is celebrating World Animal Day

28 September, 2018 in Blog by Dani


Thank you kindly for your votes & support! We have counted the votes and are happy to announce the winners of our World Animal Day sponsor action:

  1. Dierenambulance Amsterdam – € 500,-
  2. Stichting Dierenleed – € 250,-
  3. All other contesting charities will receive € 100,- to spend on animal welfare!

For the Dutch version CLICK HERE

Thanks for stopping by at our World Animal Day action page. The animals of Amsterdam, who are living on the locations mentioned below, hope you will purchase your ticket to the coolest attractions in Amsterdam here. Why? Without having to pay extra for your ticket, you support an animal charity of choice. Why not give back a little on your trip and make the local animals happy?

Want to participate without buying tickets? Leave your vote below!

How does it work?
It doesn’t matter if you are visiting Amsterdam for the first time or you have been here many times before. There is always something new to explore! And because you want to make the most out of your trip, standing in line seems like a waste of time. That’s right. By purchasing your ticket online you will skip those annoying lines and you make sure you paid the best price at the same time. And when you buy your ticket between the 4th of October and the 4th of November, the local animals will get the best deal too. We donate the full commission on the attraction you want to visit one of the animal-loving organizations below.

All charities mentioned receive €100,- that can be spent freely on making their animals feel extra special. The charity that collects the highest amount of World Animal Day donations will be the winner and receives €500,- from ThingstodoinAmsterdam. That will make the animals go wild! The second place gets €250,- to spend on the well-being of their animals. Not bad when you are a goat, right?

– Please make sure to use the links below to support the charity of choice – 

The charity foundations Sponsor links Tiqets
Don’t forget to use our 5% voucher “THINGSAMS05”
Sponsor links Tours & Tickets
Don’t forget to use our 10% voucher “THINGSTODO10”
Dierenambulance Amsterdam Sponsorlink Dierenambulance Amsterdam Sponsorlink Dierenambulance Amsterdam
Dierenopvang Amsterdam Sponsorlink Dierenopvang Amsterdam Sponsorlink Dierenopvang Amsterdam
Geitenboerderij Sponsorlink Geitenboerderij Sponsorlink Geitenboederij
Kinderboerderij Gliphoeve Sponsorlink Kinderboerderij Gliphoeve Sponsorlink Kinderboerderij Gliphoeve
Kinderboerderij de Pijp Sponsorlink Kinderboerderij de Pijp Sponsorlink Kinderboerderij de Pijp
Kinderboerderij de Werf Sponsorlink Kinderboerderij de Werf Sponsorlink Kinderboerderij de Werf
Stichting Dierenleed Sponsorlink Stichting Dierenleed Sponsorlink Stichting Dierenleed

Get your ducks in a row
Whether you are in town for your best mates stag night, celebrating puppy love or want to go full on giddy goat just by yourself, by picking your favorite charity you support the animals to get their lion’s share in this competition. Are you a petting zoo kind of person, or do you rather help the animals by increasing the number of animal ambulances? Don’t hold your horses. Buy your ticket, enjoy your stay in the best city in the world and pay it forward!

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