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Best fine dining restaurants in Amsterdam

15 March, 2024 in Blog / Blog / Restaurants by Dani

In Amsterdam, there’s a wide range of cuisines to explore. In this article, we’re going to explore the best fine-dining experiences in the capital of The Netherlands. We’ll group these top-notch restaurants into different categories to help you find a restaurant that meets your expectations!


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Noteworthy fine dining experiences

Some restaurants deserve the fine dining title, for their high standards of cooking and presentation, but don’t fit the former category as they haven’t been awarded a Michelin star (yet). Some restaurants intentionally choose not to chase a Michelin Star but are still living up to some of the highest standards in hospitality. These hidden gems should definitely not be overlooked when looking for a fine dining experience in Amsterdam.

Visaandeschelde Amsterdam2


Near Amsterdam RAI, the southern part of Amsterdam, in a not-overly charming location, you’ll find a Walhalla for any seafood lover. Visaandeschelde is arguably one of the best seafood restaurants in Amsterdam. The restaurant is fairly small in size and located at a busy square with a lot of traffic and thus can be easily overlooked. However, Visaandeschelde and her dedicated team of chefs cook seafood dishes that meet some of the highest standards in hospitality. Therefore, the restaurant has been praised by many seafood-loving locals. The dishes on Visaandeschelde’s menu change with the seasons but always include delicacies from the seas. You can either order your favourite dishes a la carte or be surprised by the dishes that the chef’s menu offers. Visaandeschelde also has a broad selection of wines from well-known wine-producing countries as well as some local wines from the Netherlands.

The chef’s menu with 5 courses can be ordered for just under €100,-. All dishes can also be ordered a la carte. As you would expect from a seafood restaurant, some premium appetisers are available, including oysters and caviar.


Refined classics

Brasserie Marie

In a superb location, right in the centre of Amsterdam, Brasserie Marie is hidden in the prestigious Hotel De L’Europe. In this hidden gem, the dedicated team of chefs are cooking tributes to classical French cuisine. In the summer, you can have a seat on one of the most beautiful terraces in Amsterdam, with stunning views over the Amstel River. The Brasserie also features elegantly decorated indoor space if the weather is less inviting, with similarly pretty views of the Amstel. On the menu of Brasserie Marie, you’ll find a selection of French classics, including Côte de boeuf and pigeon. There’s also a nice selection of seafood dishes available, including dishes with oysters, langoustines and caviar. All dishes on the menu can be ordered à la carte. Of course, all these dishes can be accompanied by a selection of excellent French wines.

The prices at Marie are very reasonable, there’s a tasting “Gourmand” menu available at € 50,-.



Although this local favourite can be found in the city centre, the chances of discovering it by accident are close to zero. Nonetheless, the restaurant is often fully booked, thanks to their dedication to cooking excellent food. The interior of the restaurant is simple and sober, which is not really what one would expect from a restaurant with these high standards of cooking. This first impression will soon be blown away by the excellent dishes crafted from some of the finest ingredients. The menu of Scheepskameel regularly changes but is characterized by European dishes with (raw) seafood, grilled veggies and/or roast meat accompanied by carefully crafted sauces. Scheepskameel doesn’t restrict its cuisine to a specific country but to Europe as a continent. The opposite is applicable to the wine selection; Scheepskameel is often praised for having exclusively German wines while only serving the finest. All in all, Scheepskameel offers an excellent culinary experience that is without a fuss.

All dishes can be ordered a la carte, but you can also go with the Chef’s menu. On average, expect to spend around €100,- for a 5-course dinner.


Haute cuisine – Michelin-starred restaurants

Are you looking for a restaurant that meets the highest standards of cooking and hospitality? The restaurants below will probably meet your high expectations! Of course, this kind of quality comes with a price tag, but for a connoisseur like you, this is well worth the culinary experience. Below, you’ll find some of Amsterdam’s finest restaurants run by world-class chefs.

