Top 10 Best Pancake Restaurants in Amsterdam

11 November, 2019 in Blog by Chuka Nwanazia

Eating pancakes is always a good idea and Amsterdam is full of nice pancake houses where you can enjoy the tastiest pancakes! If you’re travelling with kids then you’re definitely going to make them very happy with a visit to some pancake restaurants in Amsterdam for some delicious pancakes! Here are our top 10 (child-friendly) pancake restaurants in Amsterdam.

1. The Pancake Bakery

The Pancake Bakery has been around since 1973 and is located in a 17th-century VOC warehouse on the Prinsengracht, a stone’s throw from the Anne Frank House and the Westerkerk. The Pancake Bakery is located in the heart of Amsterdam and can be considered one of the best pancake houses in the city. The nostalgic atmosphere works wonders and the pancakes are so diverse. If you love pineapples on your pizza and also on your pancakes, say hello to the Hawaiian pancake. Not a fan of pineapples? No worries! There are numerous pancakes from different countries, for example, enjoy the Brazilian, American, Thai, Norwegian or Indian pancakes. There is also, of course, delicious Dutch pancake on the menu.


MOAK Pancakes is one of the most famous pancake houses in Amsterdam, with extremely delicious pancakes on the menu. MOAK Pancakes shows that your pancake does not only need powdered sugar and syrup on it. You can go wild on the different types of pancakes available. Check them out for some great pancakes and the juiciest juices. MOAK Pancakes is delicious pancakes served in an urban vibe. Visit them for the best pancakes in Amsterdam.

3. Madam Pancakes

Located in the heart of Amsterdam, Madam Pancakes offers tasty American pancakes with a bit of a Dutch touch. Perfect for Americans who are curious as to what American pancakes taste like in Amsterdam. There are high chairs, there is entertainment and besides pancakes, there are lots of tasty cakes for kids!

Best Pancake Restaurants in Amsterdam
Best Pancake Restaurants in Amsterdam.

4. The Happy Pig Pancake Shop

The Happy Pig Pancake Shop is a small unique shop also located in the heart of Amsterdam. They sell authentic Dutch pancakes with tasty organic toppings! Fresh, homemade and delicious! The Happy Pig Pancake Shop is also the best place to be for organic, gluten-light, vegan pancakes.

5. Pancakes Amsterdam

Pancakes Amsterdam has several locations in Amsterdam. There is one located in the Nine Streets, close to the Amsterdam Central Station and also at the Westermarkt. Their menu is full of mouth-watering pancakes. There are American and Dutch pancakes, all tasty and definitely worth the money. Eating pancakes at Pancakes Amsterdam is really an experience and visitors are always impressed.

6. The Pancake Boat

What’s better than a boat cruise and pancakes? How about a combination of both? The Pancake Boat takes place every Saturday evening and is a pleasant 2.5-hour boat cruise. In addition to eating unlimited pancakes, you can also take a number of side dishes with dessert included. Children also get to decorate their pancakes, and there are also fun colouring pages and a ball pit. If you like traditional Dutch pancakes, then the Pancake Boat is the best option for you. You can enjoy unlimited bacon, apples and natural pancakes and if you find this a bit boring then you can also choose your own pancake toppings. Have fun with cheese, salami, egg, pineapple, peach, bacon, etc.

The Amsterdam Pancake Cruise

What could be better than visiting the beautiful city of Amsterdam and enjoying all her sights and sounds? Well, pancakes of course! And the best part is that you get to enjoy these delicious pancakes while doing a canal cruise! Best combination ever! The Pancake canal cruise in Amsterdam offers you an opportunity to cruise the Amsterdam canals and enjoy breathtaking views of the famous canal houses while eating some of the best pancakes that Amsterdam has to offer. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this arrangement. Buy your tickets via the button below.

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7. Upstairs Pancakes!

The Upstairs Pancake House has been in the centre of Amsterdam since 1962, in an old building from 1539. It is the smallest pancake restaurant in Europe. Visitors can reach the 1st floor via a steep staircase, typical of old Amsterdam houses. Upstairs Pancakes has only 4 tables with a maximum capacity of 18 people. In the small open kitchen, visitors get to see how their pancakes are prepared.

8. De Carrousel

On Amsterdam’s Weteringcircuit, opposite the Heineken Experience, is a restaurant you just can’t miss: Pannekoekenpaviljoen De Carrousel. At the Carousel, you can go for a delicious pancake or a portion of poffertjes. The staff is very friendly and patient and the service is fast! There is also a TV corner for the kids. As the name implies, you can go to this round building, which used to be an old-fashioned carousel, for the tastiest sweet and savoury pancakes. Amsterdam locals and tourists love the poffertjes, so try them out!

9. Cocotte Pancakes Amsterdam

Cocotte is a French-style creperie that serves authentic breakfasts, lunches, dinners and coffee in the heart of Amsterdam. With savoury and sweet crepes made from 100% gluten-free buckwheat flour, Tarte Tatin with crème fraîche and excellent coffee, Cocotte proudly puts France on the map of Amsterdam. The dishes are not only a feast for your taste buds, but they also look fantastic. And there are also crepes to-go!

10. The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is where you go for breakfast, brunch or lunch in New York, Paris or (just) Dutch style. And the good news is: there are, of course, pancakes on the menu! Visit them and enjoy some of Amsterdam’s finest pancakes served with fresh fruit juice. You can also order your delicious smoothies, fresh juices or a nice cup of coffee.

Have you visited some of these pancake restaurants in Amsterdam? Let us know how you liked them in the comment section.

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