Euromast Rotterdam: Netherland’s Highest and Most Famous Tower

Amsterdam isn’t the only city in the Netherlands with beautiful buildings and fun places to visit. Cities like Naarden, Leiden, Haarlem all have something beautiful to catch the eye, especially for first-time visitors. Rotterdam is one of those cities with lots of breathtaking architecture with a wow-effect for visitors. The Euromast is perhaps the most famous building in Rotterdam. But despite the fact that it is so well known, many people do not know what it is exactly and what you can do there. You might be surprised by the versatility of this historic tower.

The Tower

As the name suggests, the Euromast design draws its inspiration from the mast of a ship. It is, therefore, a huge pole, with a sort of crow’s nest at the top. At a height of 185 meters, the building is currently the tallest building in the Netherlands. Although, it has not always been the case. After the original construction, which ended in 1960, it was only 101 meters high. Due to the construction of much higher buildings all over the world, an extra space tower was added later on top of the crow’s nest because the Euromast didn’t want to fall behind. The reason for the development of the Euromast was the organization of the Floriade. The Floriade is an international exhibition and garden festival held every year in the Netherlands.


There’ so much to the Euromast than just a tower. It is the ideal way to view the skyline of Rotterdam. It is often not necessary to erect tall buildings for the viewing of city skylines, but in Rotterdam, this is certainly not a superfluous luxury. This city has a skyline that can be real and it attracts many tourists every year. The Maas with the harbors and the Erasmus Bridge that runs over it, and behind it the gigantic and beautiful city, offer exceptional views. This is especially in the evenings when the city is fully lit and the view is breathtaking. Historical Delfshaven is also within walking distance and the mast is also close to the Maas tunnel.

Food in the Euromast

Different sorts of food are served in the Euromast. You can enjoy delicious food while taking in a beautiful view of Rotterdam. Reserve brunch, lunch, dinner, high tea or high wine seats. Plenty of options. Food and drinks at the Euromast are all at affordable prices. Even better: a sustainable policy is also applied. In addition to eating and drinking, the Euromast offers the possibility to spend the night. In this way, visitors are guaranteed an appropriate end to an exciting outing. Check the Euromast website for all the options and be surprised.

Other Activities

Does viewing the skyline sound a bit boring to you and are you a daring person who loves adventures? You may not believe it, but you can abseil or zip-line from the Euromast! If you really want to experience the Euromast, but don’t need to in an extreme way, you can, for example, zip-line or use the Euroscoop, the panorama lift that is accessible from a height of 112 meters. The Euromast offers fantastic 360-degree views of the city and harbor. The viewing platform and the brasserie are at an altitude of 100 meters. With the Euroscoop you can even go up to 185 meters. A guide is available on weekends and during holidays and public holidays. In addition, the Euromast is the only attraction in Europe that you can abseil from, and under the guidance of a professional of course. The brasserie is open from 11 a.m. for lunch, high tea, high wine and dinner. On Sundays, lunch can be done from 10 a.m. On the ground floor is Deli, a cozy and child-friendly self-service restaurant with many sweet treats. Groups of more than 12 people are also welcome, but they must book in advance.
Visitors to the Euromast have to take the lift in 30 seconds to a height of 100 meters, where the viewing platform and the brasserie are located. From there they have a 360 degrees view of Rotterdam and the surrounding area.
The Euromast Green Key certified – has two exclusives, modernly furnished suites: Heaven & Stars. These are located above the brasserie, located on the viewing platforms at more than a hundred meters. The largest suite Heaven is on the south side and has a view of the world port of Rotterdam. The smaller suite Stars is located on the north side and offers a view of the Rotterdam skyline. Both have free WiFi.


The Euromast was built in 1960 during the Floriade. It was designed by Huig Maaskant and J.P. van Eesteren and was initially 100 meters high. In 1970 the tower was expanded with a Space Tower, to a height of no less than 185 meters. The Euromast is, therefore, the highest observation tower in the Netherlands. The tower was opened on 25 March 1960 by Princess Beatrix. In 1970 the tower was increased by 85 meters by the Space Tower on top of the tower. In 2004, the hotel suites were added to the top of the Euromast. The Euromast has been a national monument since 2010.

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Our Euromast Rotterdam Photo Impression

As always, we paid a visit to the Euromast and took some pictures of the tower as well as the city from on top of the Euromast platform. The 360-degree view is beautiful and breathtaking. Below are some pictures of the city from the Euromast.

Euromast Rotterdam at night

The Euromast Tower in Rotterdam at night

Rotterdam city from the Euromast

The city of Rotterdam from the Euromast Tower.

Euromast Rotterdam Platform from the air

Euromast Rotterdam Platform from the air.

Inside the Euromast Rotterdam

Inside the Euromast Tower Rotterdam

Guests enjoying a 360-degree view of Rotterdam from the Euromast

Guests enjoying a 360-degree view of Rotterdam from the Euromast Tower.

Euromast Rotterdam Platform

Euromast Rotterdam Platform.

Euromast Rotterdam

The Euromast Tower in Rotterdam.

Euromast Opening Hours

The Euromast is open every day. April to September: open from 9:30 a.m. October to March: open from 10 a.m.Platforms: until 10 p.m.
Euroscope: until 9:45 pm
Brasserie: until 11 p.m.
Kitchen: until 10:15 p.m.

Note: Please note that some parts of the Euromast Brasserie may be closed or rented exclusively. Therefore always consult the website (or reception) in advance. Unfortunately, it is not possible for guests with a wheelchair or walking difficulties to reach the 185-meter point. The platform at 100 meters height is accessible by a lift and therefore accessible. As it is not possible to reach the top of the Euromast (due to the stairs) has an adjusted rate of € 8.50 for the guests.