Ciel Bleu Restaurant Amsterdam

Ciel Blue **

On the 23rd floor of Hotel Okura, one of the renowned luxury hotels in Amsterdam, you’ll find the prestigious restaurant Ciel Blue. Renowned for its exquisite culinary artistry and breathtaking views of the city, Ciel Bleu offers a unique fine-dining experience. Under the guidance of chef Arjan Speelman, the restaurant presents innovative and beautifully crafted dishes, combining modern techniques with the finest ingredients. Dishes are a tribute to traditional French cuisine with some worldly influences with some of the finest seasonings. The elegant ambience, coupled with an impeccable wine list and attentive service, ensures an unforgettable gastronomic journey. In 2007, Ciel Blue was awarded its second Michelin Star for its exceptional culinary craftsmanship.

At Ciel Blue, you can choose between different 6-course menus that cost around €250,- per person. Please note that the standard menu does include a fair share of courses with seafood. Some of the dishes or ingredients will come at a premium, such as Caviar, Wagyu or Truffle. Of course, every course can be paired with a wine, handpicked by the sommelier.


Restaurant Bougainville

Restaurant Bougainville *

Right in the heart of Amsterdam, at the iconic Dam Square, you’ll find Restaurant Bougainville. Situated in the luxurious Hotel TwentySeven, the restaurant offers some truly unique views over Dam Square. The restaurant is rather small in size attributing to its exclusive ambiance. The tables at the windows feature a circular couch, which makes an excellent, intimate setting. The usage of fine fabrics gives the space a warm atmosphere. The fine dining establishment is celebrated for its innovative culinary creations and meticulous attention to detail. The restaurant, awarded a Michelin star, showcases the talents of its chefs, who skillfully blend global flavours with a contemporary twist. Guests at Bougainville are treated to visually stunning dishes, made with the freshest, high-quality ingredients. The intimate and sophisticated setting of the restaurant, complemented by an expertly curated wine list, makes every meal here a memorable encounter with the art of gastronomy.

Tasting menus with 5 or 6 courses start at €140,- and are also available in vegetarian form. Some courses might be changed with more premium ingredients, at a surcharge. Of course, Bougainville also offers an excellent selection of wines and offers a wine pairing alongside the courses.


RIJKS restaurant

Restaurant RIJKS *

In one of the most iconic buildings in Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum, you can find RIJKS, a Michelin Star crowned restaurant. This restaurant opened its doors in 2014 under the lead of Chef Joris Bidendijk. Three years later, in 2017, the restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star. The interior at RIJKS is elegant yet sober, so it doesn’t distract from the plates; where the real magic happens. The dishes served are based on a concept Joris calls “Low Food”, meaning it uses some of Dutch soil’s most exquisite yet simple ingredients. These ingredients are combined with tastes from international cuisines that have inspired Dutch cuisine for many centuries. All dishes are meticulously crafted with the highest standards in presentation. This makes up for a truly unique culinary experience. RIJKS is also praised for having excellent replacements for vegetarians.
As expected from a restaurant with these standards, RIJKS offers a very extensive selection of wines from well-known wine-producing countries and local wines from The Netherlands. For those who don’t drink alcohol, RIJKS also has a fair selection of non-alcoholic drinks, some of which are homemade.

At RIJKS you can order the dishes you like a la carte, or you can go with the six-course tasting menu. The tasting menu is €115,- for lunch and €130,- for dinner. If desired, a wine pairing is available at €80,- or €120,- for the premium pairing.


Aandepoel michelin starred restaurant Amstelveen

Aan de Poel **

Twenty minutes from the centre of Amsterdam, on the serene banks of the Poel Lake in Amstelveen, you’ll find the culinary gem restaurant Aan de Poel. This elegant restaurant with its beautiful waterside terrace, has been awarded two Michelin stars. Aan de Poel is praised for its modern and innovative approach to cuisine, blending traditional Dutch flavours with international influences. The restaurant’s interior offers a stylish and comfortable ambiance, complemented by stunning views of the lake, making it an ideal setting for a sophisticated dining experience. Under the lead of head chef Stefan van Sprang, Aan de Poel treats her guests to some beautifully crafted dishes. These dishes can be accompanied by an exquisite selection of wines, sourced from both famous classical vinyards as well as some upcoming wineries.

The 5-course Chef’s menu starts at € 169,- and can be topped up with specials such as caviar, lobster or wagyu at a premium.


More than enough fine dining options!

This list is far from complete, and thus, we’ll regularly update this article with more fine-dining options in the city. Did you try one of the restaurants above? Or is your missing your favourite restaurant missing from the list? Let us know in the comments!

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