Top Vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

25+ Vegan Restaurants in Amsterdam

04 November, 2019 in Blog by Chuka Nwanazia

Vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one city where you can find different types of restaurants. From Japanese, Israeli, Turkish to Dutch and Indonesian. The city is also home to a host of vegetarian and vegan restaurants and below are our pick of the bunch. You have to understand that not all hotspots are 100% vegan, but they all have vegan options on the menu. So there is definitely something for everyone.

1. Ninour

Ninour can be found just outside the bustle of the Pijp. From the outside, you might think that Ninour is a concept store with different interior items, gifts, children’s clothing and vintage items, but it is much more than that. You can also visit them for a delicious breakfast and lunch. At Ninour there is a very nice, casual atmosphere. The food is delicious, organic and vegetarian. And there are also vegan dishes on the menu.

Address: Eerste Jan Steenstraat 109, Amsterdam

2. Spirit Amsterdam

After the success of Spirit in Rotterdam, a location in Amsterdam had to happen. At Spirit, they serve delicious vegan dishes while also encouraging customers not to be wasteful. The buffet offers a choice of fifty different dishes! You don’t just get to eat 100% organic, but also 100% vegetarian. Don’t miss the vegan stew in the winter and fruit salad in the summer with Dutch organic strawberries. There is also plenty of good food here for vegans. There is buckwheat pancakes, miso soup, gyoza with black beans, red curry with lentils, spring rolls, raspberry ice cream or black sesame ice cream? The menu clearly states which dish is vegan, but you can also order gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free or dairy-free food if you want.

Address: Czaar Peterstraat 2a, Amsterdam

3. Meatless District

Meatless District should of course not be missing in the list of vegan hotspots in Amsterdam. This vega and vegan hotspot located on the Bilderdijkstraat in Amsterdam is where vegetarians and vegans go to enjoy some delicious food in Oud-West. In addition to delicious smoothie bowls, you can also enjoy a vegan yoghurt breakfast or scrambled eggs with tofu there. And the fried cauliflower is definitely worth a shot!

Address: Bilderdijkstraat 65-67 H, Amsterdam

4. Organic Saladbar SLA

SLA is where you go for the tastiest salads, soups and snacks that are both delicious and healthy. The smoothies and slow-juices are all vegan and you can also design your salad just how you like it. Whether you like to eat vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free: the menu has something for everyone. The vegan veggie bowls and the vegan sweet potato soup are highly recommended. And don’t forget to check out the vegan strawberry and vanilla cheesecake.

Address: Ceintuurbaan 149, Amsterdam

5. Dophert – Vegan foods and goods

This vegan lunchroom can be found on Amsterdam’s Spaarndammerstraat. The vegan Dophert burger is the “one to try” and in addition to other delicious dishes, you can also visit for some delicious coffee with a choice of different types of vegetable milk. And of course, check out the vegan tarts! You can also try the peanut butter brownie pie.

Address: Spaarndammerstraat 49, Amsterdam

6. Vegan Junk Food Bar

The Vegan Junk Food Bar cannot be missing on the list of vegan hotspots in Amsterdam. The menu has a wonderful list of 100% vegetable snacks, such as vegan bitterballen, vegan hamburgers, vegan spring rolls and vegan sweet potato fries with, of course, vegan mayonnaise! There are also burgers and other vegan dishes available.

Address: Staringplein 22, Amsterdam

7. The Meats Eatery

Are you looking for a place where you can sit comfortably and enjoy healthy vegan food, sugar-free juices or just gluten-free food? Then Meats Eatery in Amsterdam is the place for you. You can go there for lunch and dinner and they have lots of delicious dishes with local ingredients, free from refined sugars and other additives. They follow the 80/20 rule: 80% vegetable, 20% animal. The croissants and the summer rolls are delicious and all vegan!

