Blushing for a breakfast wrap.

Van Gogh Museum

The Van Gogh Museum gets very crowded, so we suggest you book your tickets in advance to avoid waiting in the hour-long line. Heading there in the morning will make a great start to the day as you spend a few relaxed hours enjoying the art of Vincent Van Gogh.


Albert Cuypmarkt

While we’re in the area, we’ll go east until we get to Albert Cuypstraat and the Albert Cuypmarkt, the largest day market in Europe. Take in all 300 stalls, and chat with the locals who make a living by selling items like fish, cheese, and flowers. This is also the best place to get a freshly-made stroopwafel and other souvenirs to take home with you!


Vondelpark or Sarphatipark

Close out your three days of Amsterdam adventuring with a relaxing stroll through a park. There are many parks in Amsterdam to choose from. The largest and most known is Vondelpark, which has restaurants, playgrounds, and an open-air theatre. If you’re looking for a smaller park, Sarphatipark is a lovely way to take in the beauty of nature without as many crowds.


The perfect restaurant to get authentic Dutch cuisine to close out your trip is Hap-Hmm in the Amsterdam Oud-West area. Hap-Hmm is a true hole in the wall eatery that first opened in 1935, and offers items such as beer chicken (bierkip) and wienerschnitzel.

We hope you enjoyed your 3 days in Amsterdam. There’s always more to see, so come back soon!

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