Cycling in Amsterdam

The Netherlands is a real cycling country. Getting around by bike is part of the Dutch culture. There are more bikes than people in the country! For instance, there are living around 800.000 people in Amsterdam and 881.000 bikes in the city. You should not leave Amsterdam, without experiencing cycling in Amsterdam!

The best way to get around in Amsterdam is by bike. The infrastructure of the cycling paths in Amsterdam is the best of all the cities in Europe. Around 767 kilometers of cycling paths and bike lanes can be pedaled by bicycles.

Get to know the most important information about cycling in Amsterdam:

  • Safety information for traveling by bike in Amsterdam.
  • The best and cheapest bike rental options.
  • Find out the bike tours that are offered in and around the city.
  • Infographic about cycling in Amsterdam.

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Video impression of cycling in Amsterdam

Watching the video below (almost) can’t be skipped, to be prepared for you biking experience in Amsterdam. With many thanks to the Dutch Survival Guide for creation the video below! It provides an impression of what cycling in Amsterdam is. Note: some parts in the video are of course a bit gushy. In addition, it depends where you cycle in Amsterdam. It’s definitely not everywhere in the city very crowded.

Funny tutorial how to cycle safe in Amsterdam

Cycling safe in Amsterdam

Ridding a bike in Amsterdam is a serieus deal. It can be experienced as hectic. Take a look at the points below to ensure yourself to remain safe. These are the basic rules and the most important things to keep in mind.
Don’t worry be happy! According to research of the local government of Amsterdam 84 % of the people rate cycling in Amsterdam as very enjoyable.

Do stay on the bike paths. All the bike lanes have a white frame, and have a bicycle image on it. Lastly, many cycling paths can be recognized by the red asphalt.
Stick to the traffic rules, and only cycle on the bike paths. Obediently the traffic lights, respect the traffic controllers. It’s only allowed to cycle on the cycling lanes.
Do give a sign by putting your hand to the left on the right when you turn from direction.
Use your eyes and ears to prevent dangerous situations.
Be curious towards the other traffic. Especially scooters and taxi’s are mostly in a hurry. In addition, trucks have a blind spot, avoid this position.
Make sure your bike has proper lights for the nights. Front and back light are mandatory by law.
Be careful with the tram rails. Try to cross them in an angle, but when it’s wet they can get slippery.
 Avoiding rush hour is strongly advised for people that are used to bike in crowded cities. Rush hour is between 08:00 and 09:00 or 17:00 and 18:00. People are more in a hurry around these times.
 Always lock your bike or it will be gone. Make sure you have a chain lock, so you can attach your bike. A bike rack is the best place to leave your bike.
 Many people break the rules, by crossing the red light or cycling on footpaths etc. We cycle every day in Amsterdam and it’s a common thing to see. Our advice for tourists: ‘don’t follow up the locals, and stick to the rules to stay safe and keep others safe!’

Bike rental Amsterdam

Renting a bike in Amsterdam is the fastest way to get around in the city. The entire city has bike lanes that are specifically designed to get safe around in the city. Well known bike stores are Yellow Bike and Mac Bike. There are also a view smaller bike rental shops around the city.Yellow Bike Rental -

What to do for renting a bike?

  • Ask yourself how long you will need the bike. For a longer periode of renting will give you some discount.
  • Always take a bike insurance during the periode of renting a bike.
  • If you plan to rent a bike during summer it’s wise to make a reservation. To make sure there’s a bike available during your visit in Amsterdam. When the summer weather arrives, it’s not unusual that all the rental bikes are sold out.
  • Think of what kind of bike you need. For instance, with or without a child seat.
  • When you are already in Amsterdam use Google maps: “bike rental near me”.
  • Use the map below to search immediately in Google maps for a bike rental shop.
  • Read our bike safety instructions above to be well prepared for the hectic and fun cycling atmosphere in Amsterdam.
  • Lastly via the blue button below you can make a reservation via Tiqets for Yellow Bike.

Bike tours in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is Europe most bike friendliest city. Grap this chance, and expand your knowledge of the city, while having the fresh wind in your face.

The following points below, will tell you the advantages of taking a bike tour: 

  • Get a professional (Amsterdam loving) tour guide will bring you to the best highlights, and keeps you safe in the busy street traffic
  • In big lines the following places will be visited in the 2 hour tour: the Red Light District to Anne Frank, to the Jordaan and the beautiful Skinny Bridge.
  • By taking this tour you will get to know almost the entire city in 2 hours.
  • The guides are outgoing people: ‘Don’t hessitate to ask them about the best places to go for a dinner, a drink, party and the endless amount of historical things to experience in Amsterdam.’
  • Free rainponcho’s are included, for rainy days.
  • Tours are available in the following languages: Dutch and Engels (something as well in Spanish,  French, German and Italian).

Address: Yellow BikeCycling in Amsterdam - red bike
Nieuwezijds Kolk 29, Amsterdam

Directions from your current location.

A great alternative for Yellow bike when you’re already in Amsterdam is Mike’s Bike Rental
Kerkstraat 134
1017 GP   Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 6227970

infographic: cycling in Amsterdam

Infopgraphic Cycling in Amsterdam

Cycling is way better with pretty weather. Via our Amsterdam weather page you find the most accurate and up to date weather.

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