Address: Cornelis Troostplein 3, Amsterdam

8. Koffie en de Koeck

You will find this cosy and vegan lunchroom opposite the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam-West and around the corner at Dophert. From Tuesday to Saturday you can visit for homemade pastries, sandwiches, hot and cool drinks, soup and breakfasts. The menu is 100% vegetable and organic as much as possible. They also have a number of gluten-free and “sugar-free” options.

Address: Haarlemmerweg 175, Amsterdam

Popular vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

9. Roots

Roots is where you go for the tastiest healthy organic juices and other delicious vegan dishes. Roots is one of Amsterdam’s truly healthy and vegan hotspot. In addition to a branch in Amsterdam South, you will also find another in the centre of Amsterdam. On the extensive menu, you will find more than enough vegan and gluten-free options. Enjoy!

Address: Amstelveenseweg 164, Amsterdam (south)

10. Mr. & Mrs. Watson

Mr. & Mrs. Watson is popular in Amsterdam because of their delicious and healthy food. Located in Amsterdam East, when you think about Mr. & Mrs. Watson, think vegan brownies, vegan cheeses, vegan pad thai, vegan pizzas, vegan cheesecake and vegan waffles. And there also have other gluten-free options on the menu.

Address: Linnaeuskade 3h, Amsterdam

11. Vegabond

Vegabond is a vegan shop and lunchroom in the centre of Amsterdam and was one of the first vegan hotspots in the city. You will find Vegabond in a wonderful location on the Leliegracht within walking distance of the Noordermarkt. Vegabond also has a store that sells 100% vegan products. In addition, you will also find quite a few vegan products there that are also gluten-free.

Address: Leliegracht 16, Amsterdam

12. REIN

REIN is where you find fresh smoothies, delicious green salads and tasty desserts. How would you like a raw chocolate brownie or a raw cheesecake? The REIN burger is 100% vegan and absolutely delicious. And if you take a look at the menu, you’re definitely going to find more tasty dishes that are entirely vegan. Make sure you visit this healthy hotspot!

Address: Wibautstraat 80-84, Amsterdam


At SNCKBR, you find healthy comfort food made with sustainable ingredients, moderate in fat, free from refined sugars and additives. And gluten-free as well! SNCKBR offers a wide variety of vegetarian, vegan, meat or fish dishes and is always free of supplements and other unhealthy chemicals. The pancake batter consists of buckwheat flour, coconut cream, coconut blossom sugar and banana. And what do you think of grilled eggplant or a delicious poké bowl? Try them!

Address: Kinkerstraat 106, Amsterdam (West)

14. Mana Mana

Mana Mana can be found in the Amsterdam Pijp and is a must-visit for anyone who loves vegetarian food. This Israeli trattoria is a tiny vegetarian restaurant that’s definitely going to impress you with their vegan dishes.
Tip: try the vegan surprise menu and the homemade hummus!

Address: 1e Jan Steenstraat 85

15. Lavinia

Lavinia opened its first lunchroom in 2014 on the Kerkstraat and has been all about good food since day one. Their menu clearly states whether a dish is vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or just falls into the guilty pleasure category. For example, they serve a vegan chocolate sauce with the banana bread! The Snack Platter comes highly recommended.

Address: Kerkstraat 176, Amsterdam

16. Restaurant Instock

The concept of restaurant Instock is fantastic because the chefs are always cooking up delicious dishes that wow the taste buds. Every morning the Instock electric food rescue cart drives past 15 Albert Heijn stores in Amsterdam and collects products that would otherwise be thrown away, but which are actually still good for use. Due to the variety of what the food rescue cart comes back with every day, the dishes always remain a surprise. When making the reservation, please indicate that you would like to eat vegan, and the Instock chefs will be happy to make something vegan for you.

Address: Czaar Peterstraat 21, Amsterdam

17. LEON

Conveniently located in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Plaza, LEON is where you will find healthy fast food! The vegan cappuccino is by far the tastiest there and is one of the reasons why customers flock the fast-food joint. There are enough vegan options there. Make sure you try the falafel, their salad and the vegan shortbread.

