amsterdam city view

Amsterdam Attractions that Will Leave You Coming Back for More

25 June, 2024 in Blog by Floris

There is little doubt that Amsterdam is one of the most eclectic cities that Europe has to offer. While known for its bustling nightlife, and even for its red-light district (known as De Wallen), there are plenty of other reasons to consider a visit. Let’s take a look at four truly stunning attractions to fully understand why this relatively small metropolitan area attracts such a large audience.

amsterdam city view

The must visit museum

The Rijksmuseum is a massive museum that has often been referred to as the “beating heart of Amsterdam”. There are currently more than 5,000 works on display, and its collection is rotated regularly. This museum also represents an excellent way to learn more about Dutch history through the eyes of renowned painters such as Rembrandt and Johann Vermeer. The Rijksmuseum is the most well-known museum in the country with the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House.

Beaches in Amsterdam

Some readers might be slightly surprised to learn that Amsterdam boasts a handful of tranquil beaches. While somewhat famous for its canals, why not instead experience its unique coastline? A handful of top locations include:

  • NDSM Beach
  • Strandzuid
  • Buitenzwembad Marineterrein

In fact, it is even possible to secure a yacht charter in Amsterdam if you wish to experience these maritime destinations from a slightly different perspective. This is also an excellent way to snap a few photos of the coastline during any tranquil day trip.

For a day trip to the coastal areas outside Amsterdam, we recommend a visit to Bloemendaal, Zandvoort, IJmuiden or Scheveningen near The Hague.

Canal Cruises

No tourist’s guide to Amsterdam would be complete without highlighting yet another favourite pastime. Many visitors choose to embark upon a short canal cruise; another way to see the city from a different angle. There are likewise many famous “canal houses” which have existed for centuries. These cruises can be selected based on variables including the length of time, the route, and even perks such as on-board dining. Discover all the different canal cruises in Amsterdam yourself.

Discover a canal cruise near you, and picture locations


Vondelpark is the largest park found within the greater Amsterdam metropolitan area. It is free to visit, and open to the public throughout the day. From rolling green hills and immense flower beds to numerous on-site statues and even a tea house, Vondelpark could represent a perfect getaway for the entire family. It could also be wise to check if any live concerts will occur during your stay, as this park is a well-known venue for open-air festivals.

Of course, you might still be curious to check out the red-light district during your visit. While this is a perfectly viable option, the recommendations outlined above represent interesting alternatives, especially if you will be arriving here with family members.

A final unique aspect associated with Amsterdam is that there is always something to experience; regardless of the time of the year. It is therefore a good idea to carefully plan your itinerary and to perform additional online research. Whether simply passing through on your way to another destination or staying for a week, Amsterdam certainly represents an interesting escapade.

Vondelpark Amsterdam
Aloha Amsterdam

Aloha Amsterdam

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Ripley's Believe It or Not!

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

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Discover Rembrandt’s nightwatch and many more famous Dutch artists

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