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Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024

17 November, 2023 in Blog by Dani

The 2023-2024 edition of the annual Amsterdam Light Festival will last 52 days, starting the 30th of November 2023, till the 21st of January 2024. If you’re lucky enough to be in Amsterdam during this period, then the Light Festival is an absolute must-see! This year will be the 12th edition of the festival theme for this year is “LOADING..”, but more on the theme later. The illuminated artworks of both national and international artists are placed in the canals of Amsterdam. The light sculptures are illuminated daily, on Wednesdays to Saturdays between 17:00 and 23:00 and Sundays to Tuesdays between 17:00 and 22:00. You can choose to visit the Amsterdam Light Festival following a walking tour, but we would recommend doing a boat tour to enjoy the experience to the fullest. The walking route will be available via the app of the Lightfestival organization. The app is free but you will need to pay a fee to download the route. Also, make sure to check out all other canal cruise options in Amsterdam!

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Amsterdam Light Festival 2022-2023 impression

#12 LOADING… – the theme for Amsterdam Light Festival 2023 – 2024

The 2023 theme of the Light Festival is “LOADING…”. Get amazed by the art, tech, and AI. Artificial Intelligence is joining our everyday lives. This year’s theme is focused on your imagination. Are you able to imagine the future? With imagination, you can shape the future as you wish. Dream now, and forget the present. AI was one of the big game changers at the beginning of this year and is here to stay. It changed the way we communicate, it helps you to restructure information, to summarize, and to create. Most people know ChatGPT, which is nothing more than an LLM (Large language model) that predicts what you are asking via a prompt.

This year ALF will inspire you to think about what the future holds for you. What are the limits and boundaries?

Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024 maritime museum

Boat tours, prices & discounts during the Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024

There are several boating companies that operate during the Amsterdam Light Festival. You are able to choose from a wide variety of boats from basic to luxury. Some of the tours include food and drinks and even entertainment, while others just focus on the light sculptures. Of course, the more basic tours are a lot cheaper. To give you an idea; expect prices ranging from €19,95 up to €70,- per person for the more luxurious tours.

Check out our recommended cruises below;

Classic canal boat options

Lovers now offers a very attractive early bird discount on their Amsterdam Light Festival cruise on their classical canal boats. These boats are covered, comfortably heated and fitted with a onboard toilet. Book now with a discount while it’s still on offer!

Amsterdam light Festival canal cruise

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Day & Night combi-cruise

If you don’t want to miss out on the Light Festival, but at the same time are interested to see Amsterdam from the water in daylight, Lovers has a combination product that offers the best of both worlds. With the Day & Night combi-cruise, you’ll get to pick two timeslots, so you can enjoy the wonderful canals in broad light, as well as the illuminated artworks in the evening.

Small open boat options

A Light Festival cruise in a small, open boat allows for better sights and pictures. However, it’s also a bit colder, although with some tours (warmed) blankets and pillows are provided. Please do keep in mind that the small vessels are less suitable for people with difficulties walking or otherwise reduced mobility.

ALF Lovers spider sculpture

FAQs concerning the Amsterdam Light Festival

What has changed compared to last year?

Like every year, all the artworks have been replaced with new ones, that are made to fit this year’s theme “Loading”

What are the opening hours for the Amsterdam Light Festival?

Light Festival can be visited when the artworks are illuminated from 17:00 in the afternoon till 23:00 in the evening on Wednesdays to Saturdays, Sundays to Tuesdays the lights turn off an hour earlier at 22:00.

How much time do I need?

Most tours will take approximately 60- 90 minutes depending on your pace. Make sure to be there on time!

Is the Amsterdam Light Festival suitable for children?

Yes, the festival is suitable for all ages.

canal cruise amsterdam light festival

Amsterdam Light Festival walking route 2023-2024

Unfortunately, we’re not able to share this year’s walking route. There’s a free app to download from the organization. You’ll be able to download the walking route via this app. The route needs to be purchased via the app. More information about the route and app can be found via the official website:

Photo impression of past editions

Want to see a little more? Check out these magnificent photos from previous editions.

Snowy bike on bridge - with Amsterdam Light Festival artwork
Snowy bike on bridge

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016

Amsterdam Light Festival 2016©Photography by Janus van den Eijnden

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9 Comments on "Amsterdam Light Festival 2023-2024"

  • G.C. Cristino Jan 6, 2023 at 11:11 am

    Tours & Tickets discount code ‘THINGSTODO10‘ to get 10% discount – not available

    • Dani Jan 6, 2023 at 12:08 pm

      Thank you for notifying us! We contacted our partner about this and the code should be working again in a few hours.

  • Sophie Dec 21, 2021 at 3:30 pm

    This is not this year’s map! You can get it at the website of the festival 🙂

  • Peter Dec 6, 2021 at 8:44 pm

    I don`t understand something – can you walk freely around the city and take a look at the lights without having a ticket (and digital map) or it is a necessity to pay to enter the “walking route”?

    And – if you are going to visit the festival on foot, which means in the open space, are you supposed to have Covid QR certificate or not?

    Best regards!

    • Dani Dec 8, 2021 at 10:58 am

      It is possible to walk freely without a map you might just have to puzzle to find out where the artworks are exactly, probably you can just follow the lights, or maybe just ask someone who did buy the map if you can have a look at it. As it’s out on the streets a QR certificate is not required.


  • Rosa Nov 30, 2019 at 10:08 am

    Where is this years walking map?
    Believing it should be up because this already started..

  • tina Aug 13, 2019 at 9:54 pm

    was are the dates for 2020-2021

    • Dani Aug 15, 2019 at 6:19 pm

      Dear Tina,

      This year the Amsterdam Light Festival will start on the 28th of November 2019 and will end the 19th of January 2020. The dates for 2020- 2021 are not known yet.

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