Address: Schiphol Plaza, Amsterdam

Top Vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

18. The Bolhoed

The Bolhoed has become a household name in Amsterdam and can be found on the Prinsengracht. This cosy restaurant serves vegetarian dishes, but you can also enjoy some vegan there. The huge vegan salad of the day comes highly recommended. A plate full of organic veggies and a glass of organic wine on the side. Enjoy!

Address: Prinsengracht 60-62, Amsterdam

19. The Dutch Weed Burger Food Shack

Their vegetarian burger with seaweed has become a household name in the Netherlands. The Dutch Weed Burger Food Shack serves different types of healthy food and caters to vegetarians and vegans. They are quite famous for their seaweed, so don’t miss out on that!

Address: Nicolaas Beetsstraat 47, Amsterdam

20. Sugarless

Eating healthy food is of paramount importance at Sugarless. Healthy and organic food for everyone in a homely, cosy atmosphere are exactly what you would find in this lunchroom. In addition to sugar-free dishes, you can also visit them if you want gluten-free food. You should not miss this healthy hotspot when you visit Amsterdam.

Address: Bilderdijkstraat 92, Amsterdam

21. The Avocado Show

The Avocado Show is quite new but is already “the talk of the town”. Instagram almost exploded when they were going to open. Avocado is the main thing there and the vega and vegan options on the menu make it quite difficult to make a choice. Don’t forget to try the ice cream made from avocados!

Address: Daniel Stalpertstraat 61 HS, Amsterdam

22. Mastino Pizza

You will find this Italian hotspot just behind the Albert Cuypstraat. Do you want a real Italian, vegan pizza that is also gluten-free and organic? Then you have to be at Mastino for that! Try the vegan pizza with truffle oil, vegan cheese and potato/zucchini peels. This vegan pizza hotspot is perfect when you’re out with friends in Amsterdam.

Address: Bilderdijkstraat 192, Amsterdam

23. Beter en Leuk

Are you vegan or do you have a gluten allergy? Or do you just enjoy good food in a pleasant setting? Then you should visit Beter & Leuk. A cosy hotspot located in Amsterdam East. Beter & Leuk tries to prepare organic dishes that are also healthy and gluten-free. You can go to Beter en Leuk for a delicious breakfast (which is also available throughout the day) or for a healthy lunch.

Address: 1e Oosterparkstraat 73/91

24. CT Coffee and Coconuts

CT Coffee and Coconuts serves some of the best vegan food in Amsterdam! If you can’t resist a good cappuccino with coconut milk, then you should definitely pay them a visit. The breakfast pancakes are delicious, but you shouldn’t skip the falafel bowl either. In this former Ceintuur Theater in the Pijp you can enjoy a healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner or drink from early in the morning until late in the evening. The sweetshop with banana bread, coconut pancakes and lemon pie is an absolute must. Don’t miss out!

Address: Ceintuurbaan 282-284, Amsterdam

25. Vinnies

About 4 years ago the first Vinnies opened its doors in the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam. Nowadays, there is a new branch on the Nieuwezijds Kolk and they are still serving healthy and delicious dishes every single day. And in addition to tasty and gluten-free dishes, you can also go for other vegan options. For example, you can opt for coconut yoghurt and vegetable milk, and even though most dishes are not vegan, the chef can turn it into a vegan dish in no time.

Address: Haarlemmerstraat 46, Amsterdam

Top Vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

26. Morris and Bella

Morris and Bella is where you go for that organic dish made with locally produced ingredients. At Morris & Bella the dishes come with a lot of veggies, and whether you are a meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan, it makes no difference at all. Everyone is welcome and every dish is tasty!

Address: Nova Zembastraat 586, Amsterdam

Have you already visited any vegan restaurants in Amsterdam? Let us know how you liked it in the comment section.

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