Daily  Open from 09:30
Period from April – September  Open from 09:30 ||
Period from October – March  Open from 10:00 ||

Euromast Ticket Prices and Discounts

Tickets are available at the entrance of the Euromast Tower. The regular admission price at the entrance is €10,25 for an adult ticket. You can order your tickets with the blue buttons on this page. Your e-tickets will be instantly sent to your e-mail.

Euromast Entrance Fees 2019
Adults – € 10.25
65+ – € 9.25
Children from 4 to 11 years – € 6.75
Children & Space tour – € 8.50

Mast Cards (Euromast annual card)
Children Mast cards 4 to 11 years – € 12.50
Adult Mast card – € 20.00

Euromast Tour
Maximum 25 guests per group. Must book in advance and price does not include entrance – starting from € 137.50

Groups from 20 people
Adults – € 9.00
Children from 4 to 11 years – € 6.50

Thrills and Activities
Abseiling/strumming – € 57.50

Children’s Party
€ 15.50 per child

Note: Due to safety and hygienic purposes, it is no longer possible to pay in cash. Euromast guests can only pay by card.

Regular entrance prices at the door

Adults € 10,25
Child 4 – 12 € 6,75
Adults 65+ € 9,25
Euromast Tour Starting from € 137.50 (Maximum 25 guests per group)

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Address, Contact Information and Route to the Euromast

The Euromast is located at Parkhaven 20, 3016 GM Rotterdam. The easiest way to get to the museum is by using public transport but visitors can also drive there. You can find the exact information below this paragraph.

Euromast Rotterdam
Parkhaven 20
3016 GM Rotterdam
+31 (0)10 436 4811
[email protected]

Public Transport

The Euromast is located in the Scheepvaartkwartier and can be reached with tram 8 from Rotterdam Central Station, but also with the Watertaxi. Paid parking is available for cars, buses can park for free in the designated parking places. The following trams will take you to the tower:

From Amsterdam Central Station:
Train to Rotterdam Central Station. When you arrive at Rotterdam Central station, take tram 8 and stop at the Euromast.

From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport:
Train from platform 5 – 6 going to Rotterdam Central Station. From there, take tram 8 to the Euromast.

From Rotterdam Central Station by Metro

From Rotterdam Central Station:
From Rotterdam Central station visitors travel via line E to Slinge. Transfer at Beurs station to lines A, B (Schiedam Centrum) or C (De Akkers) until you arrive at Coolhaven station.
Are you traveling from Blaak station? Then take the direct line A, B (Schiedam Centrum) or C (De Akkers) to Coolhaven station.


“Car” taxi
Car taxis can be found on the south side of Rotterdam Central station. If you would like to book a taxi via phone, below are some numbers to do that:
RTC +31 10 4626060
St. Job +31 10 425 700

Water Taxi
Reservations can be made via the website Water Taxi Rotterdam
or contact them on +31 10 4030303.

Bicycle Taxi
Velotaxi (covered bicycle) +31 6 15 29 59 01 (available from mid-April to September from approximately 10 am to 5 pm).

By Car
From Utrecht “Ring Rotterdam Oost”, direction Dordrecht/Breda. Take the Centrum (exit 25) exit. Follow the signs with Euromast.

From The Hague/Hoek van Holland Take the Overschie/Centrum exit (exit 13). Follow the signs with Euromast/Maastunnel.

From Dordrecht Direction Feyenoord/Center/Kralingen. Take the Centrum (exit 25) exit. Follow the signs with Euromast.

With the widget below you can find accurate advice for the real-time travel times based on your current location. This application will help you when you are not sure which bus or tram you can take from your location.

Euromast Tower FAQ

Can I visit the Euromast in a wheelchair?

Yes, but unfortunately, it is not possible for guests with a wheelchair or walking difficulties to reach the 185-meter point. The platform at 100 meters height is accessible by a lift and therefore accessible. As it is not possible to reach the top of the Euromast (due to the stairs) has an adjusted rate of € 8.50 for the guests.

Are pets allowed in the Euromast?

No, pets are not allowed in the Euromast.

Is alcohol allowed in the Euromast platforms?

No, alcohol is not allowed in the Euromast platforms and visitors under the influence of alcohol or other drugs could be removed from the tower.

Is smoking allowed in the Euromast?

No, smoking is not allowed in all parts of the Euromast.

Is filming and the taking of pictures allowed in the Euromast?

Recording teams can only make recordings on the Euromast with prior permission from the marketing & communication department. Filming and photographing is only permitted from the panorama platforms. For all other locations, explicit written permission applies and only under the supervision of an authorized employee. The film agreement must be submitted here upon arrival at the Euromast.

Is the Euromast suitable for children?

Yes, it is and children under 18 can only be brought under adult supervision.

Are visitors allowed to bring food into the Euromast?

No, guests aren’t allowed to bring food into the Euromast.

Please note: Physical or verbal abuse behaviour towards other visitors and/or employees of the Euromast is not acceptable. Guests who commit such behaviour are immediately removed from the Euromast.

Reviews of the Euromast Tower

We are always interested in our visitors’ experiences. Please leave your Euromast Rotterdam reviews below and help fellow travelers! What did you think of the Euromast? Would you recommend it to your friends and family? Did you have to wait long at the entrance? Include all you want in your review and please be patient as we check all reviews by hand. Yours will be posted soon!


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